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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Big Brother After Dark

Aesthete's notes:

I've got the answer to the question that your reader was asking about the sex party scenes on Big Brother After Dark. It is Big Brother 9 in the good old USA and in no way was it false advertising. What they show in the commercial was indeed on Big Brother After Dark and I'm uploading the movies to prove it. It was the wildest season, all had a male porn star (James). a former stripper (Natalie), a wild college student (Chelsea) and a very beautiful bartender that didn't mind showing off for the cameras (Jen).

Tomorrow: some of the Live Feeds, although they are obviously in smaller resolution.

Scoop's notes:

I didn't zip these together because there is a precise 1-to-1 correspondence between the videos and the samples, which allows you to see whether you want each segment. The file names are self explanatory







TV Land

Well folks, today is a very short TV-Land-only edition, as life got in the way of the hobby this weekend. Translated: no time to do anything.

Patti Ann Browne shows some very nice cleavage on the Fox News overnight show "Red Eye". Caps and a HD clip.


Back Monday with Maggie Gyllenhaal.







"Are you being served?"

"Are you being served?" was an above average British comedy show from the 70s and early 80s. There was no nudity or sex, unless you count the number of times Mrs Slocombe's pussy gets a mention! A number of page 3 girls appeared as secretaries, and this is the basis of many of the collages - plenty of cleavage and knickers! Unfortunately, most of the principal actors have since passed on, the last being Molly Sugden who died last month.

Season 1

Episode 4 Camping In

Anita Richardson - in her underwear

Episode 5 His and Hers

Joanna Lumley - lots of leg and knickers

Season 2

Episode 1 The Clock

Wendy Richard - cleavage

Season 3

Episode 1 The Hand of Fate

Nina Francis - a lot of leg

Episode 4 Cold Store

Ann Sidney - a former Miss World in her underwear

Episode 5 German Week

Wendy Richard - very tight lederhosen

Moira Foot - cleavage

Anita Richardson - cleavage

Season 4

Episode 3 Forward, Mr Grainger

Isabella Rye - cleavage

Episode 4 Fire Practice

Melody Urquhart - sexy belly dancer

Season 5

Episode 1 Mrs Slocombe Expects

Wendy Richard - cleavage

Episode 2 A Change Is As Good as a Rest

Penny Irving - cleavage

Episode 3 Founder's Day

Jenna Kenna - cleavage

Episode 5 Take-over

Penny Irving - cleavage

Episode 7 It Pays to Advertise

Wendy Richard - lovely bunny outfit

Season 6

Episode 2 The Club

Penny Irving - upskirt

Wendy Richard - upskirt

Episode 4 Shedding the Load

Penny Irving - a lot of leg

Episode 5 A Bliss Girl

Penny Irving - pokies

Vivienne Johnson - upskirt

Season 7

Episode 1 The Junior

Penny Irving - some lovely leg

Episode 5 The Hero

Vivienne Johnson & Penny Irving - a lot of leg and pokies

Episode 7 The Agent

Penny Irving - upskirt

Season 8

Episode 2 A Personal Problem

Debbie Linden - bikini

Episode 3 Front Page Story

Debbie Linden - leg and pokies

Denise Distel - lovely swimsuit

Episode 4 Sit Out

Debbie Linden - pokies

Episode 5 Heir Apparent

Debbie Linden - pokies

Episode 8 Roots

Louise Burton - cleavage

Season 9

Episode 2 Conduct Unbecoming

Candy Davis - a lot of leg

Episode 3 Memories Are Made of This

Candy Davis - more leg

Episode 4 Calling All Customers

Candy Davis - cleavage

Episode 5 Monkey Business

Candy Davis - upskirt

Episode 6 Lost and Found

Candy Davis - cleavage

Season 10

Episode 2 Grounds for Divorce

Candy Davis - cleavage in a bikini

Episode 4 Gambling Fever

Candy Davis - in a bikini

Episode 5 The Night Club

Candy Davis - cleavage

Doremy Vernon - cleavage in a bunny outfit

Episode 6 Friends and Neighbours

Candy Davis - a bit of leg

Wendy Richard - upskirt

Episode 7 The Pop Star

Candy Davis - in her underwear






Fraternity House


I'd say that this 2008 comedy is as dumb as a bag of hammers, but I'm afraid that I'd be insulting hammers. Let's just say that in the huge pile of fraternity movies, this one will be way towards the bottom. If not for the chicks it would totally unwatchable. And even those are B-grade; I suspect not actresses with any kind of training but recruits from the local drama club (or worse).

Two fraternal twins arrive at the last day of college realizing they don't want to leave. They have nothing to look forward to but the 24 hour end-of-school party given by their fraternity, then its on to the drudgery of working for a living.

That's it. That's the plot, that's the story; the acting is horrible, even the women are just passable. Overall, wait for cable, or until your rental queue is empty.

Chelin Lauer Kate Gibson various

Notes and collages


Rok is on summer vacation.








Anneke Schwabe in Das Beste Kommt Erst

Marie-Christine Barrault in Le Jupon Rouge

Ana Belen  in The Perfect Husband

Licie Bila in The Perfect Husband

Embeth Davitz in fragments - sorta. (Mr Skin says body double)

Belinda McClory in Acolytes

Two HQ upgrades of the key Sharon Stone nudity in Paris Match

Erin Wright in Exchange


Film Clips

Patricia Arquette in Human Nature - a high finisher in the nude scene of the year awards that year. Six vids zipped together, samples below


Elle Macpherson and Kate Capshaw in A Girl Thing - this was quite a hot ticket when it was first shown.

Malene Espensen in a video about a photoshoot for the Daily Star

Monica Bellucci in Manual of Love 2. No nudity at all, but hot as a pistol!

Nina Gunnarsdottir in On Top Down Under

Ophelie Winter in Mean Spirit

The woman of Desperate Romantics, this time with previews (to the right). Here's Amy Manson in s1,e1  
The woman of Desperate Romantics, this time with previews (to the right). Here's Zoe Tapper in s1,e1  
The woman of Desperate Romantics. Here's Jennie Jacques in s1,e1. The preview is combined with the one below.

Here's Jennie Jacques again, this time in episode 4, which has not even aired yet. (Preview to the right of episodes 1 and 4)

There is no nudity in this, but it's just damned cool. A very young Farrah Fawcett in an episode of I Dream of Jeannie. (sample right)