TV Recap

A load of clips today:

Here's Sarah Winter's nude scene from the Casanova pilot in 1080hd, and here are the extras.


Alyssa Diaz was topless in Ray Donovan (s3e7) in 1080hd. There are some other topless women shown in the enclosed 720p clip.



Lizzy Caplan was topless very briefly in Masters of Sex. (s3e5)
(Sorry. The sound is off on this clip. The video is OK. I'll have a better clip tomorrow.)


Phebe Szatmari was topless in Womyn Inc (s1e5)


There was nudity from Phoebe Fox in Life in Squares (s1e2)


There was some random fleeting nudity in Ballers (s1e8)


The following appeared in the 8/9/15 episode of Naked News

Natasha Olenski hosted Hollywood XPress

Peyton Priestly and Eila Adams exercised naked outdoors in Flex Appeal

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Season Three




Continuing with the films of the 70s ...

Just a teaser today:

French Connection 2

Reine Prat fills out a bikini nicely in French Connection 2 (1975) in what is her only IMDB credit.

TV/Film clips

Olivia Chenery and others in Legacy (2015) in 720p. Definitely one of the best nude scenes of the year so far - in 720p.



Brooke Bloom in She's Lost Control (2014) in 1080hd


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