Today's Images.
Hold the presses. It's Peta
  • Hi, it's me, Scoopy Senior. I think you'll forgive me this interruption in Jr.'s page. I feel like one of those editors in the 30's movies who yells, "stop the presses", and then they cut to three or four kids on street corners yelling "Extra! Extra! Read all about it". It's Peta Wilson with her breast hanging out in public.
  • Peta #2.
  • Peta #3.
  • From Don Bun
  • Once again, Don Bun is hard at play with his new DVD. Hopefully he'll keep sending us more goodies like this vidcap of Francesca Neri, from "Live Flesh".
  • As he promised us last week, more vidcaps from the "Emmanuelle" movies. This time it's two images of Mia Nygren from "Emmanuelle IV". I think part IV is sometimes also referred to as "Emmanuelle IV: The Return to Mayberry". No wait, I think that may be part XII. I can never keep them straight.
  • Our second scan of Mia Nygren.
  • Next up, she stars in the bulk of the Action/Adventure section at my local video store, plus she's one of the women who helps to form the backbone of the Fun House, Julie Strain. Vidcaps from the movie "Bad Girls".
  • From Graphic Response
  • Valeria Golino, vidcaps from "An Occasional Hell". The e-mail attached also sent a apology saying these were a little dark, but they don't look all that bad.
  • More from "An Occasional Hell", one of my long time favorites, Kari Wuhrer.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Last week we ran a few great scans of Jamie Lee Curtis, and I mentioned that I thought she was still very sexy, even as she turns 40 this year. Well, now I have proof. Here's a recent promo shot for "Halloween H20" that features Jamie in a tub of "blood". Thanks to Nada for this scan.
  • Special thanks to a Fun House fan for sending us these scans of Brazilian actress, Danielle Winits.
  • Here's a rather timely one, Carla Gugino, the co-star of the movie new movie "Snake Eyes". These are from an earlier movie, "Jaded".
  • More of Carla Gugino.
  • Eva Habermann, space babe. Thanks to everyone for filling me in on "Lexx, The Dark Zone". I've heard many different reactions, some say it's the most boring pig crap on TV since the Reverend Scott, and others say it's bigger than "Star Trek" in certain countries. (Side note: today's obscure reference, defined....Reverend Scott was this ancient, bearded guy who always wore an American WWII army helmet. he would come on cable really late at night and "preach". But instead of really getting his message across, he just sort of mumbled for about three hours, non-stop. Plus the camera only showed a close up of his face at a really odd angle, as he sat in his chair.
  • This is a repeat, but I've had a few requests...Here's Helen Hunt in a wet shirt, from "As Good as it Gets".
  • Christina Ricci...Scoop Sr. said it so well that I thought I would just share his commentary from e-mail...."Something tells me that she's not going to become a mainstream entertainer. In the 20's she would have moved to Paris and lived with Picasso. In the 60's, she would have been Jim Morrison's companion. What is there for a weird girl in the new millennium?"