Today's Images.
From Magicman
  • This last image from Magicman is a little different. To put it into his own words, "These aren't celebritites, but it's a nice celebration of the American spirit of youth at Disneyland..." This image features three pictures of regular people having a little naked fun at Splash Mountain. Not incredibly exciting, but since Disney employees are suppposed to destroy these if and when they happen, they are a bit of a rarity.
  • From the Anonymous Guy
  • Today Anonymous Guy sends us more vidcaps of one of his favorite celebs, Caroline Key Johnson. Here she is in a variety of different position from the movie "Intimate Sessions".
  • Caroline Key Johnson from "Intimate Sessions", #2.
  • Caroline Key Johnson from "Intimate Sessions", #3. Personally, I am amazed by her range as an actress, as these vidcaps clearly show. I'm thinking Oscar.
  • Another submission from Anonymous for the coveted, "Straight-to" award, Dana Waters, from "Love Street".
  • From Sisyphus
  • Sisyphus is another one of our contributors who has been busy lately. His first offering for the day, Michelle Hicks.
  • Next up is the beautiful French supermodel, and Rolling Stone cover model, Laetitia Casta.
  • Vinessa Shaw is listed as a "Future Pick" by Sisyphus. She's been in a few movies already, but she'll most likely be doing some serious on screen nudity inthe up-coming Stanley Kubrick movie, "Eyes Wide Shut". So Sisyphus may have a winner with this one.