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Deadly Charades

Deadly Charades (1996) is a couples erotica crime caper. Shea Farrell is a B movie producer having trouble getting funding for his latest project. His wife, Leslie Kay, owns an art gallery. Shea would be lost without his assistant, Julie Hughes, and her boyfriend works for Leslie Kay. Shea Farrell and Leslie Kay (General Hospital, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, and many more), role play to spice up their sex. Two plain clothes detectives are watching Shea and Leslie.

Leslie Kay informs hubby that she is tiring of the games, and would like to have sex as themselves for a change. Then he starts getting gifts from Madame X, whom he assumes is his wife. We slowly realize that he is being set up bigtime.

Leslie Kay shows breasts and buns. Julie Hughes shows breasts and buns. An unknown stripper shows everything, as does Kimberly Rowe.

IMDb readers say 3.1, which is a tad low, but based on nearly no votes. This film is only available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English with optional Spanish subtitles. While the story is extensive, it is not told well, and never builds any suspense. The sex scenes are not especially hot, and the nudity is not very explicit. On the other hand, we have nudity from a major soap star, Leslie Kay. This is a low C-, given Kay's exposure.

Julie Hughes

Kimberly Rowe

Leslie Kay



"Night Junkies"

Another Vampire movie treating vampires as junkies, I don't know why the keep doing these, haven't seen a good one yet. At least the lead actress gets naked, even in cheap movies like this one is not usual that the lead actress does the nudity so is always a nice touch when it happens.

Katia Winter

Lauren Adams

A little bit of Variety from Hankster today...


First out of the gate...Claire Danes showed off a nice bit of leg while stopping by "The Tonight Show".


Next up, scenes from the 2004 comedy, "Love on the Side".

Jennifer Tilly shows off her usual amount of cleavage (translation: a boatload of cleavage).

Meanwhile, Canadian actress Monika Schnarre is kind enought to give up a bit of breast exposure.

Dann reports on "Brutal":

I don't want to give you the wrong impression about 2006's Brutal. Although I actually enjoyed it, the serial killer flick is B-movie all the way, from it's poor acting to it's lame script. However, the story itself wasn't bad, with some nice twists and interesting angles. The female Deputy thing, especially, helped to keep it interesting.

Young female Sheriff's Deputy Zoe Adams is investigating a series of murders. It soon becomes apparent to her that they have a serial killer operating in the small town, but Sheriff Jimmy Fleck, who is married but also Zoe's lover, fights her on the idea. He is up for re-election, and certainly is not eager to admit he can't catch a serial killer.

As Zoe digs deeper, Jimmy becomes not just an obstruction to Zoe, but a danger, as he decides she is a liability he can't afford. Meantime, the killer continues planting the local population, and leaving behind flowers as clues.

Yeah, not a bad story; just really poorly done. Even so, it kept me interested.

Kristin Kirgan


A few more 'caps from the 1992 Robert Altman movie, "The Player". Here is "Men in Trees" and "According to Jim" co-star Cynthia Stevenson showing some hot tub boobage.


"Lola, la película" aka "Lola, the Film"


* Lola, la película (2007)

Lola Flores es una niña de ocho años que vive en Jerez con su familia. Ya a esa temprana edad se ve impactada por el baile flamenco, tomando la determinación de esforzarse al máximo para ser una gran 'bailaora'. La joven Lola crece al ritmo de los bailes y ensayos interminables que ella misma fuerza hasta el agotamiento. Son comienzos duros que enseguida tienen su recompensa cuando Lola (Gala Évora) es elegida para formar parte de una película en Madrid. Tras varias actuaciones de poca importancia, consigue montar su propia compañía con la ayuda de un anticuario interesado por ella. En esta compañía formará pareja artística y sentimental con Manolo Caracol. A partir de este momento todos son éxitos en la vida de Lola Flores. Después llegarían las películas, los viajes... Pero hay algo que a Lola le obsesiona: formar una familia. Este deseo le llevará a vivir varias relaciones en busca del verdadero amor que finalmente encontrará en Antonio González 'El Pescaílla' .


* Lola, the Film (2007)

As this biopic begins, Lola Flores is an eight-year-old girl living in Jerez with her family. Even at that early age she is already determined to be "the ultimate Flamenco dancer." The young Lola grows through interminable tests that she forces upon herself to the point of exhaustion. Her hardscrabble beginnings are finally rewarded when Lola (Évora Gala) is chosen for a film in Madrid. After several performances of little importance, she is ultimately able to mount her own production company with the aid of an antiques dealer interested in her. In this company she will form an artistic pairing with Manolo Caracol. The successes would come, but there was something else Lola wanted: to form a family. This desire will take her in search of the true love that she finally will find in Antonio González, a famous guitarist. They had three successful children: singer and actress Lolita Flores; rock musician, singer and actor Antonio Flores; and singer and actress Rosario Flores. A despondent Antonio did of a drug overdose two weeks after his mother's death in 1995.

Évora Gala


From the is "Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker topless in a scene from "Let the Devil Wear Black" (1999)

Rare toplessness from Annabeth Gish in a scene from an episode of the Showtime series "Brotherhood".

Pat's comments in yellow...

BRIT POP STAR LOSES U.S. WORK VISA The Paparazzi REALLY Want Her Here - British pop singer Lily Allen's American tour, set to start in September, is now in doubt. Immigration authorities pulled Allen out of the line at the L.A. airport and questioned her, then revoked her work visa due to her arrest record. She was arrested earlier this summer for allegedly lunging at some paparazzi who tried to take her picture. She was allowed to stay on a tourist visa, and her managers are frantically trying to get her work visa reinstated.

*Why should we let her come in here and take a job away from an American pop star who lunges at paparazzi?!
*There's definitely something wrong with US immigration policies if we bar Lily Allen and let the Beckhams though.
*How can they bar her from America while letting in people who plan to terrorize us, like the Spice Girls?

TIME MACHINE POSSIBLE David Bowie Explained - Eminent physics Prof. Amos Ori of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology writes in Physical Review that he believes it will become possible to build a time machine. He says previous time travel theories relied on the need for exotic material with negative densities to create a time loop, but he believes that with developing quantum-gravity theories, someday any material, even dust, could be used to bend space-time into closed loops. A person traveling around the loop would go farther back in time with each lap. So he thinks future generations could travel back and explore the past.

*So how come nobody from the future has come back and told us how to build the time machine?
*If you want to turn back the clock and vacation in the past, go to Branson, Missouri.
*I'd settle for being able to go back just one hour, to before I accepted a blind date or ate a bad piece of fish.