• Vidcappers, if you're interested in a challenge. This from my mailbox, from someone who is obviously a sophisticated collector "Scoop: been looking allover for these three actresses from specific movies, Ana de Sade in "Legends of a Man called Horse", Maria Conchita Alonzo in "Caught", and Julia Ormond in "Captives"
  • Some more of those annoying "do it" bumper stickers.
     Accountants do it with Double Entry
     Acupuncturists do it with a small prick
     Ambulance drivers come quicker
     Australians do it Down Under
     Bach did it using the organ
     Bankers do it with interest
     DJs do it on request
     Dentists do it orally
     Detectives do it under cover
     Divers do it deeper
     Firemen do it with a big hose
     Frank Sinatra did it his way
     Garbagemen come twice a week
     Gardeners do it on the bushes
     Gas attendants Pump all day
     Golfers do it in 18 holes
     Jeep owners do it an all four
     Landlords do it every 1st of the month
     Managers make others do it
     Pizza delivery man comes in 30 minutes or it's free
  • Monday's Images.
  • There is a real poetic sadness in the way that Fragor has juxtaposed these two images of Demi Moore. She was young, with a natural body, no age lines. In the intervening years, the lines appeared, and the career temptations brought on a new bosom. The composite image limns the temptations and vulnerabilities to which our flesh is heir. Memento mori.
  • Ellen Barkin in "Sea of Love". The image on the top left may be a body double.
  • Ellen Barkin in "Sea of Love". Looking at the real images on the file above, it appears that these must be a body double. They sure picked a helluva body, too.
  • Another lovely and rare one from Scanman. Geraldine Chaplin stark naked full frontal in "Welcome to L.A.". She is most famous for "Dr. Zhivago", and is the daughter of Charlie. That would make her the littler tramp.
  • A partial response to the mailbox request: Maria Conchita Alonso with Olmos in "Caught". When mankind's noblest achievements are chronicled in solemn intellectual debate, surely the works of Michelangelo must take a back seat to a picture of Edward James Olmos kissing a woman.
  • Finola Geraghty in "Backbeat". This is the movie about Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best, and their four obscure counterparts in a forgotten British group called the Beatles.
  • Finola Geraghty in "Backbeat". By the way, Sutcliffe, .... good career move.
  • Our lives go through passages and stages. Picasso had his rose period. Pisarro dabbled in pontillism. Bonaparte took a sabbatical from the emperorship one year to work as a cobbler. Woody Allen used to make funny movies (especially the wacky and side-splitting "Interiors"). RDO is still in his "Sheryl Lee" phase. She was in "Backbeat", although her portrayal of Yoko Ono as a blond valley girl has come under some fire from the critics. I'm kidding. She played Astrid, the German artist who brought Sutcliffe under her spell. Here she is just strolling around naked.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Another nude scene, this time lovemaking.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Topless close-up
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Removing her shirt
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". The sophisticated German beatnik showing off some advanced Bohemian shirt-removal techniques learned from years of study with Ghandi's disciples. It was said when the Mahatma removed his shirt, nobody was sexier. Or skinnier.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Europeans, don't write me with some pedantic geographical point. Yes, yes, I know Bohemia is not part of Germany (although not from lack of effort on the German side). This word has an additional meaning in English: "leading an unconventional and free existence". Shown here: funny things you can do with paint.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Funny things you can do with paint.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Funny things you can do with paint.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Funny things you can do with paint. A tip for you youngsters: don't try this at home. And especially not with your sister.
  • RDO's Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat". Funny things you can do with paint.
  • Alison Whyte from an Australian soap "Good Guys, Bad Guys". She's really worth a look even if you don't know who she is.
  • Sunday's Images.
  • These four paparazzi shots from Crow aren't new, but they bear another look. I sure wish we had a clearer version of this one, with Laura Antonelli stark naked, bending over, and the camera shooting right up into the caves of the seventh and eighth happinesses.
  • a couple more of Antonelli. Not high-res photos, but she's stark naked from both front and rear. That isn't everything in life, but maybe, just maybe, that's enough.
  • Luscious Emmanuelle Beart seems to be doing her annual self-examination to prevent vaginal cancer.
  • more of Beart. OK, I know they are blurry, but you want to look at blurry pics of Beart? or maybe you'd rather be plowing the back 40, or oiling your lawnmower.
  • 'caps
  • while we are on the subject of interior shots, here is the famous "getting into the tub" scene from "Robby, Kalle, Paul". The beaveree is Anja Franke. Or maybe she is the beaverer and we are the beaverees. I'm not sure of the correct grammar on this point, and it's not easy to look this up. It's not like Dr Johnson spent any time on the verb "to beaver". Although Boswell does mention that Johnson gave it considerable thought, especially during his beloved Polka contests.
  • This is designated spacebabe Eva Haberman in something called "Tales from a Parallel Universe". Apparently it is a dimension exactly identical to our own except that in their world, short-skirted women in period costume dramas don't wear any panties. Like the greatest work of Stringberg or Vonnegut, it's one of those stories which can draw a tear of regret from even those with the most hardened hearts when it makes one see what we might have been if we could have just taken the raw clay of humanity, with all its unlimited potential, and been just a bit wiser. Anticlimactic side notes 1) if I am reincarnated, I want to be in that parallel universe, and I would like to be Steve Reeves. 2) Can anyone explain to me why exactly the deity in our universe gave women free will? In addition to condemning them to an eternity of bepantied tushes, it also worked in a certain horrible synergy with the shopping gene inherent in the XX chromosome pattern. I mean, what if you could just say ... buy the red one ... and shopping would be over so easily because women lacked free will. Wouldn't that parallel universe be a kinder, gentler one? And that's not even considering the unlimited free headjobs.
