"The Postman Always Rings Twice"

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) is the second attempt to bring the depression era classic novel by James M. Caine to the silver screen. The first, in 1946, was made during a pro censorship pendulum swing, making it impossible to do justice to the novel. For this reason, the director doesn't think of this as a remake, but rather as a proper interpretation. I, for one, agree. Jessica Lange plays the waitress/cook/wife of a much older Greek restaurant and filling station owner, and is trapped in a passionless marriage. Jack Nicholson is a drifter and petty swindler who wanders through to con them out of a free meal. The Greek owner sees him as a mechanic for his station, and, when Jack sees Jessica, he agrees to the job.

It isn't long before Jack and Jessica both find exactly what they want in a heated sexual encounter on the kitchen table. There are a few problems with the romance. First, there is the matter of a husband. Second, Nicholson isn't really the husband type. After several abortive attempts to run off together, Nicholson and Lange plot to kill her husband. There are many twists and turns from there.

Maltin hates this film, at 1 1/2 stars. He does admit that the violent sex between Nicholson and Lange is very hot, and that seems to be one of his objections. I enjoyed this film at lot. It was beautifully photographed, and the performances were uniformly excellent. The chemistry was good between Nicholson and Lange, and Anjelica Huston plays a small role as a lion tamer whom Nicholson sleeps with.

Huston shows her left breast and nipple from the side. Lange shows only see through and pokies, but her sex scenes ignite the screen anyway. IMDb readers have this at 6.3 of 10. This is more of a character driven drama than anything else. Using that as a genre, I give it a C+.

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    • Daryl Hannah, fortyish, but in tremendous shape to play a stripper in Dancing at the Blue Iguana. Long clip ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip) .

    • Bridget Fonda, not showing much in Touch, but hey, it's Bridget Fonda. Unfortunately, there's too little of Bridget and way too much of Skeet Ulrich's butt, as The Skeeter does his world-famous Johnny Depp impersonation ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip

    • Erika Eleniak gives up the goods for Steven Seagal in Under Siege ( .avi- zip) (.wmv - zip) .


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    Crimson Ghost
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    First up from the Ghost, a few video clips from "Anarchy TV" (1997).

    • Tamayo Otsuki...going topless and briefly showing the other 2 B's. (zipped .wmv)

    • Jessica Hecht, Tamayo Otsuki (and a some dude) all go full frontal and do some nekkid TV aerobics. (zipped .wmvs) (1, 2)

    Next up, scenes from one of those guilty pleasure b-movies that you just can't help but love...The way over the top 1991 movie "Stone Cold". This was Brian Bosworth's first movie, and Hollywood's one and only attempt to turn the then-popular NFL star into an action hero.

    It died at the box office, it's been straight-to-vid only for the Boz since then. (although he will be co-starring in the upoming Adam Sandler remake of "The Longest Yard").

    There are a ton of positive comments at IMDb, and I far as low-budget late 80's/early 90's action flicks go, this really isn't that bad of a movie. Lots of bullets, bikers and babes, plus some great co-stars. Lance Henriksen is simply too cool as the leader of the Biker Bad Guys, and Sam McMurray ("Drop Dead Gorgeous", "The Tracey Ullman Show", "Raising Arizona") delivers some comic relief as the bumbling FBI agent in charge of "handling" The Boz.

    If you think of "Road House" as being on the A-list of so-bad it's good late 80's/early 90's action flicks, I think you'll find "Stone Cold" to be a B+

    Mister Grundy
    'Caps and comments by Mister Grundy:

    FEARDOTCOM is a 2002 film with stunning visuals, but nothing really scary... just like most horror movies. Homage was paid to the little girl with bouncing ball that Fellini gave us in SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, who in turn was inspired by "bouncing ball" imagery from Mario Bava... but at least these little girls were spooky. The little girl in FEARDOTCOM is just a little girl they dressed in a wig, with no sense of foreboding whatsoever.

    This is a movie where it's very difficult to identify the lesser-known actresses. I see from checking in the archives that my fellow Scoopers may not have called some gals correctly. For example, the main victim of Alistair Pratt (the mad doctor, as played by Stephen Rea) is identified in the credits as either "victim" or "Alistair's Victim." Which to choose? Regardless, this blond woman has either been misidentified in the archives as either Astrid Skuyat or Evie Garratt or Gesine Cukrowski or Amelia Curtis. (I figured I'd ought to mention these names, in case people run searches in the future, trying to pin down which face belongs to the breasts.) She is really Isabella Van Waes (according to someone who listened to the DVD commentary; I only had the silly video), who was also misidentified as the other victim seen bound and hanging for just an instant. Anna Thalbach has also been misidentified for Emma Campbell.

    This is a tough science, trying to figure out who's who... just to get things right, I can spend too much time trying to see whether an unknown is called by a name, hoping to cross-reference with the end credits.

    • AMELIA CURTIS plays Denise Stone, a computer expert. She appears semi-nude in her damsel in distress scene. Curtis appears to have concentrated her career mostly in television; she did bare her wares in an exercise entitled "South West 9" (2001), which I noticed in the archives.

    • ISABELLE VAN WAES is a Flemish lass who is selected as a possible "leading lady" by a creepy videographer, and she walks into a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Her career in real life does not appear to have proliferated after this screen debut, but unlike her disastrous film career in the snuff movie within the movie, there's always tomorrow.

