TV Round-Up

Here's the latest from Femme Fatales. This episode (#13) aired Friday. To repeat a point I  have made before: I don't know any of these women, and don't watch this show, so I am relying on the IDs made by other guys. If you spot a problem, let us know about it.

Catherine Annette 720p film clip (see below)

Catherine Annette and Madison Dylan 720p film clip (see below)

Christine Donlon 720p film clip (see below)

Jasmine Waltz 720p film clip (see below)



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.






Yohana Cobo in 1080p (See below).




Finishing the eighth season of Baywatch and starting the ninth season, episodes which were made in 1997 and 1998.

Season Eight

Episode 9 - Homecoming

Carmen Electra - very sexy

Episode 12 - No Way Out

Kelly Packard - sexy

Episode 13 - Countdown

Kelly Packard - cleavage

Episode 14 - Surf City

Anna Shisler - nice

Carmen Electra - pokies

Episode 15 - To the Max

Julie Michaels - Dalton's interest makes a reprise, with a lot of leg

Episode 16 - Night of the Dolphin

Carmen Electra - pokies

Episode 17 - Full Throttle

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 18 - Quarantine

Kelly Monaco - pokies

Kelly Packard - bikini

Traci Bingham - sexy

Unknown - the 2nd unit director working overtime


Episode 19 - Diabolique

Pamela Bach - sexy

Unknown - some leftover footage from the last episode

Episode 20 - Bon Voyage

Carmen Electra - bikini

Donna D'Errico - bikini

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Heather Stephens - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 21 - White Thunder at Glacier Bay 1

Carmen Electra - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 22 - White Thunder at Glacier Bay 2

Carmen Electra - pokies

Season Nine

Episode 1 - Crash 1

Amber Van Lent - nice

Jennifer Lynn Campbell - pokies

Unknown - lovely

Episode 2 - Crash 2

Amber Van Lent - nice


Jennifer Lynn Campbell - pokies

Episode 3 - Sharks, Lies and Videotape

Kelly Packard - pokies

Marci Brickhouse - pokies

Mitzi Kapture - sexy

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 4 - Dolphin Quest

Mitzi Kapture - sexy

Rebecca Manley - lovely


Small Town Murder Songs


Recent Canadian DVD release.

Martha Plimpton: very dark sex scene.

Alyssa Mariano: nude as stripper.

unknown: nude but dead.

Kat Germain: kind of sexy but not nude or dead.

The Spirit

(1987 TV movie)

A treat for Star Trek geeks. The very stacked Nana Visitor from Deep Space 9 wearing a skimpy bikini in a hot tub scene.

Nana Visitor: finally out of uniform! Here it is on YouTube

Laura Robinson aka McKinlay Robinson: bathing suit with Nana, then dominatrix.

"Reine rouge"

(web series)

Quebec webseries with far more sex and nudity then what's on regular Quebec television on Radio in Canada.

Veronique Tremblay: full frontal.

"The Collector"

episode "The Chef" (s302)

I caught this episode by chance when April Telek was completely naked near the end.

April Telek: implied nude.

Sonya Salomaa: removes blouse but nothing shown.

Christine Chatelaine: sexy.

"Loving Friends and Perfect Couples"

(1983 TV series)

An adult orientated Canadian soap with nudity and simulated sex. Almost no known footage is known to still exist even though future stars such as Mimi Kuzyk got out of her French Maid uniform.

Cali Timmins: in randy commercial preview.

The Wild Girl

(2010 TV movie)

Don't let the title fool you. It's featured during the women in wearing in mens in trousers in during in the in 1930s week on the wimmin's network.

Kathleen Munroe: bare back.

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

More from the 1980s series:

Cynthia Belliveau: Miss Mona Lott being naughty in "The Man Who Knew Too Little".

Cynthia Belliveau: naughty again in "Hippocritic Oath".

Diane Franklin: very sexy in "Romance Machine".

Brenda Bazinet: negligee in "When This Man Dies".

Lori Hallier: negligee in "If the Shoe Fits".

