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"The Mad Butcher" (1971)

The Mad Butcher (1971) is an Italian dark comedy that was picked up by Harry Novak for US distribution and originally titled Meat is Meat. Victor Buono starred in the title role, and made the film. As the film opens, he is released from a mental hospital with a certificate proclaiming his sanity, and returns to his beloved butcher shop ("I am the best butcher in Vienna") and his not so beloved wife. It isn't long before he figures out a way to get the wife to stop nagging, and to get a cheap source of meat for his Vienna Sausages. His brother-in-law, and the hooker he brings home are also in the way, and as easily disposed of. (We see the hooker topless).

His neighbor, played by Karen Field, is fond of undressing in front of a window with no shades. A reporter starts dating her, she is kicked out of the house she is a servant in, and the butcher invites her in. He. of course, tries to get amorous, and we see her breasts several times, and her buns.

The film is reminiscent of films like Eating Raoul, and is as good. The DVD transfer from Something Weird is another triumph by them, and there are loads of special features and Easter Eggs. C+

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  • Karen Field (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    "Art House" (1998)

    Art House (1998) is one of several releases of unknown indies from a distribution company called The Asylum. It is the first with identified exposure, and is the best one so far. They are affordable, and you are not likely to have seen them elsewhere, but none of them will end up on anyones top 250 list. Art House is a send-up of the indie scene. Our hero, Joe Don Baker, is a wannabe producer/director/screenwriter. He pays the bills by working an espresso bar, where much of the action takes place. He joins forces with a "cool" friend who makes several big moves, like getting them agents that won't promote them, but will accept their 10% if the two happen to sell something. Joe move sin with porn star Tony when his girlfriend throws him out, and, in the only exposure, Erin Ramirez comes out of Tony's bedroom to get a bottle of champagne and some strawberries wearing only a pair of panties. She tries to talk Joe into joining her, Tony and another woman in bed.

    I wouldn't say this was a laugh a minute. The transfer was grainy, which makes me suspect super16 film was used for filming, then enlarged to 35. IMDB readers say 6.1/10, which is a little higher than I expected. Nobody else has heard of it. C-

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  • Erin Ramirez (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Here's the review of Sanctimony, which stars Michael Pare, Eric Roberts, and Casper van Dien in a grade-b version of American Psycho. (Pics in yesterday's edition)

    Tuna reviewed The Assignment recently, and that reminded me that I've been postponing it for two years! I finally got around to it, and loved it! An espionage film that used real-life characters as part of the setting for a fictional script, yet tried to imagine how its premise might really have happened in the real world. Imaginative, sexy, and often heart-thumping.

    Tuna reviewed the new DVD release, Vatel, just yesterday. We both thought it was worth the watch, if flawed. There are no flaws in the visuals. It is a beautiful looking film. The production budget was $36 million dollars, but it really never saw a theatrical release in the USA. Strange story. It was the opening film at Cannes, and Miramax generated a bunch of excitement when they rushed to gain the North American distribution rights. Then they lobbied successfully to get it an Oscar nomination (Art Direction). Then they just sort of forgot the whole thing.

    By the way, Depardieu is in this movie, and the competition for "largest mammalian actor" is really tightening between Brando, Depardieu, and the star of Free Willy. Depardieu may have taken the lead.

    • Uma Thurman. The silhouette of Uma dressing in the dark room (collage 2) is certainly a body double because Uma's body doesn't look like that (remember there were paparazzi pics of her in Hefboy just a couple years ago). The other one is really Uma's bountiful chest. (1, 2)

    • Water-nymphs (1, 2)

    Original Sin is the Banderas-Jolie remake of Truffaut's Mississippi Mermaid. Actually, that's not precisely right. It is the same story, but they were both adapted from a common source. I haven't seen it (these are from bootlegs submitted by a reader), but the critics generally raped it. (6% good reviews - probably the worst of the year so far). The film reviewer for the Ottawa Citizen wrote "Unless John Travolta has a sequel to Battlefield Earth, ... or Kevin Costner has a new project in the works, they may as well hand out the Golden Raspberry awards right now"

    I've been meaning to get to Bully for a couple days now, but I'm not getting any closer! (It's only playing on a few screens nationwide, but one of them is our Dobie Theater in Austin.) The nudity is said to be truly prolific. Here's a little teaser of Bijou Phillips and Rachel Miner, which is of inferior quality, but the only thing I've seen so far.


    The encyclopedia, volume J, part 1, is updated

    Just got back from a trip to Oklahoma. You know the state blurb them Okies put on their license plates? They lie :-)

    Fashion models wearing very little: that's the theme for the day. So who do we have?

