Assorted film clips:

Deathsport (1978) is a low-budget post-apocalyptic fantasy, a grade-Z version of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, as re-interpreted by the Roger Corman Dancers.  (Here's Tuna's review). Actually, this was made seven years before Gibson's movie, and even a year before the original Mad Max, so I guess I should say that Beyond Thunderdome was a big budget remake of Deathsport, minus the breasts.

Those breasts are the best thing about the film, especially since two of them belong to a sexy former Rabbit-Oriented Recreational Friend of the Annum, Claudia Jennings, the POM in November of 1969, and the POY in 1970. We were not to see much more of those primo breasts because Claudia died in a car crash at age 29, only a year after this film was released.


The Stratosphere Girl (2004) is a quirky story about white chicks working as bar hostesses in Tokyo. The featured girl is a comic book artist, and the film switches between live action and animations of her drawings. I haven't watched it yet, but it got some pretty decent reviews for a low-budget indie flick. (, for example.)

I'll be looking at this in depth next week, but here's a nice preview from a third party imager:



La Fiesta del Chivo (2005) is based on a respected novel about a middle-aged American lawyer who grew up in the Dominican Republic. The narrator looks back from her perspective as an adult in 1992 to the events of 1961, when Trujillo was assassinated after 30 brutal years in power.  We wonder why she fled the D.R., why she waited 30 years to return, and why she has such bitter feelings for her sickly father, and we eventually discover that her father was once responsible for arranging a brutal sexual encounter between her and the superannuated, power-crazed dictator. Her father's career had been roadblocked, so he offered his beautiful teenage daughter to the 70-year-old president in order to re-establish his own ambitions. The girl, who was not even informed of the bargain, was taken to Trujillo’s country hacienda, where she was sexually abused by the old goat.

Although the father-daughter story is central to the personal drama of the film, much of the running time is taken up with the circumstances behind the assassination.  The title of the film means The Feast of the Goat.

Clarification:  According to proper Spanish dictionaries, the precise distinction between chivo and cabra is that a chivo (or chiva) is a young goat, equivalent to the English word "kid." In some Spanish-speaking countries and localities, however, the words chivo and cabra are not used so precisely. In the D.R., chivo is often used to mean any goat, not just the pre-reproductive ones. If this film were about a randy old asshole who happened to be the Mexican dictator, it might be called "La Fiesta del Cabrón"

Isabella Rossellini plays the woman as she looks in 1992. Stephanie Leónidas, shown here, is playing Isabella Rossellini as a young woman in 1961. The nudity here is excellent, as is the picture quality, but I have to warn you: this is a long scene (zipped .avi, about four minutes), is not pleasant, and is entirely in Spanish.

Stephanie Leonidas





Mike Douglas Signs Off - A nice tribute from E! Online News
  • Mike was definitely part of America's cultural landscape. A very bland part. He was like the Kansas of our cultural terrain.
  • The best Mike Douglas joke I ever heard was from the scathing wit of the late "Mr. Mike" - Michael O'Donoghue - who once said that he belonged to a rare sect of Catholicism. At Communion, they not only received the Host, but also the Co-Host, which was the body and blood of Mike Douglas.

Colbert Report: Lieberman's Seat
  • Take note, congressmen who won't talk to Stephen Colbert -- your challengers will!

Colbert discusses the liquids he needs when he flies

Colbert discusses the Lieberman defeat

The Daily Show looks at the anti-liquid prohibition on airplanes, and wonders whether yogurt is a liquid.

The Daily Show's Dan Bakkedahl journeys into the heart of darkness itself -- rural Indiana.
  • This is very funny. Bakkedahl goes to the places designated "terror targets" by Homeland Security, including a roller rink and a petting zoo.