Kim Nelles: shower scene in "User Deadly".

Heather Clifford: upskirt in "User Deadly".

Kirsten Kieferle: skivvies in "User Deadly".

"Urban Legends"

episode "More Than Meets the Eye"

segment "Homecoming Queen"

Another cheerleading urban legend but not the one about the cheerleader who did high kicks after forgetting put on any underwear.

cheerleader: obligatory crotch shots.

"Dan for Mayor"

episode "Political Liability" (s2e09)

Mary Ashton is showing more cleavage these days now that the other female cast has been dropped from the first season.

Mary Ashton: more cleavage.

"Avaler la mer et les poissons"

(2007 play)

Quebec play whose title translates to "To swallow the sea and fish".

Sylvie Drapeau and Isabelle Vincent: in revealing wet dresses in publicity photo.

"The Boob Show"

Canadian web series but the only boobs are the viewers expecting nudity.

Emily Schooley: maybe topless under bedsheet.


fake trailer "Thanksgiving"

The fake trailers were shown in US theatres between Grindhouse movies but they're only included in the Japanese 10 in disc boxset. If it wasn't for services such as Youtube these trailers would have been lost.

Vendula Bednarova aka Vendula Kristek: nude as cheerleader jumping on the trampoline. Unfortunately this segment wasn't made into a movie.


fake trailer "Hobo With A Shotgun"

This one was made into a movie, as was "Machete." However the trailer only screened with Grindhouse in Canadian theatres. Stars Zoe Dunsworth (another Mr. Lahey daughter), Cadence Macmichael and not in the in real in Mike in Jackson (aka Trevor from the Trailer Park Boys).



Alyssa Mariano: sexy in background shoot for unreleased "Queen of the Zombie Punks".

Emily Schooley: showing a bit more boob.

Shannon Jardine: very sexy. She's on the documentary series "Dust Up" about her family's dust cropping business.

Lori Lansens: Canadian novelist nipply in sports brassiere.

Nancy Bouzi: Lofters star topless again.

Ruby Brown: Montreal model who appeared topless in "French Kiss" is sexy.

Krystle Tabujara: model/actress full frontal.

Kristin Rae: explicit nude by Beta House babe.

Vendula Bednarova: explicit nude by czechploitation actress.

Vladimira Kopalova: former Czechploitation actress doing some explicitnudes as Vladka. She's now running a modelling agency which is recruiting the current crop of Bound Heat actresses.



Film Clips

Belinda Stewart Wilson in All That Way For Love (2011). Big Ones! She was a regular on The inbetweeners in the U.K.

Swedish supermodel Caroline Maria Winberg playing the challenging part of "Maria Winberg" in Limitless (2011) in 1080p. See below.

Tamar van den Dop in De provincie (2011). See below.

Jessica Turner in Chained in (2011). See below.

Agnes Kittelsen in Sykt lykkelig (2010) in 720p. See below.

Karolina Gorczyca and Joanna Pierzak in Hustawka (2010). See below.

Kate O'Rourke in Wound  (2010) in 1080. See below.

Shannyn Sossamon in Road to Nowhere (2010) in 720p. See below.

Dominique Swain in Road to Nowhere (2010) in 720p. See below.

Camille Pelle in Dont Touch Me Please (2010) in 720p. See below.

Leisha Hailey in Fertile Ground (2010). See below.

Mandy Pauline in The Dead and the Damned (2010) . See below.

Camille Montgomery in The Dead and the Damned (2010) . See below.

Heather Montanez in The Dead and the Damned (2010). See below.

Noomi Rapace in Girl With Dragon Tattoo (2009) in 1080p. See below.

Anais Martinez in La Soga (2009). See below.

Marina Aleksandrova in Street Racer (2008) n 1080. See below.

Paz Vega in Carmen (2003) in 720p. See below.

Julianne White in Sexy Beast (2000) in 1080. See below.

Valentina Vargas in The Name of the Rose (1986) in 720p. See below.

Corinna Tsopei in A Man Called Horse (1970). See below.



More of Heidi Klum topless in Corsica!