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Out For Blood (2004)

The review includes pictures, so is available at The Movie House.

Here's the chicks, all from minor characters with no lines who are nonetheless thoughtfully identified in the credits

Diana Terranova and Bruna Rubio

Svetlana Chavez

Coco Johnsen

The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1 (2003)

The review is available at The Movie House.

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today is another all 'Hankster Light" day.

First, a quick look at current erotic star Misty Mundae. Here she is topless in scenes from the "Erotic Diary of Misty".

Misty Mundae

Then we fire up the Time Machine, head for 1973 and drop in on Sharon Kelly in scenes from "The Dirty Mind of Young Sally". Now I have to tell you that they really knew how to put nudity in their movies in the 70"s. So enjoy Sharon as she hides nothing from our eyes. A tasty dish.

Sharon Kelly

Crimson Ghost
Today's featured Lady of Late Night is the fair skinned and red-haird Amanda Prentice. If you look at all of these 'caps, then you will have seen just about 85% of her entire acting career. But she did show all 3 B's, so that's gotta count for something.

Amanda Prentice

Here are DeadLamb 'caps of "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell showing some serious push-up bra cleavage in scenes from "Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical". She looks pretty darn good in the black pleather undies :)

Mia Kirshner and Sarah Shahi feeling each other up in a mild lesbian scene from the "Late, Later, Latent" episode of "The L Word".

Next up, Dragonscan 'caps of Andrea Heuer briefly topless in a scene from the German TV series, "Ein, Schloß am Wörthersee", aka "Lakeside Hotel".

Here is Demi Moore showing off her robohooters and very fit bod while playing a clothing removal specialist in scenes from "Striptease" (1996). Thanks to the Skin-man.

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Other Crap

Conan does another "Celebrity Survey"

CUTTING COSTS, NASA SAYS IT WILL WAIT FOR MARTIANS TO COME TO US ... Mars Must Share Financial Burden of Space Exploration, NASA Chief Says

The trailer for Domino - is online.
  • I'm looking forward to this one. Good director, interesting true story, good cast
  • "Keira Knightley stars in the wild action thriller 'Domino,' the latest project from director Tony Scott ('Man on Fire,' 'Beverly Hills Cop II,' 'True Romance'). A trademark Scott film, 'Domino' presents an entertaining mix of gritty action, biting comedy and sharp visuals. The film tells the true story of Domino Harvey, daughter of legendary actor Laurence Harvey and a former Ford model who rejected her privileged Beverly Hills life to become a bounty hunter"

Ten Mario Sellout Moments on

Here's the trailer and some stills from Fun With Dick and Jane.
  • (Jim Carrey) and (Téa Leoni) are in love and living the American dream - until one day it becomes an American nightmare. When the company Dick works for becomes involved in an Enron-like scandal and he is confronted with the prospect of losing everything, Dick and Jane are forced to bag, borrow and steal to get it all back.

First images from the remake of All The King's Men. It features a powerhouse cast: Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Patricia Clarkson, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins.

Courtney Love insists she's been sober for a year. Los Angeles prosecutors suspect some high drama at a Hollywood hotel last month indicates otherwise.

Nude swimmer torments seafood restuarant

URL says it all:

Donald Trump will guest on Queer Eye, but will not have his head restyled.

"A Florida principal faces charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on a teacher at school" Principals have certainly toughened up since I went to school. Our principal was a sweet old guy who let the vice-principal do the shooting.

The trailer for Shooting Shona, an indie mystery/thriller

Three new clips and two featurettes about Wes Craven's Red Eye

An era passes: Disney Studios to close down its last facility for hand-drawn animation.

Miss Ellie Ewing dies, aged 85

Andre 3000 has five movies in the works, making hinm the highest numbered individual among popular movie actors, easily edging out 50 Cent, Cherry 99, and Rappin'4' Tay

Keira Knightley dumps boyfriend because of "long separations due to film commitments."

The Daily Show: "The space shuttle Discovery landed safely in California. The bad news? Their luggage is in Florida."

Lovers arrested for having sex on the trunk of a police car! Or, as experienced criminal justice professionals call it, a 502.
  • The craziest thing about this story is that they were not actually arrested for public fucking on a police car. It happened in the Netherlands, where that (like pretty much anything else) is perfectly legal! They got arrested when they refused to leave when the cops had to answer an emergency call! The police spokesman said: "The law doesn't say you can't make love on the bonnet of a police car. But the policemen have to be available for duty. If the two lovers had left when they were told, nothing would have happened."

Xtina says Britney is now too ugly to be a pop star! She does have a point.

Johnny Knoxville isn't who you think he is. Turns out he's a romantic guy, and so sensitive that he thinks John Cusack is a coarse beast. OK, maybe not.

