I was beginning to wonder if I could create a Wednesday page befiore it was time for Thursday's edition!

We were devastated last night by unforeseen hurricane-force winds. We lost power and internet connectivity. A local hospital lost power and cancelled all surgery. Some people will be without power 2-4 days, but our neighborhood got power back within three hours. (Fortunately, all of our lines are buried. Those with overhead lines were less fortunate.)

The storm was neither a hurricane nor a tornado, but had some of the properties of each. Like a hurricane, it included 90+ MPH straight-on winds. Like a tornado, we didn't really know it was coming and it was very selective about where it caused damage. There are neighborhoods hit harder than ours, but there are other untouched neighborhoods between the affected ones. Crazy.

I didn't get out my camera until after I cleaned up our trees (two fairly large trees were completely uprooted!), but the pictures below show some of the damage in the houses immediately adjacent to ours. Amazingly, there were no reports of serious injuries.

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Season One

This is the European series, not the one with Jeremy Irons. This one is much sexier.


Episode Six

Marta Gastini

Isolda Dychauk

El Cuerpo

(2012; aka "The Body")

El Cuerpo (The Body) is a Hitchcockian thriller set for the most part in a morgue. Álex (Hugo Silva) is called down to the morgue because his newly dead wife Mayka's (Belén Rueda) body is missing. His wife who he has just killed in collusion with his young mistress Carla (Aura Garrido). Accosted by the lead detective Peña (José Coronado), who is highly suspicious of him, Álex desperately tries to sure up the loose ends in the murder with the help of Carla, who he is in contact with by mobile phone, while trying to fob off Peña's increasingly harsh questions. Peña has his own demons, as he is still not over the death of his wife from a car crash. Also, Álex starts seeing apparitions of Mayka in the morgue. So, will Álex get away with murder? is Mayka really dead and setting Álex up?

Ahhhh, bah! El Cuerpo is a film that twists itself into a knot with it's ever increasing, completely unbelievable twists that pile on to make up a most unlikely scenario. There are so many leaps of faith that have to be made that I'm surprised the film doesn't end like a Wild Things movie where the plot is explained in the credits. I don't believe this movie for a second, but most especially the role of Carla, who ends up selling her body and soul for the outcome. Bullshit, I say! A complete misfire.

Aura Garrido film clip. Sample images below.

TV/Film clips

The women of Amour et turbulences (2013) in 1080p

Noemie Noblesse, Clementine Bernard and Rita Kamkumo

Ludivine Sagnier

Lila Salet


Dawn Sobolewski in The Bates Haunting (2012) in 1080p

Carolina Clemente in Implosion (2011)

Eye Haidara, also in Implosion

A good look at Natalie Portman's nipple in Closer (2004) in 1080 fullframe


(some of ) Helen Hunt's butt in a swimsuit.

Rihanna all decked out in a revealing outfit in Barbados

Andrea Riseborough in Oblivion (2013)

Juno Temple in Magic Magic (2013)

Alice Braga in On the Road (2012)