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season 4, 2011

Episode 4

Megan Stevenson in 1080p (See below).

Megan Stevenson and Sammi Maben in 1080p (See below).





This is Not a Love Story

(New Zealand, 2002)

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy. See below.



Film Clips

Giulia Michelini in Immaturi (2011) in 1080p

Tiziana Buldini in Immaturi (2011) in 1080p

Erindera Farga in Bleading Lady (2011). See below.

Sindy Faraguna in Bleading Lady (2011). See below.

Laura Dern in Wild at Heart (1990) in 1080hd

Joanna Pacula in Gorky Park in (1983) in 1080hd. See below.

Farrah Fawcett in Saturn 3 (1980). See below.

Stephanie Beacham in The Nightcomers (1971). See below.

Francoise Dorleac in Cul-de-Sac (1966) in 1080p. See below.

That last one is a real kick for me, even though the nudity is basically confined to her cute butt, and the movie looks like complete dog crap.

When I was about 18, I had no idea who Catherine Deneuve was, but I had my schoolboy crush on this woman, Francoise Dorleac, Deneuve's older sister.

How can that be if you never even heard of her?

Long story. Kinda.

Those were the days when the world shut down at 11, even convenience stores. The only worthwhile offering from the television networks after the local news at 11 (10 Central) was the Tonight show, so some non-NBC stations showed a film, then played the national anthem and bid us good night.

That was a different world, and perhaps a better one in some ways.

One of the stations in our town had a different cinema theme for each night of the week. Chiller Theater popped up on Friday, with the obligatory spooky host. There was a Comedy Night, A Night for Romance, and so forth. One of the nights featured Super Spy Theater. It doesn't seem possible now that such a minor sub-genre could once have been capable of commanding an entire night, but that was a very frigid point in the Cold War and, spurred by the success of the first three Bond films, America was running wild for "super spies."

That's where I first saw Francoise Dorleac: on Super Spy Theater, on a sultry night, when I was home from college for summer vacation, unable to sleep, watching a David Niven movie called Where the Spies Are. By the time I got around to looking up Francoise's bio, I found out she was dead. In fact I think she had already died before I first became aware of her, although I can't swear to have remembered the chronology with any real precision.

Her car flipped in the south of France, somewhere near Nice.

She was 25.

My boyhood crush, who was not so much older than I, has now been dead for 44 years.

Memento Mori.




Lohan, undoubtedly up to some shenanigans

Lindsay Pulsipher in True Blood, a couple of weeks back

One more look at Natalie Portman in Your Highness (2011)

Christina Ricci in After Life (2009)

Lisa Baur in Animal House. Gorgeous woman. Spectacular. She was never heard from again after this film.

Sarah Holcomb in Animal House

Mary-Louise Weller in Animal House

Tuna and I had a lot to say about Animal House (1978) in the reviews we wrote back in 2003. I think it was one of our best efforts, and it includes a lot of supplementary information.