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Sin City (2005)

The commercial DVD includes a very nice widescreen anamorphic transfer of the film, but not much else. There is a "making of" featurette, and it is fascinating, but way too short. It is hosted by Rodriguez, Miller and Quentin Tarantino. This is one movie where I really hoped for a two-disk special edition with detailed explanations of how the scenes were created.

Anyway, the film is great, over-the-top fun. Here are my comments.

Rosario Dawson

Carla Gugino

Jaime King

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today is a "Hankster Light" Day as we return to "The Dirty Mind of Young Sally". Actually it might not be all that "Light" as Sharon Kelly shows it all and you can play a little game as you view's called spot the tool.

So here is Sharon in all her glory in this almost porn movie.

Sharon Kelly

Crimson Ghost
Today from the Ghost....Chantel King topless in scenes from an episode of the late night series "Compromising Situations". Chantel didn't have much of a Skinemax career. In addition to a couple of episodes of "Compromising Situations", her only other film credit is a small role in the 1995 Pam Anderson movie "Naked Souls".

Chantel King

The Skin-Man
Today we have Señor Skin's thorough coverage of 1987's "Aria". The movie is basically several unrelated segments by different directors who each took a famous aria and created their own visual interpretation of the music. As Scoop and Tuna mention in their reviews, the movie is very slow moving and not for everyone. However there are plenty of nekkid babes (including some who would go on to become kinda famous) and it is beautifully filmed.

Valérie Allain

Linzi Drew

Bridget Fonda

Elizabeth Hurley

Marion Peterson

More DeadLamb 'caps from the tongue in cheek musical adaptation of "Refer Madness". Yesterday, Kristen Bell showed some wonderful push-up bra cleavage. Today, Neve Campbell shows off a little leg.

Sarah Shahi showing some pokies and briefly giving up a bit of nipple in scenes from the "Loneliest Number" of "The L Word".

Next up, "Lolita" and "Face/Off" star Dominique Swain briefly showing off her A-cups in scenes from "New Best Friend" (2002). Thanks to Vejiita.

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Other Crap

Promoting "Intelligent Design": President Bush Unveils Irrefutable Proof of God's Flawless Blueprint for Humanity - (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Weekly World News: "a major survey reveals the least effective pick-up lines! "

1905 Annual Performance Review: Albert Einstein - PGA Tour Leaderboard in real time

Need to add some life to your boring mailbox? Here's an idea.

Is it too late to get a decent airfare to L.A.? L.A. Tofu Festival 2005. Tofuzilla "When Giant Tofu Takes Over Little Tokyo"

The trailer for An Unfinished Life Lasse Hallstrom's latest, with Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, and J-Lo.

The Daily Show: "England is engaged in a war on terror, or as they call it, 'the global row against roustabouts"

"The folks at Ubisoft have sent along some amazing game play footage from their version of Peter Jackson's King Kong! "

Madden NFL 06, featuring Jeb Bush vs President Bush

Incredible Hand Paintings. No, not paintings by hand, but rather painted hands.

Nice Dcreams ... Ice cream truck driver charged with selling drugs. The ice cream man association is making him give back his trophy for "most customers with brain freeze."

Mirror With Built-In TV

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot - the long-awaited sequel to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Clit.

I've seen a lot of those personality tests on the internet, but I'd say this one is the most accurate. Are you cool? Take the cool person test.

A tip for you criminal youngsters. After stealing a truck, try to keep a low profile. A man who stopped another driver to warn him about his careless driving was arrested for impersonating a police officer and driving a stolen pickup truck.

MovieJuice! reviews The Dukes of Hazzard

Here is the trailer for Stay, a new thriller starring Obi-Wan and Naomi Watts
  • "In this psychological thriller, a distraught young man announces to his psychiatrist that he plans to commit suicide in three days. The psychiatrist's desperate attempts to help his new patient, lead him through the city on an incredible, nightmarish trip to the place between life and death. From the director of 'Finding Neverland' and 'Monster's Ball.'"

Letterman's Top Ten Things Going Through the Mind of the Yankee Fan Who Jumped From the Upper Deck"

"The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert profiles Hollywood's cheapening of the Dukes of Hazzard." This report is highly recommended. One of the best segments The Daily Show has ever done.

The Daily Show looks at our elected officials' positions, which seem to change with their presidential prospects.

This should hold up as the headline of the day. Ben (Affleck) tries to kick fags. I knew he shouldn't have joined that Elton John Soccer League.

THE MV CAMPAIGN unites fans of Michael Vaughn / Michael Vartan to propose his upcoming removal from Alias. (I don't know how they know about this. I don't think it has ever been revealed, and the protest words everything cautiously, as in "if this were to happen ...")

Pat Reeder
Pat's comments in yellow...

I Am TOO That Gullible! - An ex-Scientologist told Radar magazine that Tom Cruise nearly left the church when he reached the Operating Thetan III level, where you allegedly learn that Xenu put his alien enemies in volcanoes and blew them up with H-bombs, releasing the Thetans that cause diseases. The source said Cruise "got that pasty skin and that foolish look" and wanted to return to Hollywood, so minders quickly backed off and suggested playing basketball. Everyone who repeated the story got a threatening letter from Cruise's lawyer, calling it "absolutely false" and saying Cruise "never" became disillusioned with his religion.

  • Actually, he jumped on the furniture and yelled, "That's AMAZING!!"
  • It's absolutely false!..Except the part about Xenu and the volcano Thetans; that's true.
  • It's amazing the stuff they can get people to believe WITHOUT drugs.

    It's A Bigger Horror - There have been jokes about "The Island's" similarity to the zero-budget 1979 flick "Parts: The Clonus Horror," best known for being ridiculed on "Mystery Science Theater." But the producers of "Clonus" aren't laughing: they are suing, citing 90 instances in which the films are identical. One said "The Island" was "Clonus" if he'd had $120 million to spend on stars, sets, chases and special effects. They want it yanked from theaters, plus part of the proceeds. Ironically, "The Island" is a megabomb that's grossed less than $32 million so far.

  • Maybe they should sue the creators of "Clonus," for creating such a lousy script for them to rip off.
  • They made it too much like "Clonus": no nudity.
  • "The Island" is a clone movie in more ways than one.
  • There are no proceeds, but they will soon get their wish about it being yanked from theaters.
  • Maybe people would go see "The Island" if they put two robots under the screen in every theater to make fun of it.

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