TV Recap

There was some nudity in the season premiere of Strike Back

Lyne Renee appeared full frontal, but it was in a blurry, split-second flashback

Nicolene Botha was topless

some random chicks were strolling around topless in the evil lair


Elena Satine was topless again in the season finale of Magic City
(Based on the screen action, that will be her final appearance, naked or otherwise)

Hot off the Presses

Some more still captures of Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace in Lovelace

(1080p clips in yesterday's edition)

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Season One

This is the European series, not the one with Jeremy Irons. This one is much sexier.


Episode Eleven

Isolda Dychauk

Melissa P


new collages of Maria Valverde

We've moved on to the early 1990s, with movies from 1990 - 1992.

We've moved on to the early 1990s, with movies from 1990 - 1992.

Billy Bathgate

Nicole Kidman shows the lot in Billy Bathgate (1991).

Death Becomes Her

The highlight of Death Becomes Her (1992) is a naked Catherine Bell, who was Isabella Rossellini's body double. Again, unfortunately the DVD had the quality compressed out of it - looking forward to the blu-ray. The lovely women are:
Catherine Bell

Goldie Hawn

Isabella Rossellini

Meryl Streep

Michelle Johnson

The rear of an unidentified woman.


No real nudity in Ghost (1990) - just Demi Moore showing some pokies.

The Godfather - Part III

Part III (1990) doesn't have much nakedness. Bridget Fonda gets out of bed naked but is facing the wrong way.

Hot Shots!

Hot Shots! (1991) shows both Kristy Swanson

and Valeria Golino in their underwear.

King Ralph

No nudity in King Ralph (1991), just lots of tassels and cleavage by Adele Lakeland,

Camille Coduri

and a few not identified.


Again, no nudity in Lambada (1990) just the lovely Leticia Vasquez,

Melora Hardin,

Riita Bland

and a few not identified.

Lena's Holiday

Lena's Holiday (1991) also has no nudity but there are the lovely Dani Minnick,

Felicity Waterman

 and Meg Register.


No nudity in Motorama (1991) but Drew Barrymore is sexy wearing a grass skirt.

Out for Justice

Julie Strain shows her breasts in Out for Justice (1991)

and Shannon Whirry shows some cleavage.

Past Midnight

Past Midnight (1991) has Natasha Richardson's breasts on show.


Julie Jay is topless in Streets (1990)

and Christina Applegate almost shows a bit of nipple.

Total Recall

Sharon Stone shows some side boob in Total Recall (1990)

and, of course, there is the woman with the extra one, although we know it's a prosthetic.

Under Siege

Erika Eleniak's enhanced pair is on show in Under Siege (1992).


Not a lot on show in Unforgiven (1992) but Frances Fisher shows some side-boob.


TV/Film clips

Katharina Wackernagel in Jedes Jahr Im Juni (2013)

Maiwenn Le Besco in Haute tension (2003) in 720p

Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Viktoriya Smirnova in Voyna (2002)

Elsa Martinelli in Perversion Story (1969)

Marisa Mell, also in Perversion Story


First look at Paula Patton in crappy cam images from 2 Guns (now in theaters)

Solange Pradel in Rape of the Vampire (1968)