Saw your note re the "Director's Cut" of The Executioner's Song. This is the same cut that was released on VHS in the early 90's on the Starmaker label. The longer cut played theatrically in Europe and was also released in the U.S. on Starmaker. When I ordered it, I received it in the shorter version box, but with a handwritten note from the dealer assuring me it was the longer cut. It was, and I still have it. Amazon still shows the Starmaker long version at various prices from Amazon resellers.

I believe the "Director's Cut" is the version aired on NBC in 1982 although I have no proof of this. How Paramount comes to be releasing the "Director's Cut" DVD evidently is one of those copyright ownership mysteries.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Satan's Slave


More "Babes in Bondage" film clips from the seventies. Monika Ringwald goes full frontal for some branding and whipping in a dream sequence from a very forgettable movie. Sample caps and 2 clips.

You can see the whole set of caps back in the archives on September 13, 2007.






Notes and collages



Jacqueline Bisset

The best nudity from perhaps the greatest beauty of her generation.


Some paparazzi mammaries memories







"My Best Friend's Wife"


Shallow comedy about two yuppies who decide to swap their wives as if they're BMWs. Hey, a yuppie will never let anyone drive his BMW.

Tara Westwood: boob, butt, and bush nearly almost popping out of bedsheet.

This Canadian export is best known for the "Incidental Heroes" youtube series.

Meredith Salenger: floppy boob almost falling out of her brassiere while having sex.

Juliette Alexander (aka Miss Bunny): obligatory topless stripper.



"Lightning: Bolts of Destruction"

(2003) (TV)

Crystal Buble plays a babe scientist but it's hard to take her seriously while she's wearing tight jeans with her ID badge dangling right by her crotch.

Crystal Buble: sexy


"The Return of Alex Kelly"

(1999) (TV)

From the wimmin's network "all men are pigs" movie week.

Cassidy Rae: bare back after getting ravaged.


"Kingdom of the Vampires"

(2007) (V)

Hoser remake of the 1991 cult classic.

Anastasia Kimmett: having sex while wearing bra and skirt.


"A Trick of the Mind"

(2006) (TV)

This plot has more twists than a snake with a charley horse.

Alexandra Holden: pink brassiere having sex

Mylene Robic: Da Vinci's City Hall actress is sexy

Jennifer Shirley: very tight jeans as sexy mental patient.


"Ed the Sock"

August 8, 2008 episode

Last month's was not the last episode. There could be up to three more before the series looks for a new home in September. Marks the first time co-hostess Liana Kerzner went fully topless and one of the hottub girls going bottomless.

Liana Kerzner: topless from all angles showing her perfectly shaved beaver line.

Brandi: hottub girl shows boob and butt as cartoon canvas.

Got Ass? girls: showing off their perfect butts, for more go to









Murderous Maids


Five film clips of Sylvie Testud and Julie Marie Parmentier

(Well, technically Testud is only in four of them.)







A mixture of the past and the future!
Nobody Loves Alice: Amanda Taylor
Dorotheas Rache: Anemon Gehann
Dorotheas Rache: Anna Henkel
Dorotheas Rache: Barbara Ossenkopp
Dorotheas Rache: Birgit Heise
Dorotheas Rache: Elisabeth Potchanski 
Dorotheas Rache: Monika Steffens 
Death on Demand: Anne McDaniels
Death on Demand: Krista Grotte
Death on Demand: Sara Christal
The Ravager: Anne Hollis
The Ravager: Darlene Dawes
The Ravager: Luana Wilcox and Diane Thurman
The Ravager: Lynn Hayes
The Ravager: unknown
The Ravager: unknown
Valentina's Tango: Dianna Miranda
Valentina's Tango: Guillermina Quiroga
La Fabrique des Sentiments: Elsa Zylberstein
Arritmia: Erica Prior
Arritmia: Natalia Verbeke
Dying God: Erin Brown, aka Misty Mundae
Dying God: Natasha Driban
Dying God: Mariana Seligmann
Brand of Shame: Donna Duzzit
Brand of Shame: Ora Fiss and Vanessa van Dyke
Brand of Shame: Paula Pleasure. I'm guessing that the women in this film are using pseudonyms. Just a hunch.
Dead and Gone: Gillian Shure
Ninja Cheerleaders: Jamie Lynn and Heather Vandeven
Ceremonie d'Amour: Josy Bernard
Ceremonie d'Amour: Marina Pietro
Fili Tis Zois To: Katerina Papoutsaki_
Trapped Ashes: Lara Harris
Trapped Ashes: Rachel Veltri
Oxford Murders: Leonor Watling
Insanitarium: Lisa Arturo
Love Toy: Pat Happel
Love Toy: Uta Erickson
Shifshuf Naim: Rachel Steiner
Shifshuf Naim: Sibylle Rauch
Restraint: Teresa Palmer






This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Anelise Hesme in Nos Amis les Terriens






"The Erotic Traveller"

one more episode: "Naked Pearls"

Kaylani Lei

Sarah Blake


and Teagan Presley show the goods.



Walking Tall 3: Lone Justice

Christina Hearn flashes her massive hooters in Walking Tall 3: Lone Justice (2007).



The Shipping News

Cate Blanchett shows a bit of cleavage and butt cheek in The Shipping News (2001).









In the near future, a virus strikes Scotland. Brutal British authorities quarantine the area by building an impenetrable wall around it, and kill anyone that tries to escape. Basically, they simply leave everyone to die.

In 2035, 27 years later, the virus resurfaces in London, while at the same time they discover that people are still alive behind the wall, led by barbaric warring gangs, so a team is assembled to go inside the wall to see if they have somehow figured out how to defeat the virus. As before, present-day authorities do not have good intentions when they assemble a team of their finest police officers for the mission.

This is the picture painted by Doomsday, a first-rate Sci-Fi from the UK, and it's not a pretty one. A combination of 28 Days Later and Mad Max, every Sci-Fi lover should enjoy this one.

Lily Anderson






enter the DragonScan

No scans today, but a couple of film clips from The Witches of Breastwick:







Some butt from volleyball champ Kerri Walsh - and some Bush as well!


Film Clips

Monica Delain in The Lost Tribe (samples below)

Anna Bielska in Giulia, a Tinto Brass effort from the "Corti circuiti erotici" series of 12 short erotic films.