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Trapped Ashes


Trapped Ashes is a collection of four short horror stories by different directors, all encased within a framing device that involves a studio tour and a famous haunted house set. It played a few foreign film festivals, and is now available on DVD in the USA.

Six people receive invitations for a VIP studio tour. Tour bus driver Henry Gibson picks them up at the gate. The first stop is outside the fence of a haunted house that is usually off-limits to tours. The passengers beg, and he allows them to enter. They soon find themselves trapped in a room with no exit, and he convinces them that the only way out might be to tell very personal horror stories.

The first story-teller is Rachel Veltri, who tells the story of her blood-eating breast implants. First, we see a body double with Rachel's head grafted onto the torso for the "before" breasts, then there are several shots of prosthetic breasts. Finally, she shows her real ones in the shower.

The second story is told by Lara Harris, who was visiting Japan with her architect husband and ended up involved with a satanic monk who tried to imprison her in Buddhist hell. She shows her breasts and buns.

Story three is about a friendship between a screenwriter and a director, and the vampire woman who separated them.

Finally, the fourth tale is about a woman whose twin was a tape worm.

None of the four were my sort of material.

IMDb: 5.1.


Rachel Veltri


Rachel Veltri's body double

Rachel Veltri's prosthesis scene

Lara Harris









Night Fire


Today from "Night Fire" we have the Queen of B-movies, Shannon Tweed, whose character is all tied up by her husband for some sex games. Shannon shows off the boobs in these sample caps and two film clips.

You can see the whole set of caps back in the archives on July 12, 2007.






Notes and collages



Virginia Madsen










Warm Texas Rain


Tons of Frankie Thorn film clips.  Collages below.

Scoop's note: Tuna and I believe this is one of the very best straight-to-vid softcores ever made, probably top ten. The plot is interesting and Frankie is a gorgeous redhead. She disappeared from the industry for seven years after she made this film. (If you are a film buff you remember her from Bad Lieutenant as the sexually abused nun who frustrates a police investigation by forgiving her assailant.)








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Alice Taglioni in Detrompez Vous






enter the DragonScan

No DranonScans today, but a DragonClip of Renee Griffith from Showdown in Little Tokyo






La Alba

Some newer Alba pics with kind of a see-through thing going on:

And classic Alba for comparison

Other pics

Liv Tyler in a see-through skirt

French TV presenter Melissa Theuriau: very topless, very pregnant

Rachel Shelley in B.U.S.T.E.D. (1999). She's a regular on The L Word.



Film Clips

Nora Tschirner in Keinohrhasen (2007, samples right)

This film was directed by actor Til Schweiger

Deborah Foreman in 3:15. (1986) I think this tiny flash is her only screen nudity.

Eliza Swenson in Pineapple (2006)

Jessica Snell in The American Poop Movie