Sunday Cable Round-Up

Quite a night - all in HD!

Sasha Grey did full frontal nudity on Entourage (samples below)

Anna Paquin showed T&A in a sex scene on True Blood (samples below)

And Merrin Dungey (King of Queens) whipped out some jumbo jacks on Hung (samples below)



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.











Jennifer Lopez film clip. Samples below.




More from Big Brother 12: Kristin Bitting

More from Big Brother 12: Rachel Riley

Lily Cole (I have not seen this one before, but it's by the same photographer as her famous nude spread)

Here's a few views of Jodie Fisher, the women responsible for the resignation of HP's CEO.

I took these from the Encyclo, where there are many more

Lady Gaga goes crowd surfing at lalapalooza in Chicago

Shalom Harlow

Christina Hendricks - non nude, but what a face, and what a chest!


Lohan as Lovelace



Rachel Miner and Bijou Phillips in Bully

Linda Johnson, Ginger Kroll, and Giselle Rodriguez in Spiker

The Haunting of Morella: Deborah Dutch, Gail Harris, Lana Clarkson and Maria Ford

Mircea Monroe in two films: Dia de los Muertos and Into the Blue 2

Kate French in Sutures

Keri Russell (non-nude; swimsuit) in Rohtenburg

Spirit Camp: Roxy VanDiver (sample below)

Spirit Camp: Katy Rowe (sample below)

Spirit Camp: Sarah McCulley (sample below)

Paula Kalenberg and Marie Luise Schramm in Was Am Ende Zaehlt (sample below)