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Naked Secrets


Naked Secrets concerns the disappearance of one Lacie Heart. Her husband is worried when she doesn't come home after a night with the girls, and even more so when the police show up at his door and want to know why her car turned up abandoned. He is their number one suspect, but hubbie manages to discover that his wife wasn't just out with the girls, but was at an exclusive club called Girls Night Out, run by Molinee Green. The club is a spa which features, one night per week, a hot party followed by hot sex.

As a whodunit it is obvious because we know the husband didn't do it, and there is only one other male cast member besides the cop. In fact, the script lets the audience in on the secret about half way through, just in case someone hadn't already guessed.

This couples erotica is available from on a Region 1 and 4 NTSC DVD in English.

Naked Secrets and Lies (2006)

Lacie Heart 18


Molinee Green 37



Paizley Adams 10

Unknown 18








Invitation to Ruin


Back to the "babes in bondage" film clips today. Now this one is from back in the days of the sixties "roughies,"  and is taken from from VHS, so it's rare, but the quality kind of sucks.

Bobby Ross is stripped and raped and then doped up by a sadistic Mama Lupo as she bares all in these caps and three clips.

Julia Blackburn goes above and beyond the call of duty as she takes a vicious and bloody whipping from Mama Lupo on her bare breasts and butt. Caps and two clips.







Notes and collages

Waking the Dead


Jennifer Connelly




Mariel Hemingway









Rogue Trader


Film clips of Anna Friel








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Alexandra Sollogoub in L'Histoire de Richard O






enter the DRAGONSCAN

Film clips of Ajita Wilson in The Nude Princess (1976)

Dragon's comments: Ajita Wilson, even if she was sexy, was born a man (George Wilson). She died tragically from a brain hemorrhage caused by a car accident.







New pics of a supermodel topless on a yacht! What could be better than that? Two of them in one day.

 First Cindy Crawford:

Then Heidi Klum

And a collage of Mary-Louise Parker on this week's Weeds

Film Clips