The Executioner's Song

Director's Cut


Do NOT buy this.

REPEAT: do NOT buy this.

There are two very good reasons to watch The Executioner's Song: (1) Norman Mailer's screenplay, which is adapted from his own interesting non-fiction book about a double murderer who asked to be executed; (2) great nudity from a very young Rosanna Arquette.

This so-called "director's cut" ruins both of those assets. It is 135 minutes long. The longest version is 185-188 minutes long, so a full third of the film is missing, which makes Mailer's screenplay choppy. That's bad news. Now we come to the really bad news. The warning on the DVD box says: "Recommended for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and adult situations."

Notice anything missing from that warning?

You guessed it. The deleted footage includes EVERY BIT of the nudity. Sex scenes: gone. Tommy Lee's butt: gone. Rosanna stark naked while being examined before a prison visit: gone. There were some parts of those scenes that could not be cut while maintaining clarity, but those have been re-cropped to show only head-and-shoulders shots.

If this is a director's cut, it is a cut he prepared for BROADCAST TV.

There are still two things I liked about the expurgated version of the film: a good performance by Tommy Lee Jones as Gary Gilmore, and a C&W score featuring the low voices of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

But this DVD is a total, absolute rip-off. Wait until the uncensored version is available.




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Never Forever


Vera Farmiga plays the wife of a prominent Korean-American attorney who was born into an affluent and deeply Catholic family. His parents are pressuring him to have children, but testing shows him to be infertile. When his father dies, he is overcome by his inability to reproduce, and attempts suicide.

As a loving wife, Vera is torn apart to stand by helpless and watch him in this self-destructive state. She tries for artificial insemination, and when they turn her down, and also turn down an attractive Korean man as a donor, she has a brainstorm. She will pay the man, an illegal, $300 each time he has sex with her, and a $30,000 bonus if she ends up pregnant. What starts off as all business for her turns into something much more as they get to know each other better, and real intimacy replaces mechanical sex.

This is a South Korean film, although most of the film is in English with minor lapses into Korean which are subtitled in English. It went straight to DVD in the US after minor festival success, but I found it well worth the watch. Gina Kim's direction and Matthew Clark's cinematography are perfect, and the entire cast is up to the material, especially Farmiga, who is superb.

IMDb readers say 5.8.


Vera Farmiga








Desert of Blood


We have two actresses who bared the boobs for this new horror movie.

First up is Annika Svedman showing off her cute tits sunning herself on the hood of a car. I just love it when they shoot a scene like this in good light.

Then Jackie Freed shows off her impressive rack in a scene that was not done in such good lighting.







Notes and collages

Tales from the Crypt


Mariel Hemingway













This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Alexandra Vandernoot in Kronprinz Rudolf






Starship Troopers Three


The bugs are back again, and the bugs are better than ever, in this additional sequel to the 1997 Sci-Fi that many, including me, consider a classic. This one brings back the political statements and personal connections of the original, all of which was missing from the second one.

Casper Van Dien reprises his role from the original movie as Johnny Rico, hero from the original bug invasion, and now a colonel busy fighting bugs. A Federation ship carrying a beloved Sky Marshal crashes on a distant planet held by the bugs, and because of Federation politics, rescue is in doubt, but Rico is enlisted by certain forces within the Federation to try to pull off an impossible rescue, with just six other troopers to help him.

This effort is much closer to the original, and much better than the second, by bringing back the anti-war and anti-big-government sentiment of the original, and like the original, it's silly but yet a lot of fun; very enjoyable with plenty of high velocity action.








Lily Allen's entire breast fell out of her blouse

More of Heidi Klum on the yacht

More of Aguilera. A cleaned-up version of the enlargement (left), and a copy of the original LaChappelle pic (right), which appeared in the September 2004 issue of interview.

Film Clips

This is Amber Heard in the redband trailer for a still-unreleased film called The Informers, which was written by the same guy who wrote American Psycho. (Sample right)
Amy Adams in Miss Pettigrew, this time with slo-mo action to highlight her bum.

Isild Le Besco in The Untouchable