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Just a Kiss


Idina Menzel film clip, 1920x1080

For the next few contributions I thought I would head to Great Britain. First up, British movies of the 60s and 70s. This was an interesting time in British movies nudity-wise, as you can see from the movies below. Producers such as George Harrison Marks and Stanley Long were continually pushing the boundaries of nudity. There wasn't much in the way of story, just enough to allow there to be plenty of naked women, many of whom also posed in the girly magazines of the time. Possibly the most famous of these women was Mary Millington who, unfortunately, killed herself in 1979. Her fame was such that they made at least two movies using archive footage for a couple of years after her death. These will be in the next contribution, a fortnight hence.

Today: part 4 of 5 this weekend, concluding the films (TV tomorrow)

All Neat in Black Stockings

Not a lot of nudity in All Neat in Black Stockings (1969) but Deidre Costello

and Nita Lorraine show some serious side boob.

The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom

There's no nudity in The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968). Some models are in their underwear

and Shirley MacLaine shows a bit of cleavage.

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (1972) has some lovely boobs shown by Janet Suzman

and an unidentified woman.


Some nipple exposed in Dulcima (1971) by Carol White.

Mr. Forbush and the Penguins

The delectable Sally Geeson shows a bit of cleavage in Mr. Forbush and the Penguins (1971).

Please Turn Over

No nudity in Please Turn Over (1960) but Julia Lockwood,

Myrtle Reed

and one not identified are in their underwear.

Rattle of a Simple Man

Ingrid Anthofer is a topless stripper in Rattle of a Simple Man (1964) but is facing the wrong way.

Diane Cilento is in her underwear.


Response (1974) is a short film in which Mary Millington

and an unknown women get naked.

The 7th Dawn

Susannah York goes swimming naked but nothing can be seen in The 7th Dawn (1964). She fills out a bikini very nicely.

Steptoe and Son

Carolyn Seymour plays a stripper in Steptoe and Son (1973) and gets most of her kit off.

Twisted Nerve

Twisted Nerve (1968) has a sexy Hayley Mills but there is no nudity.

Two Way Stretch

Liz Fraser shows a bit of leg in Two Way Stretch (1960).


Some nice bristols shown in Villain (1971) by Bonita Thomas

and Fiona Lewis.

An unidentified woman shows a bit of cleavage.

Woman of Straw

Woman of Straw (1964) shows a very sexy Gina Lollobrigida in her underwear.

La cara oculta


re-do in 1080p

Clara Lago

Martina Garcia (Part 1  , Part 2)

Film/TV Clips

Helena Mattsson in The Babymakers (2012)

Nikki Moore, also in The Babymakers

Olivia Munn, also in The Babymakers (alas, no nudity)

Marcia Do Vales in The Reverend (2011)

Misha Highstead in Bail Enforcers (2011) in 720p

Natasha Richardson in Asylum (2005)

Faye Grant in Internal Affairs (1990)

Veronique Jannot in Paul et Virginie (1974)


  Emmanuelle Beart in La Belle Noiseuse.
This is a 4-hour film. Beart is stark naked for about half of it.