Today's Images.
Aussie Babes
  • Today we have a bit of a tribute to women from the country so unique, it's a continent. Wizard sent us a bunch of excellent, and mostly fully nude scans of various Aussie athletes and celebs. Unfortunately, I have no idea who any of these lovely ladies are. Some of the scans tell us which sport they are associated with, but as for the rest...I'm just guessing. If anyone knows, fill us in. Our first Aussie guest, Trish Fallon. From the looks of her tan, I might guess volleyball. Plus she's holding a really big ball.
  • One more of Trish Fallon.
  • Liane Fenwick is our next athlete. My first guess was bodybuilding, but she doesn't seem to have the arm and shoulder development to match her legs. Maybe she's a sprinter?
  • One more of Liane. If you can appreciate the muscular, athletic form, then you must see this scan of her. It's a very artistic picture, plus it really shows off her build.
  • Our first non-athlete of the bunch, actress Kate Fischer. Most of us probably know her best from her role in the Elle MacPherson movie, "Sirens".
  • Next up is Tamasin Nolan. This beautiful B&W is my second favorite of these Aussie pics. She has the long, slender, athletic look of a ballet dancer. Oh, and Wizard's file name said Sydney Dance Company as well.
  • Toni Pearen, our only other actress in this collection. She's probably best known for her role on the Aussie soap opera, "Home and Away".
  • Next is Aussie Olympian Liz Weekes. There's no guessing this time, it labeled "Water Polo".
  • This last one is by far my favorite of the group. It is fantastic photography capturing the amazing physique of Australian Olympic Rowing team member Rebecca Joyce. I will warn you, if lean, muscular, full frontal naked athletes aren't your bag, then don't click here.
  • Next, here's big sister Kylie. This scan is dated 8/98, but I'm not sure how recent this topless paparazzi shot actually is.
  • Fun House Variety
  • O.K., I think this does it! When Demi Moore first posed nude and pregnant, it was nice stuff. She looked good, and kept the goodies hidden to demonstrate the beauty of motherhood. Right, I got it. Next, Lisa Rinna just did a sexy, naked, and pregnant spread for the bunny mag. Right, I got it. But this in my book is just wrong. Brigitte Nielsen is very much with child in this Mr. Montage scan, but to me she doesn't look sexy. I don't see the joy and beauty that is motherhood here, I just see a really pregnant woman who needs to stay dressed. But, of course, our visitors must decide for themselves, so enter if you dare! (O.K. maybe that's too melodramatic, sorry.)
  • Today, Don Bun has for us what his e-mail said are the first of many vidcaps from the "Emmanuelle" movies. First up, a visit from Annie Belle. Vidcaps from "Black Emmanuelle".
  • Laura Gemser, vidcaps from "Emmanuelle in Egypt", by Don Bun.
  • Here's something from RDO that I had never heard of before. Meg Ryan topless from the movie "Promised Land", a.k.a. "Young Hearts". These two vidcaps are of Meg and Keiffer Sutherland, with just a hint of nudity by Meg. Plus, she has a really cool fake tattoo.
  • Meg Ryan from "Promised Land", #2.
  • From Lescan
  • I don't know where Lescan comes up with these things! Somehow he 'capped all of these images from the long since deceased, "Battle of the Network Stars". There's not too much too see here, just one piece swim suits, but it does show us what some celebs were forced to do in order to become famous. First, Charlene Tilton. When she did BOTNS, she was a pretty hot actress on the T.V. show "Dallas". It seems though that since then she's only landed parts in b-movies. I'm willing to bet that "Battle..." is to blame!
  • One more of Charlene.
  • Here's Heather Locklear, back before she was anything. She is one of the few survivors who still became famous anyway. Here she is doing "Battle..." with some of her "T.J. Hooker" co-stars. And yes, I think we have a confirmed Shatner sighting in this one!
  • Heather Locklear from "Battle of the Network Stars", #2.
  • Heather Locklear from "Battle of the Network Stars", #3.
  • Heather Locklear from "Battle of the Network Stars", #4. I love the sexy, 80's head band. Would someone please tell me what we were thinking back then. Seriously, head bands?!