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Alexander (2004)

Since the theatrical version has more nudity than the director's cut, I broke my vow and did go back to this film once again.

Oliver Stone put a lot of thought into his re-edit for the director's cut, and he's a top guy, so we have to give him his props. And the director's cut did make an overly long film shorter, so it's got that goin' for it, but ... how the hell could he lose all this beautiful nudity?

Here is my theory: Stone is a contrarian. He read the reviews which said the only good thing about the movie was Rosario's nudity. Any normal guy would play up the nudity and highlight even more of it, if possible, for the DVD. But ol' Ollie? Not him.  He takes out the one thing people praised unanimously.

He's either the ballsiest director in history, or the biggest douchebag.

Probably both.

(Here's my review, if you care.)

And here is Rosario Dawson

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today would have to be called maybe a "Cute Day" in this "Hankster Light" presentation.

We spend a little time in 1997 with a comedy called "Trial and Error".

First up is Alexandra Wentworth with some short skirt and underwear scenes.

Alexandra Wentworth

Then we have Jessica Steen, nothing really to see here, but I love short skirts and she has some nice leg & thigh.

Jessica Steen

Finally we have the ultra "Cute" Charlize Theron, maybe a hint of pokie in the first one, then a cute tattoo and naked but wrapped in a sheet, nice legs tho.

Charlize Theron on to the nudity!

From "Bad girls From Mars" here is Jasae aka Desi De Angelo going topless in this 1991 B-movie. In the last cap, Desi is hung with a noose made from a reel of film (yeah right). Interesting side note Desi used to make bondage films, so this scene had to be a piece of cake for her. There is lots more nudity in this one which will be coming soon to a monitor near you.

Jasae aka Desi De Angelo

'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

Here are some video clips (zipped .avi) of the stripper murder mystery, "Hatchetman".

The rundown:
Cheryl Burns (aka Cheryl Renee) has a showe scene and two stripping scenes but never gives up the goodies...although she does show some bum and generally gives good face.

Christina Lepanto is a pale blonde who has a couple of stripping scenes.

Fonta Sawyer gets undressed in the undressing room.

Leila Renae is a chunky gal who goes topless a lot.

Mia Zottoli, aka Ava Lake, strips a few times, takes a shower and stands around with a see-thru top. Acres and hectares of robo-hooterness.

Nina Tapanin has one strip scene-- she is a thin, cute redhead and she does show us her bum and her mini-hooties.

Racquel Richard is a doll, but like Cheryl she shows some bum and a gorgeous face but nothing else.

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"National Lampoon Goes to the Movies"
This 1983 comedy was originally intended to be the follow-up for Animal House, but finally wound up released straight to cable years later, and now is out on DVD. The main reason for this appears to be that it is not terribly funny.

Three short stories parody "personal growth" at the expense of your friends and family (a big thing in the eighties), soap operas (always an easy target), and police stories (another easy target).

The personal growth story is filled with people that are so unlikeable that it's hard to laugh at them, and the other two are simply not very funny. Oh sure, there's some funny lines throughout this movie, but not enough to hold your interest for 90 minutes.

Thankfully, and probably because they knew they had a dud, the National Lampoon folks were smart enough to include gratuitous nudity in two of the three stories.

Ann Dusenberry

Teresa Ganzel

Diane Lane

Crimson Ghost

Today's Skinemax babe o' the day....Flower Edwards.

Flower Edwards in "Bedtime Stories"

The Gimp
Hardcore 'Caps and comments by The Gimp:

Attached are some video captures of two pornstars who have done Skinemax movies. They are the single-named McKayla and the Hungarian honey, Monica Sweetheart. I also threw in some stuff of Cameron Cain because she has a terrific body.

McKayla in "Asspiring Actresses"

Monica Sweetheart in "Two in the Seat #3"

Cameron Cain in "Asspiring Actresses"

Ahhhh, Alba....Here are a few more pics of Jessica Alba wearing that semi-see-thru dress on the Red Carpet at the MTV movie awards back in June.

Starbase 'caps of Bijou Phillips baring breasts and a bit of bush while gettin' it on in scenes from the Larry Clark movie "Bully".

Thanks to Dragonscan for these 'caps of Judy Pace going topless in scenes from 1970's "Cotton Comes to Harlem".


I messed up a couple of these links yesterday, so here is another look at Vejiita's 'caps of Rae Dawn Chong buck nekkid in scenes from "Quest For Fire".

