Wow, it was a very slow news day today, except for the Vanessa Hudgens pics, which I can't use. Funny thing about that. Her lawyers claim she was less than 18 years old when she took them. That is probably a lie, but is the smart move on their part. If they had used any other argument, many people would have told them to fly a kite, but that argument gets everyone to delete the pics instantly. Nobody wants to be a pedophile.

ALMOST nobody.

Anyway, I'm staying away from that open pit. I hope you got a chance to see the pics before the great purge, but if not, some sites (like Pop Crunch) are still displaying them.

Apart from that, not much new in the realm of new and naked material except for Sharon Stone in Paris Match, and there's no part of her we haven't already seen. She does look great, but magazine pics are unreliable as reflections of life. Oh, Photoshop, we both bless and curse thee!

You know how these things work. Great circle of life spins around. Monday's page was awesome, so it'll be a better page tomorrow, maybe another great one.


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Blue Velvet


Part 2 of 3

Isabella Rossellini film clip. 1920x1080. Spectacular quality.








TV Land

Today we have a "Hankster Light" all TV Land edition with lots of film clips.

First we have 4 from ESPN's ESPY's award show.

Rashida Jones with some football player. Caps and a HD clip.

Jaime Pressley looking hot. Caps and a HD clip.


Model Marisa Miller, this girl is all legs and so sexy. Caps and a HD clip.

Race car driver Danica Patrick. Caps and a HD clip.

Then 2 from the "Today" show.

Sweet leggy Natalie Morales on the couch. Caps and a HD clip.

Amy Robach putting on her usual leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.








Notes and collages

Lonely Street


Part 3

Nikki Cox









Sharon Stone topless on the cover of Paris Match.


Spectacular hi-res caps of Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead


Film Clips