Splice, which was made in Canada, takes a page from the book of "biology gone mad" sci-fi formerly mastered by that country's own mad genius, David Cronenberg. It's about the perils that might be faced if DNA experimentation were to be taken to a level beyond that which would be permitted by our current ethical standards. A husband/wife pair of scientists sees the potential in using hybrid DNA to combat many of mankind's most formidable challenges, including hereditary disorders, degenerative diseases, genetic mutations, etc. As their progress sputters, they become aware that they cannot succeed without adding some human DNA to the recipe.

This may sound implausible to you, but it is not. The science is already within our grasp, but we are held back by ethical constraints. The vast majority of people today do not believe that human fetuses should be bred for their value as replacement parts, nor do they believe that human/animal hybrids should be produced. But we may change our minds, as many of us have over the past decade or so regarding stem cell research.  The "X" factor here is cultural, not scientific. Science is constant. We may not yet understand all the rules of the universe, but the only thing that changes over time is our understanding of those rules, not the rules themselves. On the other hand, our ethical rules are not constant. They differ from culture to culture and evolve within cultures. At some time in the future, humans may reason that the virtual eradication of human suffering or famine might be enough justification to sanction certain means which we reject today on ethical or religious grounds.

The scientists in this movie apply that sort of logic to their experimentation. In the process, they create a female creature which seems very human in some ways, although it has a tail and lacks vocal chords. The creature isn't an object to them, but is somewhere between a beloved family pet and a daughter. Or more.

Of course, this is a genre movie and not a scientific hypothesis, so the script starts to stray from the dry argumentation of scientific ethics, and wanders into the realm of the sensational. What if the female scientist were to use her own DNA in the splicing process? Would the wife's tendency to be attracted to her husband also be passed on the the female creature? How would he react to that? What if her family had its own history of psychological disorders? What if those disorders were transmitted to the new species? What if that species also had some super-human capabilities which enabled it to go beyond its status as a subservient child to assume dominance over its surrogate parents?

I think you can guess where this is going.

There is a high level of tension and some visual imagination in scene after scene, so it's a shame that the intriguing premise led eventually to another routine gore-fest followed by the usual open-ended wrap-up (the end????) that seems to be the official clich required by this genre. With a solid cast including Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley, the film is intriguing when it remains 90% cerebral, 10% visceral, and I was still holding out hope for an interesting resolution when the film started getting twisted and the husband was having sex with his wife's winged, amphibious half-clone. But once the blood started flowing and the film just became yet another updated version of the hackneyed Frankenstein parable, I lost interest in the film's ideas and started yawning.

  • 74% positive reviews, per RT.
  • 6.6 at IMDb.
  • Three stars from Roger Ebert

The nudity comes from Delphine Chaneac (well, and a brief look at Adrian Brody's butt, if you're scoring at home).

Here's the film clip (samples below)



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Don't Go in the House


Johanna Brushay film clip. Samples below.




Hot Springs Hotel

Hot Springs Hotel (1997) was a soft core series, of which there were 15 shows made. Samantha Phillips and Glori Gold were the two females who ran the hotel. There were plenty of boobs and bums, but no bush. The occasional crotch shot that creeps in shows that the actresses were using patches. There were some lovely naked women, although too much silicone. The story lines were very thin and there were not going to be any Emmys for the acting.

The other problem was the credits, which were a work of fiction. Some actresses weren't listed in the credits, some listed in the credits weren't actually in the show and some credits were just plain wrong. I managed to identify the vast majority particularly with the help of the Internet but there are a couple of gaps.

DVD Extras

Avalon Anders - cleavage

C C Costigan - cleavage

Deanna Merryman - cleavage

Glori Gold - bikini

Sabrina Allen - cleavage

Samantha Phillips - breasts

Victoria Vogel - Cleavage

Unknown - a few group shots

Episode 1 - Money Trouble

C C Costigan - sexy

Deanna Merryman - breasts and bum

Deanna Merryman, Lydia Schone, Victoria Vogel - a topless threesome

Glori Gold - sexy

Lydia Schone - topless

Mara Capossi - topless

Samantha Phillips - sexy

Victoria Vogel - sexy

Episode 2 - Cheerleaders

Avalon Anders - cleavage

C C Costigan - cleavage

Sabrina Allen - topless


Samantha Phillips - topless

Sandra St Cyr - sexy bikini

Unknown (one I couldn't identify) - topless and some group shots


Episode 3 - Travels with Travis

Darlene Margolis - topless

Linda O'Neil - topless

Lori Morrissey - cleavage and pokies

Samantha Phillips - topless

Sandra St Cyr - cleavage

Unknown - nude, including crotch patch



Repo Men


The original title from the novel is "The Repossession Mambo" but that was changed to "Repo Men," which has nothing to do with the Emilio Estevez cult movie from 1984.

Alice Braga: partial boob.

Tanya Clarke: only sexy as hooker. The original scene was written with nudity.

Charlene Lynn Chartrand: in the unrated version this stripper goes topless.

Ashleigh Hubbard: flashing her tits in the deleted scenes section.

strippers: boob and butt.

commercial: cleavage in fake commercials section.

Whale Music


For those hosers not living in an igloo, the larger-than-life Maury Chaykin passed away last week. This is possibly his greatest role in this indie classic.

Cynthia Preston: side boob and buns.

Jennifer Dale: boob and butt.

Arlene Warren: topless as the second groupie from the Mrs. Assistant Director Skinner from The X-Files (Mitch Pileggi's future wife)

Citizen Duane


Jessica Holmes: possible cleavage double by Air Farce comedienne.

Chilly Dogs


aka "Kevin of the North"

Natasha Henstridge: cleavage.

Pamela Diaz: cleavage.

Les invasions barbares


 aka "The Barbarian Invasions"

Oscar-winning sequel to the Quebec film "The Decline of the American Empire".

Marina Hands: cleavage.

Mitsou Gelinas: MILF in very tight sweater.

Johanne-Marie Tremblay: nice leg.

unknown: GILF cleavage.

A corps perdu


aka "Straight for the Heart"

An early directorial effort by Swiss director Lea Poole who later made the skin classic "Lost and Delirious."

Johanne-Marie Tremblay: nude in threesome in much earlier role than the one pictured above in Barbarian Invasions.


"Durham County"

season 2

Recent DVD box set release. The series has been renewed for a third season.

Michelle Forbes: star trek babe showing very little.

Laurence Leboeuf: nice spreadeagle in tight jeans.

Helene Joy: brassiere.

Jade Carpenter: sexy.

Cindy Sampson: sexy but dead.

crabwalker: crotch shot.



Newfie drama but for some reason the DVD is only distributed  in the United States but not Canada.

Meghan Greeley: fully clothed sex.

Mary Walsh: GILF cleavage.


The Hothouse

(2007, Kiwi TV series)

This summarizes all the nudity in the series, which ran for seven episodes.

Hanna Gould film clips. Collages below:

Milica Stankovic film clips. Collages below:

Tania Nolan film clips. Collages below:



Lou Charmelle in Sex Stories


Amelie Jolie in Sex Stories

Leeloo in Sex Stories


Adalina Perron in Sex Stories



Hanna Hall in Happiness Runs

Katherine Heigl in The Killers (underwear)

Syn de Vil in Blood Legend

Natalia Woerner in The Pillars of the Earth (e2)

The women of Sonny: Janet Shea, Josie Davis, Brenda Vaccaro

The women of The Hillbilly Lagoon: Leigh Radzigon, Heather Christine, Tanith Fielder