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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





season 4, 2011

Episode 3

Camille Chen in 1080p (See below).



"The Secret Life of Us"

(season 4, 2005)

episode 1

Sarah Baker and Andrea McEwan. See below.



Film Clips

Helene Fillieres in Petite fille (2010)

Katharina Lorenz in Return of the Storks (2008) 1080

Florence Thomassin in L'instinct de mort (2008) in 1080. See below.

Note: L'instinct de mort (above) and L'ennemi public #1 (below) are essentially two parts of a single film, a long biopic about Jacques Mesrine, who is sort of the French Dillinger. He robbed numerous banks, and traveled through the world in various disguises. While in prison he wrote a memoir in which he claimed to have killed 40 men. He smuggled the autobiography out of prison and got it published. He then smuggled himself out - of a maximum security prison! He was later killed in what really amounted to an assassination by a flurry of bullets fired from a truckload of cops into Mesrine's car.

Mesrine is played by Vincent Cassel, France's official go-to guy for playing sociopaths and scoundrels.

Ludivine Sagnier in L'ennemi public #1 (2008) in 1080. See below.

Helena Soubeyrand  in L'ennemi public #1 (2008) in 1080. See below.

Angie Dickinson in Big Bad Mama ... in 1080p! Every inch of her. What a body.

Brigitte Skay in Reazione a catena (1971) in 1080. See below.




Emma Watson in London Saturday. Minimal nudity, just some lower butt-cheek, but, hey ... it's Hermione

Alexa Vega at the Teen Choice Awards (non-nude)

Rihanna in Barbados (non-nude)

Rachael Finch, a former Miss Australia in the Miss Universe pageant

One more look at Maria Bello in Beautiful Boy in HD

One more HD look at Mary Louise Parker's great sex scene in last year's Weeds