Yankee fan jumps from upper deck. And they're only 3 1/2 out! You can imagine how many Royals fans must do this. Well, if the Royals had any fans.


Here I sit, broken hearted ...Latrinalia: bathroom griffiti in America.

Abandoned Burmese python nursed back to health. Because, you know, we need to have more of them around. Burmese pythons can grow up to 20 feet long, and weigh up to 200 pounds.

Remake update: Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles are in talks to reprise the roles played by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick in Fox's remake of 1976 horror classic The Omen, reports Variety. It broke my heart when Affleck and J-Lo broke up, because it meant the end to their planned remake of Casablanca.

Johnny Depp says his next movie might be a porn film because he doesn't want to be typecast. I think he's kidding, but with Depp, anything may be possible.

South Korean man dies of heart failure following 50-hour video game marathon.
  • "Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play on-line games on August 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, [police] said."

Bill Frist on Stem Cells: President Bush's Letter to Flip-Flopping Senator Bill Frist on His Recent Embrace of Embryonic Vivisection (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

More dating tips from Weekly World News: IMPRESS GALS WITH THESE CHEAP DATES

Pat Reeder
Pat's comments in yellow...

These Boobs Are Made Of Saline - Jessica Simpson, currently appearing in a tiny pink bikini in "The Dukes of Hazzard" and her new video of "These Boots Are Made for Walking," is tired of rumors that she has breast implants. The D-cup star insisted that "mine are definitely real. At school, my boobs were bigger than all my friends', and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They're like an accessory."

  • Like her naturally blonde hair!
  • Like a pin or corsage or anything else you attach to your chest.
  • So when you hear the phrase "real boob," think of Jessica Simpson.
  • Oddly enough, the less there is to her outfit, the better they make it look.

    One A These Days, Alice... - No sooner had the space shuttle landed safely Tuesday than the private company Space Adventures announced plans to offer a tourist trip around the moon. It's a joint venture with Russian space officials, and there will be a Russian pilot. The ship won't land on the moon, but the trip could last anywhere from 10 to 21 days, depending on whether the itinerary includes a stop at the space station. One round-trip ticket will cost $100 million. A spokesman said their research shows up to 1,000 people in the world could afford it, the same number who could afford to buy a $100 million yacht.

  • Or throw a really elaborate funeral.
  • Donald Trump will do it, but only if they rename the moon after him.
  • Paris Hilton could afford it, but does it HAVE to be a round-trip ticket?
  • When people that rich want to experience weightlessness, they just get liposuction.

    But They Do Give It - Tulane University found that contrary to expectations, sex doesn't help women advance at work. They surveyed 164 business school graduates on whether they wear revealing clothes, send flirty e-mails, rub men's shoulders, lean over tables to let men see down their blouses or practice other provocative behaviors. Very few admitted to doing any such things often, but about half the women said "Never," and they fell into the highest income category of $75,000 to $100,000. Those who did act sexy at work received lower pay and fewer promotions.

  • They were under every man in the office.
  • But they don't need money because they get taken out to nice restaurants every night.
  • Maybe it's because the highest-paid women have the most seniority, and nobody WANTS them to wear revealing clothes.
  • Of course, this doesn't apply to law firms...I've seen "Boston Legal."
  • On the other hand, if you're a waitress and you want big tips...

    Segue To The Junkyard - Police in Concord, New Hampshire, opened a rented garage and found 10 Segway scooters valued at $5,000 each that were stolen from a dealer in April. The Segway's inventor said it would be revolutionary and a boon to society, but they had apparently been sitting in the garage and gathering dust for months because the thieves couldn't figure out how to sell them.

  • Yeah, the dealer had the same problem...His solution: leave the door unlocked and collect the insurance.
  • The Segway HAS been a boon to people who rent storage garages.
  • The police also recovered three cartons of stolen mood rings and over 1,000 Pet Rocks.

    They All Sound Australian - The new edition of the Oxford Dictionary Of English shows why it's easier to be nasty than nice: there are a lot more nasty words. There are only 40 complimentary terms for people, but 350 insults, from the modern doofus, mook and dirtbag to such exotic oldies as clot, chump, fribble, gink, gilly-gawpus, wazzock, mooncalf, dandiprat, droob, schmuck, chucklehead, apple-knocker, gink and ning-nong. There are also 30 ways to call someone crazy, but only six ways to describe them as sane. The co-editor said it just seems to be human nature to focus on people's negative qualities rather than to praise them.

  • Just what I'd expect to hear from an old dandiprat.
  • Or maybe it's just that the insulting words are so much more fun to say.
  • I'd say it's because the nuts outnumber the sane people about 5 to 1.
  • Apparently, J.K. Rowling is writing dictionaries now, too.

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