    • ASSORTED. The nudies are Astrid Skuyat (probably) and Emma Campbell, who has been captured more comprehensively elsewhere in this site.

    Moving on to 1972's "THE WOMAN HUNTER", a TV-movie about an emotionally troubled rich heiress who nobody believes, when she thinks someone is trying to kill her. I probably have never seen a pat ending as unbelievable as this flick presents. Of course there is no nudity, but Barbara Eden is made to appear glamorous, and does show off non-critical flesh. (I began to believe maybe they did not "censor" her belly button in "I Dream of Jeannie," after all.) She also offers us a "wild" dance, the closest thing we may get to see her in the way she moved in bed since she faced those phallic snake things in 7 FACES OF DR. LAO.


    • NORMA STORCH. No nudity, but I thought she had a striking face. She was fifty at the time, and died of cancer a year ago. She was the better half of Larry "F Troop" Storch, who has a cameo here as the life of the party; he manages to break up the partygoers with the most unhilarious comments imaginable. (But he does it well. Good old Larry.)

    From THE WITCHES OF SAPPHO SALON (2001)... a Seduction Cinema offering that actually has a kind of plot! Every thirty years, in order to stay young, witches of a hair salon need to sacrifice virgins born on special dates. It's no great shakes, but at least some effort went into this production. The featured fillies mostly appear to be one-trick ponies, to date.

    • ELINA BELLBROOK is the witch's accomplice, Bridget. She looks appropriately depraved.

    • ELIZABETH GRACE is the sweet heroine, Janet. She kindly shows us everything she's got. Ms. Grace manages to pull off somewhat of a performance. She had a guest spot on 2002's "sexy" TV series, "Hotel Erotica."

    • BRIGITTE EVES plays the head witch Tanith in a not particularly dynamic way. But at least she's not shy.

    • UNKNOWNS. One of them is probably Layla Maxson.

    As always, Mister Grundy invites you to visit his Yahoo Group, Sick Sexy Sinema Shots.

    Liv Tyler Dragonscan 'caps of Liv topless in scenes from the Bernardo Bertolucci movie, "Stealing Beauty" (1996).

    Idalis DeLeon An excellent collage by DAI of the former MTV VJ going topless and showing a bit of a thong view in scenes from an episode of the critically acclaimed HBO series "Six Feet Under".

    Jennifer Love Hewitt I'm not sure where Squiddy found this, but it's an excellent scan of the "Garfield" star looking simply fantastic in a bikini top!

    Naomi Watts
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Johnny Moronic 'caps of "The Ring" star in scenes from "21 Grams". Not only did Watts show off her wonderful toplessness, she also delivered an Oscar nominated performance.

    Paris Hilton
    (1, 2)

    The paparazzi catch a breast falling out of Paris' shirt.

    Jade Jagger and Kate Moss The paparazzi strike again! Here are the two doing a little topless sunbathing.

    Paz Vega
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the Spanish beauty topless in scenes from "El Otro lado de la cama" aka "The Other Side of the Bed" (2002).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Wise Guys, Eh?! - Columbia TriStar has reignited a controversy by releasing two Three Stooges DVDs that include both black-and-white and digitally colorized versions. Columbia claims young people won't watch black-and-white films. But Roger Ebert called it "vandalism." And George Lucas said it's possible the Stooges' dated humor is still funny because black-and-white provides the context to let us appreciate it for what it was. But putting the Stooges into modern-looking color might make them unfunny.

  • And what do you get when you use digital effects to create an unfunny, colored Stooge? Jar-Jar Binks.
  • Isn't George Lucas the guy who ruined the old "Star Wars" by inserting new digital effects?
  • They could just colorize Curly...HE'D still be funny.
  • The color's bad enough, but did they have to use CGI to insert all that blood?

    Hump Day News - The FCC rejected complaints from conservative groups that the TV shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Will and Grace" are indecent. For instance, a "Will and Grace" episode featured two women kissing and rubbing against each other, which one called a "dry hump." The FCC ruled that while they wouldn't say "dry hump" is always within broadcast propriety standards, the women were clothed and there was no evidence that the act was dwelled upon or used to pander, titillate or shock the audience.

  • How about the fact that it was on "Will and Grace"?
  • It was only there because dry humping is an essential part of the plot in every episode of "Will and Grace."

    The FCC Says It's Okay - The latest party trend in New York is "Cuddle parties." Participants pay $30 each to gather in their pajamas, lie down and snuggle up to perfect strangers. Organizers say it's not about sex, and there are strict rules, like Rule #7: "No dry humping!" One man said he has trouble expressing emotions and cuddling with a stranger helps. Others said it relieves stress, or is a better way of meeting people than going to a bar, getting drunk and having sex, just to get a little affection.

  • It's like that, only without the drinking and the sex, so it's much better.
  • Who knew there were so many men saying, "If only I could find a way to cuddle with a woman without being forced to have sex!"
  • Men will pay $30 to cuddle with strange women, but with their own wives, they roll over and go to sleep.
  • What if you can only express emotion by dry humping?
  • If being cuddled by a stranger is what you want, just ride the subway.