  • This is wrestling's Miss Jacqueline, in the bikini she wore to face down Marlena in the bikini contest. Well, I may have misstated that. She's not actually IN the bikini. A must-see even if you don't like wrestling.
  • one more of Miss Jacqueline ... almost the same frame as the one above.
  • You gotta see these. Great quality and great theme ... Elizabeth Ashley's famous sex-in-the-shower scene in "Paperback Hero". Lescan sent it in as one gigantic collage and I split it into thirds. I think the guy is Keir Dullea, the guy who battled HAL in 2001. First third. .
  • Elizabeth Ashley's famous sex-in-the-shower scene in "Paperback Hero". Second third.
  • Elizabeth Ashley's famous sex-in-the-shower scene in "Paperback Hero". This is a 1974 movie made in Canada. Final third.
  • some of Sigourney Weaver's nude scenes in "Half Moon Street". Very high quality work from Scanman. He now has his own site ... see URL on the top of the pic.
  • some of Sigourney Weaver's nude scenes in "Half Moon Street", from Scanman.
  • some of Sigourney Weaver's nude scenes in "Half Moon Street", from Scanman.
  • Many people believe that Brinke Stevens has the best buns ever shown on film. I'm still holding out for Phoebe Cates, but here's a convincing illustration of their argument in "Slumber Party Massacre".
  • detailed caps of Anne Lockhart's topless scene in "Joyride".
  • Svenja Pages. Not sure of the movie.
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me", the "Twin Peaks" movie. Sheryl Lee. Here's the sexy scene where she gets undressed on the dance floor.
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". Close up of that scene
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". The "topless wrestling with a fat bouncer guy" scene
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". The "topless wrestling with a fat guy" scene
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". The "topless wrestling with a fat guy" scene
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". The topless "beercan" scene.
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". The topless beercan scene
  • RDO does "Fire Walk With Me". A hard day of toplessness can really wear a girl out
  • Saturdays' Images.
    Scoopy Jr's. Hot Pics of the Day
  • From the USA show "La Femme Nikita", Nikita herself, Peta Wilson. Looking really slutty I might add. A show that proves Andy Warhol's old maxim that in the future, everyone will have his own cable show. If they are white. If not, they will have a show on the WB network.
  • Vidcap Variety
  • Well gang, I had a ton of vidcaps that had to be moved out, so today is the Blowout Bonanza of Vidcap Variety! Our first submissions come from Crow. As you may know, Crow often sends in a lot of Rasslin' footage, and today we have a look at some new wrestling techniques... the use of busty babe flashers! I don't know the details, but apparently these two beauties were recently planted in the crowd as a distraction. I'm guessing it worked. Especially since refs in pro wrestling seem to watch pretty much everything in the match except the fight itself.
  • One more look at Crow's flashers.
  • Sherilyn Fenn, showing various amounts of cleavage, from "Rude Awakenings", by Crow.
  • Crow said he wanted to be the first, and I think he did it. This is Dominique Swain in Vidcaps from the latest adaptation of Nabokov's "Lolita". Here's some tips for you budding young filmmakers 1)If you're going to remake a movie, I'd probably choose not to do anything already filmed by Welles, Zefferelli, or Kubrick, unless you like to see your name used in the same sentence as the word "sucks". 2) When adapting a novel, it might be smart to avoid works by complex authors like Joyce, Eco, Nabokov, and Proust, unless you are Jean-Jacques Annaud, or you like seeing your name associated with the adjective "simple". Because Dominique Swain was 15 at the time (they used body doubles), Lolita never got out in the theatres in the USA, but Showtime actually purchased the film's exclusive distribution rights, and it is due to be on cable soon. These caps don't have any nudity, so it's really more of a teaser vidcap. More recently, Dominique was the saucy young daughter from "Face Off".
  • From RDO, vidcaps from the movie "Fame". I don't know any people here, it was only labeled "bathroom".
  • From RDO, more vidcaps from "Fame".
  • From "Fame", it's the "star" Irene Cara. Also from RDO.
  • Vidcaps from the HBO show "1st and Ten", back from 1984. Lescan 'capped this shower scene of the cheerleaders.
  • Alisha Das, vidcaps from "Nightwish", by Guru Graphix.
  • The busty Griffin Drew. Vidcaps from an episode of "Erotic Confessions", by Don Bun.
  • Since we ran all of those Aussie babes yesterday, I guess this was inevitable, Elle MacPherson from "Sirens".
  • Julie Christie from "Don't Look Now", by Graphic Response. This looks like some pretty controversial stuff for 1973.
  • Lorraine Bracco, from "Even Cowgirls get the Blues", by Lescan. These aren't the best vidcaps, but she doesn't show much, so if you're a fan...
  • From R?ddler, fantastic 'caps of a very young Jennifer Jason Leigh, from the 80's classic, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".
  • Jodie Foster in a rare shower scene, from the movie "Backtrack". Vidcaps by R?ddler.
  • Clint Eastwood's ex, Sondra Locke. Vidcaps of her rape scene from "The Outlaw Josey Wales", by Lescan.
  • Shari Shattuck. Vidcaps from "The Spring", by Lescan. An awful movie, but what a great body! We do have much better scans of Shari in the Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, just follow any one of the links on this page to become a member.
  • Former "Baywatch" lifeguard, Shawn Weatherly. Vidcaps from "Mind Games", by Lescan.
  • Our final entry of the day, Kristin Davis. Vidcaps from "Sex and the City", by Crow.