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Lara Flynn Boyle film clip. Samples below.




Kelly Brook upskirt in 2006

Sasha Grey in Entourage (two different creators)

Caroline Goddall in Dorian Gray

Sheila Lussier in Strange Wilderness

Ali McGraw in The Getaway

Sally Struthers in The Getaway

Elizabeth McGovern in Johnny Handsome

Merrin Dungey on Hung

Christa Campbell in 2001 Maniacs




Olga Kurylenko in L'Annulaire (samples below)

from Charlie Valentine: Lisa Catara (sample below)

from Charlie Valentine: unknown actress (sample below)

Anna Brueggemann and Marie Baeumer in Mitte Ende August (sample below)

Montana Fishburne in Chippie D. This is not from the porn film from Vivid, but some other XXX thing Fishburne's daughter did with some amateurs. The girl seems to have some issues. It's not entirely hot because she has some serious skin problems.

From L'Ange noir: Alexandra Winisky, Sylvie Valade, Sylvie Vartan

Sandra Speichert in Profil bas