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Season One

This is the European series, not the one with Jeremy Irons.


Episode Twelve

Elisa Mouliaa

Tensión Sexual No Resuelta


Tensión Sexual No Resuelta is a sex comedy about highly popular author Jazz Romero (Norma Ruíz) who's one and only book is a massive best seller and now a movie (starring Antonio Banderas!!!). One day, she introduces herself to Celeste (Salomé Jiménez), a woman a week away from being married but living a staid existence, but desperately wants to find her wild side. She befriends Celeste, then beds her, then gets her to find her wild side and leave her boring fiance Juanjo (Fele Martínez). Celeste does this by meeting Nardo (Miguel Ángel Muñoz), a heavy metal singer and sexual beast and Celeste is alive for the first time. Meanwhile, Juanjo is not handling this well at all. He receives affection from a hot student Rebecca, sorry Carmen (Amaia Salamanca) and unexpectedly receives help to get Celeste back from conniving student Nico (Adam Jezierski). But, Jazz has a plan of her own and it all resides in both the past and that novel she wrote.

The Spanish do love a sex comedy, though this one is a fairly unexceptional save for a pretty hot women. It all wraps up way too neatly, but at least it's a fun film for the most part.

Salome Jimenez film clip (collages below)

Salome Jimenez and Norma Ruiz
film clip (sample below)

"Melrose Place"

The TV caps are from the original Melrose Place. MP was a soap centred on the shenanigans of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. It ran for 7 seasons from 1992 to 1999. As you'd expect, there was no nudity but many good looking women.

These caps are from season 1.

Episode 1 Pilot

Amy Locane

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Jennie Garth

Josie Bissett

Vanessa Williams

Not identified

Episode 2 Friends & Lovers

Amy Locane

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Jensen Daggett

Josie Bissett

Vanessa Williams

Episode 3 Lost & Found

Josie Bissett

Episode 4 For Love of Money

Amy Locane

Michelle Johnson

Vanessa Williams

Episode 8 Lonely Hearts

Amy Locane

Vanessa Williams

Episode 12 Polluted Affairs

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Episode 21 Picture Imperfect

Heather Locklear

Episode 26 End Game

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Marcia Cross

Episode 30 Carpe Diem

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Vanessa Angel

Not identified

Episode 31 State of Need

Heather Locklear

Vanessa Angel

Episode 32 Suspicious Minds

Heather Locklear

Josie Bissett

Prom Night


This is from an early full frame DVD showing more nudity.
Mary Beth Rubens: buns and partial boob in shower, boob in dark sex scene.

Jamie Lee Curtis: very nice rack in brassiere.

Pita Oliver: bare butt.

Eddie Benton: very sexy.

Joy Thompson: sexy.

Pam Henry: nice pokies.

Of Golf and God


This obscure Canadian comedy is only available on DVD in Europe.

Lindsay Marett: underboobage in bikini.

Sarah Groundwater: very sexy, having sex in porn video.

Dena Ashbaugh: sexy as brunette.

Tamera Lay: sexy.

unknown: very tight t-shirt.

Foxy Lady, Wild Cherry

(2000 short)

My second attempt of this after it digging up from my massive VHS bin.

Natasha Greenblatt: very nippy in wet t-shirt.

Nina Shock: very sexy


(2000 short)

Also from my VHS bin.

unknown: nude behind shower curtain.

Guylaine St-Onge: slight pokies.


(2000 short)

Also from my VHS bin.

Kristen Thomson: sexy.

Bubbles Galore


Another classic from my VHS bin.

Tracy Wright: having some hot lesbo loving with Nina Hartley.

"Barely Cooking"

(2003 TV series documentary)
This nude cooking show never got picked up but the production company still has the promo on their site.
Dena Ashbaugh: bare butt.

Eva De Viveiros: hot buns.

Mel and Jase


Stills from some sort of unknown short.

Dena Ashbaugh: partial boob.

"Under the Dome"

episode: "Imperfect Circles" (s1e07)

Renewed for a second season where the dome changes into a parallelogram.

Rachelle Lefevre: very distant sideboob.

Samantha Mathis & Aisha Hinds: very light lesbo action.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "Bed One" (s2e07)

Erica Durance: very sexy in tank top.

Lizz Alexander: sexy but not dead.

TV/Film clips

Laetitia Casta in Nes En 68 (2008) in 1080p

Perrey Reeves in Kicking and Screaming (1995) in 720p

Kaela Dobkin in Kicking and Screaming (1995) in 720p

Elizabeth McGovern in Ragtime (1981) in 720p


Lake Bell - strategic nudity on the cover of New York magazine

Rinko Kikuchi, the actress from Babel and Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

Former porn star and would-be mainstream star Sasha Gray

From the vault of obscurity: Christina Lay in Hotel Paradise (1980)