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Other Crap
An R-rated international trailer for Factotum
  • (There is a topless woman doing gymnastics in a thong, and a brief look at Matt Dillon's ass.)
  • This is the movie which is said to contain some Marisa Tomei nudity, but I don't think the woman in the trailer is Marisa. (Although I don't know.) It is kinda sexy, whoever it is.
  • Detailed info about the film

Seven clips for Four Brothers. No sign of any brides.

Strip club owner raises ire with new sign.

  • "Ire"? So THAT's what they call it.
  • "For years, Howard White has advertised his strip club near Los Angeles International Airport with a not too subtle marquee reading 'Live Nude Nude Nudes. But some tourists and nearby businesses say White has gone too far with his latest pitch for the Century Lounge: a freshly posted sign proclaiming 'Vaginas R' Us.'"

Bobby Knight To Host Ill-tempered Reality TV Show: "Bob Knight will give one Texas Tech student the opportunity to play on his team in a new reality show. Sixteen students will take part in 'Knight School,' set to air on ESPN in February."

OK. so it's a slow news day: Fire Destroys Marie Osmond's Garage. I didn't know that Marie has eight children.

Dukes take the daily box office for Friday, August 5, 2005. They just got in the ol' General Lee and ran away with it, with about as much as the next four films added together.

The ten crappiest film villains

Get waste - get wasted! $400,000 worth of cocaine flows through the Po river every day

Jessica Simpson Provides a Birthday Surprise

"The Ashanti clip going around the web is most likely bogus."

Latino Review has the trailer for Everything is Illuminated, the directorial debut of Liev Schreiber.

  • "Based on the acclaimed, best-selling novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, 'Everything is Illuminated' tells the story of a young American Jewish man's quest to find the woman who saved his grandfather--in a small Ukrainian town that was wiped off the map by the Nazi invasion. The journey begins as a comic nightmare--with an eccentric trio of paid 'expert' guides sorely lacking in expertise: a cranky grandfather who insists on bringing his unruly seeing-eye dog to help him drive, and his over-enthusiastic grandson, whose fractured command of English, passion for retro American pop culture, and inability to shut up threaten to make the worst of every situation. But what starts out as the tour from hell turns into a surprisingly meaningful journey--with an unexpected and powerful series of revelations that will indelibly change all of their lives."

Conan O'Brien interviews President Bush

Coming Soon has a trailer, a new clip, and the first ten minutes of My Date With Drew

Eight clips from Pretty Persuasion

Official blurb:

  • Evan Rachel Wood plays Kimberly Joyce, an insanely intelligent, wildly funny, shockingly cruel and sexy-beyond-her-years Beverly Hills teenager who will stop at nothing to become famous. Believing the world is an orchestra and she is the conductor, Kimberly masterfully manipulates all those around her. She convinces her two best friends to join her in a campaign against their befuddled teacher, Mr. Anderson, played to nebbishy perfection by Ron Livingston. Kimberly entangles the entire Beverly Hills community in her carefully woven web of seduction and deceit. A clever comedy with many turns, "Pretty Persuasion" has an ending that nobody but Kimberly can predict!

Canadian pot activist says he's like Gandhi ...

  • ... constantly hungry.

"Muslims in France are having it their way with 'Beurger King' - a new fast-food restaurant" ... "Waitresses wear Islamic head scarves, as do many of their customers"

  • The car-hops, however, are HOT!

Europe to ban low-cut blouses on barmaids.

  • According to The Sun, "the ruling is part of the new Optical Radiation Directive expected to be rubber-stamped by the EU parliament next month."
  • They just gotta do it because "barmaids run a skin cancer risk if they expose themselves to the sun when they go outside to collect glasses."
  • Say, what? Most alcohol is consumed at night, not in the sunlight. Can barmaids wear low-cut tops after sundown?
  • I guess Europe could come up with something this crazy and this intrusive, but am I the only one that smells something fishy in this whole story?

Letterman's "Top Ten Signs Your Kid Is Spending Too Much Time On The Internet"

Surgery reduces Mimi Rogers from 34ddd to 34d. The actress "was delighted to have her huge bust reduced to a more manageable level, but she refuses to consider any other kind of cosmetic surgery."

Wikipedia plans to impose stricter editorial rules to prevent vandalism of its content

Pujols becomes the first player ever to hit 30 homers in each of his first five seasons

New Chapter in the Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: Her Own Words, as Spoken to Her Shrink?

  • "Of her one-night affair with Joan Crawford, she said: "Next time I saw Crawford, she wanted another round. I told her straight-out I didn't much enjoy doing it with a woman. After I turned her down, she became spiteful."
  • I don't know. That's kind of hard to believe. Joan Crawford spiteful?

"All the writers nominated for the prestigious Hugo award for the best Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel are British." (Despite the fact that the majority of voters are American.)


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