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Today. Commentary by The Realist
  • You'll like this, o my droogies. A whole mess o' pictures from that there Miss Nude America thingy
  • What makes America a great place?


    1. It's the only country where they have handicapped parking places in front of skating rinks
    2. We have a special kind of math in America. Here's a sample question from the SAT. Imagine two twin brothers at midnight Sunday. One calls for a pizza, the other calls emergency to report having a heart attack. Assuming both phone calls leave the receiver at 12:00, how much time will the hungry brother have to allow in rush hour traffic to attend the other brother's funeral on Wednesday?
    3. It's the only country where the place they fill your prescription is miles from the door of the store, forcing really sick people to walk there.
    4. It's the only place where people order a candy bar and a Diet Coke
    5. It's the only place where hot dog buns come in eight packs, and hot dogs come in ten packs.
    6. It's the only country where drive-up cash dispensing machines have braille lettering on them.
  • As of yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of American cannot use homesexuality as a criterion to ban or dismiss a scoutmaster

    Some new merit badges

    1. Choreography
    2. Liza with a Z
    3. Sensual Massage
    4. Fabrics
  • Tuna is coming up with some good finds, and his usual good collages. India Allen in Wild Cactus
  • Katherine Barrese in Jezebel's Kiss
  • Ingrid Steeger and others in The Sex adventures of the Three Musketeers
  • Roberta Leighton in Stripes
  • Tonya Harding in her wedding night video. A little different style this time.
  • The Doom Generation
  • My younger brother told me this movie was totally twisted. Since he thinks David Cronenberg is mainstream, I knew this puppy must really be twisted, and I was right. On the box it quoted one reviewer saying "savagely funny". Perfect summary. Savage, and funny, amoral and twisted. Pretty entertaining, too. McGowan got her big ol' boobs out a bunch. You've all seen this - her bath.
  • Rose sits up to welcome some company into the tub.
  • This one may be unfamiliar to you. Rose on the bottom. Great sex scene, with her boobs bouncing around like one of those wave pools in the Water Parks.
  • Rose on top this time.
  • during three-way sex, Rose asks for a time-out to pee
  • more crazy lighting, but I think this was the only shot of Rose's behind
  • I'm guessing you haven't seen this. It was only visible for about two frames. Rose kills the evil Nazi bad guy.
  • Crow
  • Good find here from the Crow man. The movie is Quiet Days in Hollywood, and the naked lady is Natasha Wagner
  • more of Wagner.
  • Hillary Swank in Quiet Days in Hollywood. Again, the old arms across the brasts trick.
  • one more of Swank. No flesh.
  • One more movie cap from Crow. Sheryl Lee in This World, then the Fireworks
  • and one rasslin' pic. No nudity. Marlena on RAW
  • More
  • These are not new, but several people have mentioned these in the past three days. Jennifer Aniston in Mexico with bp, a couple of months ago. The first two are thong shots from the supermarket tabloids.
  • Aniston thong
  • This one is an alleged bare bosom from Eva Tremila magazine. My scan.
  • Juliette Lewis in Strange Days, from Graphic Response
  • Audie England in Delta of Venus
  • Here's a rarity. Former McCartney girlfriend Jane Asher in Deep End. Caps by Jimmy the Saint, and material completely new to me.
  • If you saved Tex Cowboy's complete set of Penthouse Pets, this completes the collection. 1999's Nikie St Gilles