TV Round-Up

Gasp! A breast on basic cable ...

Kendra Anderson in Copper (s1e7)

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Season One

This is the European series, not the one with Jeremy Irons. This one is much sexier.


Episode Seven

Marta Gastini

Isolda Dychauk


Lo Mejor de Eva


Lo Mejor de Eva (Dark Impulse) is a thriller about a hot shot young prosecutor, Eva (Leonor Watling), who has risen quickly through the ranks but hasn't had much of a life. One day, she is asked to prosecute the murder of a woman that could involve some powerful people and a quite reliable witness she needs to keep them away from. At the same time, she meets a gigolo, Rocco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), who seems to be friends with the murdered woman and may know who killed her, so Eva convinces him to be a witness for her case. Then, she falls for him and after she gets him protection, she begins a torrid relationship with him. And it seems there's more to Rocco and than meets the eye.

Stock standard thriller with an unnecessary and unbelievable cathartic ending. Reminds me a lot of those 80s legal thrillers where prosecutors would always fall for someone involved in the case.

Leonor Watling film clips. Collages below.

Nathalie Poza film clip. Sample images below.

We've moved on to the early 1990s, with movies from 1990 - 1992.

Bikini Summer

Lots and lots on show in the aptly named Bikini Summer (1991). Unfortunately, the quality is not very good.
The women are:

Anastasia Herbst

Anita Hart

Kelli Konop

Kim Lalla

Lori Jo Hendrix

Lori Jo Hendrix - Anastasia Herbst together

Max Wade

Melinda Armstrong

Melissa Case

Missy Warner

Nicole Sassaman

Rebekah Alfred

Shannon Campbell

Shelley Michelle

Lots not identified

Doc Hollywood

Julie Warner coming naked out of a lake was sensational in Doc Hollywood (1991),

 and Bridget Fonda looks good.

I have included a movie of Julie Warner's contribution (summary images below).


Frankenhooker (1990) has lots of breasts on show by lots of women.
The women involved are:

Carissa Channing

Charlotte Helmkamp

Gittan Goding

Heather Hunter

Jennifer Delora

Kimberly Taylor

Lia Chang

Patty Mullen

Sandy Colosimo

Stephanie Ryan

Vicki Darnell

An unidentified stripper

TV/Film clips

Abbey Lee Kershaw very naked in Our Mountain's video for IV Horses

Tara Sukustis in Do Not Disturb (2013)

Danielle Fortwangler, also in Do Not Disturb

Laura Premica in Mad Foxes (1981)