More of Colbert on the Daily Show

Colbert shows up on The Daily Show

Headline AND picture of the day: "Mountain resembles breasts"

Tampon Shooter Blowgun
  • "this air-powered tampon gun turns your feminine hygiene products into high-flying projectiles"

The trailer for Princesas
  • "Director and screenwriter, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, gives us a moving yet sobering tale of two young prostitutes in Madrid who develop a friendship based on their desire for a better life. Initially they meet when Zule, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, steals one of Caye's customers for a lower fee, but when she finds Zule badly beaten in her apartment, they quickly become each other's support system. The consequences and depressing reality of life on the street are explored, as we learn that Zule is selling herself to support her young son back home. She is even willing to put up with an abusive and manipulative boyfriend who promises to get her legal working papers, while Caye is trying to save up enough money for a breast lift to attract more customers. Even in their grim circumstances, they like to pretend they are princesses, to offer them a glimpse of hope, even though they work in an industry where they are objectified and abused by men."

Bush Seeks Exit Strategy at Mapquest ... Vows to Find Most Direct Route from Iraq to U.S.

Totally Surreal: First, Raquel Welch sings California Dreaming while wandering through Paris. Then, at about 2:50 she breaks into a robotic bikini-clad disco dance through a sculpture park! Then back to the Paris streets for the finale.

Undercover Kitten dies in traffic accident

Database: how to get a human instead of a phone menu

Top Ten Closet Stoners in TV History

"Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica Songs"

Slot machine multiplies deposit by 10
  • "Gamblers raked in nearly half a million dollars over two days on a slot machine that multiplied by 10 the amount of money that players put in"

Woman's 10-Year-Old License Plate Now Called Obscene. Thank you, internets.

50 Cunnilingus Tips from Women

Already shopped the entire Sharper Image catalogue? How about the Fart Detector?

"Top 10 Celebrity See-Through Moments on the Red Carpet"

Playboy May be Ripe for Leveraged Buyout, Analysts Say

Delta plane stuck in the mud at Jackson airport

Random Clips from Blazing Saddles

COSMOS - Carl Sagan - the edge of forever

"When Debbie Phillips tried to report a crime, police just snickered. 'I told him that someone came into my house and cleaned'

Remembering Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych

Borat's page at MySpace

Edinburgh Fringe: 101 ways to massacre Shakespeare

Paris Hilton bitten by a kinkajou
  • Miss Hilton said that her current project is to get bitten by obscure, wild creatures, like a tapir, a gavial, and Ben Gazzara

Sacred cows: Blade writers take down some of our cultural icons

Professor interrupts his lecture momentarily (Pretty cool scene, actually. Really happened, but would make a decent movie scene.)

The trailer for Old Joy, which appears to be an indie film about two boring douchebags going for a walk. (And I'm not kidding!)

The Hannity/Colmes report cuts to the chase: "Hannity Sucks Ass"

Aniston says she not only never heard of Vince Vaughn but is, in fact, not Jennifer Aniston at all.
  • The actual link goes to a story about Us Magazine, which insists that they have the engagement story right.

Al Gore buys a Hummer and loads up on oil company stock
  • I'm kidding ... about the Hummer.
SONY announces most useless product of all time: First Blu-ray disc drive won't play Blu-ray movies

The World Trade Center movie opened in second place on Wednesday.

Crawford Vacation 2006: President Bush Laments Devastating Economic Repercussions of His Shortened Vacation on Regular Folk of Crawford, Texas ... (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1986)

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1986) is a French extreme zombie movie being released for the first time in the US. It is a cautionary tale about the evils of pollution. Women start dying in a small town after drinking the local milk. This same milk company is disposing of toxic waste cheaply, and pocketing the money saved. The waste is dumped in a local cemetery, and turns the dead women into zombies bent on revenge. The film is known for a few extreme scenes, including a woman being killed by sword in the vagina, a spontaneous Cesarean birth in a shower, and someone killed by sharp objects through the eyes into the brain.

The DVD includes an alternate ending, which I liked better than the original, but which, unfortunately, conflicts with some scenes in the film. The packaging proclaims it to be a special uncut edition, but there is at least one scene with some nudity that isn't present.  There is still wall-to-wall nudity, but Katheryn Charly was the only actress I could identify.

