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Manhattan Night

2016, 1912x784

Yvonne Strahovski

... continuing with films from the early 2000s ...

Intolerable Cruelty

No nudity in Intolerable Cruelty (2003) just lots of cleavage and underwear worn by:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Julia Duffy

Kiersten Warren.

Kristin Dattilo

Mia Cottet

Stacey Travis

A group of women hard to identify



Johnny's comments:

Kiki, el Amor se Hace, a remake of 2014's The Little Death, a ensemble comedy about sexual fetishes. Álex (Álex García) attempts to fulfil Natalia's (Natalia de Molina) fantasies, but she developed new fantasy while been held at knife-point and it kind of turned her on. She wants Álex to rape her and he is taken aback by this, but is willing to give it a go, although it is proving harder than he thought it would be. Paco and Ana (Paco León and Ana Katz) are going through a rough patch in their marriage and their friend Belén (Belén Cuesta) tells them to go to a sex club to spice things up. Both are out of their depth, but something unexpectedly happens between Ana and Belén. It also turns out that Paco is interested in Belén and maybe their marriage can be saved after all. Antonio and Candela (Luis Callejo and Candela Peña) are desperately trying for a baby and nothing is working. Candela is told that the chances of procreation can improve if she is turned on, but their sex life is pedestrian. Then Antonio's father dies and he begins to cry, which turns Candela on immensely and now she must find ways to get Antonio to cry and he attempts become more and more elaborate and possibly damaging to the relationship. Plastic surgeon José Luis (Luis Bermejo) is having no sex at all, not helped by his wife Paloma (Mari Paz Sayago) recovering from an accident and being incapacitated and he is also constantly tired, not a good thing for surgery. José Luis takes attempts to take an herbal sleeping remedy, but Paloma drinks it before he can and she falls instantly asleep and this turns José Luis on immensely as Paloma cannot be her miserable self. Their maid Maite (Maite Sandoval) sees what's going on and José Luis keeps her quiet but Maite has her own plans. Finally, Sandra (Alexandra Jiménez), a deaf woman with a weird sexual fetish, takes a call at her job as a deaf translator for phone calls from Rubén (David Mora), who would like to call a phone sex line, much to her horror, but the call ends in an unexpected way.

Pretty much the same as the original with some small tweaks, the best change being that every story isn't interconnected like the original, although that's a personal issue I have with ensemble drama. And like the original, an OK movie with a few laughs and some actual nudity which the original didn't have. I do find it strange that an Australian movie was remade and with that, only 2 years to the month it was released.

Belen Cuesta film clip (collages below)

Natalia de Molina film clip (collages below)

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Caroline Dhavernas in Chasse-Galerie (2016) in 1080hd

Vail Bloom in Too Late (2015)


Leven Rambin

Lindsay Lohan

Britney pokies

Julia Stiles semi-transparent, no bra