I enjoyed this more than the more typical zombie film because it has more going on than just relentless slow motion monsters. That could also be why genre lovers dislike it.

This is a C-, a film only for die-hard aficionados of European gorotica.

IMDb readers have this at 3.9 based on only a few votes.

Katheryn Charly

the five unknowns













Anthony's Desire (1993) is one weird-ass, bad mofo-ing movie.  Or maybe it is one bad-ass, weird mofo-ing movie.  No matter.  It is weird, it is bad and it is mofo-ing.  Here's what I can tell you about it.

Some surly dude - that would be Anthony - shows up at a hotel where no one does a lick of work except the gals doing the entertaining on stage.  I will get to them in a minute.  So the guy shows up, boffs one gal played by Mihaella Stoicov two minutes after he spots her, boffs another gal after a lengthy angst-ridden romance that reminded me of adolescence at its worst, and he boffs a third gal (I think) on stage.  Why on stage?  Because the hotel offers as entertainment six nekkid gals just sorta lolling about or playing string instruments or boffing some guy who I think is the mysterious stranger.  All of this is occurs as a documentary crew works in the background....a crew whose director wrote, produced and directed the movie we be watching.  That guy, by the name of Tom Boka, sported the worst mullet in the history of haircuts.  Made the singer of Ache-ee Break-ee Heart appear suave and sophisticated by comparison.  Anyway, Tom meant for us to view Passion and Desire and Want and Need in a whole new light when he was done making this masterpiece; and he did such a terrific job of it all he was asked never to write or direct or produce or edit or appear in another movie ever again.  Seems he was probably also asked never to watch another movie or buy a movie ticket or sign up for Netflix,  so resounding was his success with Anthony's Desire.

Why watch it?  Well, me buck-o's, the movie runs 81 minutes.  And for almost 23 of those minutes there is at least one and as many as six nekkid babes on the screen.  Mihaella does Anthony in as many places and in as many ways as an R-rated film can document (3 clips worth).  In addition to Mihaella, who sported a different name for each of the four movies she made, Gwen Somers gets nekkid and stays nekkid for minutes on end.  In fact I am willing to bet that, other than Fionnula Flanagan's 20-minute-long scene in James Joyce's Women, Gwen has the longest single-take nekkid-lying-about-and-yammering-about-nothing scene ever filmed.  I edited out a lengthy long-focus beginning and a lengthier long-focus ending just to give you the good stuff, and still that puppy runs for more than 2.5 minutes.  And if that were not enough, Gwen has a second scene of near-equal length when Anthony finally gets around to porking her. 

When Mihaella and Gwen are not giving up triple B goodies, there are those six gals on stage.  The heavy hitters here are Raven (Anastassia) Alexander, Debra Beatty and Ashlie Rhey.  Ashlie's scene includes the dramatically over-inflated Stephanie Champlin (here billed as Stephanie Sumers) engaged in some very light lesbo action.  The last scene has all six gals lying cheek-to-jowl, as it were.  Most prominently on display is former pornstar Kelly Jaye, a very pretty blonde sporting the single worst boob job ever attempted by a blind man

That's really the only reason to watch this thing, but let me warn ya.  Five minutes of a gal lying around doing nothing but talking is not very exciting even if she's starkers.  It might be something of an event if it were Jessica Alba doing the nekkid thing, but Gwen Somers?  Nope.  My suggestion?  Forget the review posted on IMDb and pay attention to the score. Even the 3.4 is, if anything, a singular act of generosity.  Take a look at the clips and understand you have just seen most of the fun and all the enlightenment this film has to offer. 

There are nine .avis zipped into six separate downloads:







Carol Kane shows a little flesh in The Mafu Cage

Rachel Ward in Fortress

Those Rachel Ward pictures got me to wondering what the former model/actress, once a stunning beauty, looks like now. Here's the deal, if you are curious. For some reason, I always associate Rachel Ward with Kelly Le Brock, so I looked Kelly up as well. Here's what she looks like now