  • Elsa Benitez with hectares of cleavage (also the title of a Dr. Seuss book, tragically left uncompleted by the good doctor's untimely demise).

  • Jessica Miller in mid-air with no panty lines visible. No panties, either.

  • Laura Sanchez in a kinda, sorta see-through top.

  • Lonneke Engel in a see-through top; this is one beee-u-tiful woman.

  • Lujan Fernandez in a side view combo fishnet and thong.

  • Malgosia Bela in a barely see-through outfit. Maybe its the combination of lgosi and bela in her name but every time I see her I think of vampires.

  • Manon Von Gerken in a cleaned up version of a GQ cover, nekkid but giving up none of the goodies. This gal is the prettiest thing named after a pickle.

  • And Maria Sanjuan in a sideview see-through.

  • Spaz
  • Joanne Lara topless in thong while shaking her booty during the opening credits of "Molly & Gina" (1993). And you thought foreign captioning was bad. And boy does she have a big butt!

  • Joanne Lara topless taking shower in "The Baby Doll Murders" (1993).

  • A very young Kelli Maroney strips down to her underwear in "Night of the Comet" (1984).

  • Erin Flannery nude in the movie "The Incubus" (1981), a movie similar to "The Entity" released the same year. Erin can be seen in see-thru panties, distant full frontal and butt in shower, and then spread eagled on table. You really don't see that much.

  • Scorpion's Skinemax
    Angela Penny

    Ava Lake

    Flower Edwards

    Kelly Alane Dee Summers

    Sasha Peralto

    Tracy Angeles


    Scorpion may have uncovered the next "Key to Sex". The movie is "Fast Lane to Vegas", and the babes are all hot and very nekkid. Almost all of these 'caps contain the 3 B's (with a nice variety of real and robo-boobs). The only B missing from a couple of the ladies is the bum. But to make up for that, the fake sex looks like it might be pretty good, and there are plenty of up close and personal, very clear gyno-cam shots. Great job Scorpion!

    Chelsea Robo-hooters, phony sex, a little lesbo action, and frontal nudity from an episode of "Erotic Confessions".

    Gabriella Hall Breasts, bush, and phony sex from a different episode of "Erotic Confessions".

    Jennifer Leigh Burton Topless and in lingerie. There may be a hint of something below the equator, but it might involve some squinting and a little imagination. Vidcaps from yet another episode of "Erotic Confessions".

    Tracy Spalding One more from "Erotic Confessions"...Tracy getting in on in the shower. Clear breast exposure, and maybe a bit down below.

    Jessica Sobel Very nice thong views and some mega-robo-hooters from the late night cable series "The Pleasure Zone".

    Snowblind does "Saving Silverman"

    Amanda Detmer
    (1, 2, 3)

    The good girl in the movie.

  • #1 has some excellent cleavage, upskirts, arms over boobs, and bare bum views.
  • #2 features Amanda in her bra
  • #3 Amanda in stripper clothes

  • Amanda Peet
    (1, 2, 3)

    The evil girl in the movie.

  • Cleavage, cleavage, and more cleavage.

  • Odessa Munroe

    Tracy Trueman

    Playing a couple of hookers and both going topless.

    I think Scoop nailed it with his review. Peet was too one dimensional as the evil bitch, and it just didn't work for me. The ending with her and Zahn was predictable and not as funny as it could have been if they had introduced it a little earlier in the film. At the very least it would have made Peet seem more manipulative and cruel as opposed to being just a horrible person that deserved a painful death.

    I also agree with Scoop on the Black/Zahn casting. As much as I love Jack Black (I've been a Tenacious D fan for years) and Steve Zahn, you could have had the "Dude, Where's my Car" guys in those roles. In fact, those guys probably would have been funnier since it's easy to believe that they are brain dead morons.

    Once again siding with Scoop...despite the movie's short comings, any movie that makes fun of Neil Diamond, is still a winner in my book.

    and ...
    Pamela Prati
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    From UC99, excellent breast and full frontal exposure from the Italian actress in scenes from "Io Gilda" (1989).

    Kelli McCarty The former Miss USA giving up the goods in scenes from "Girl for Girl" (2000), by Aussie. Extreme close-ups above and below the equator.

    Beverly D'Angelo Going back to the days of Disco with these topless 'caps from "Hair" (1979), by Scanman.

    Sorta Celeb News
    Thanks to Pat Reeder at The Comedy Wire for pointing out this story from

  • Guards stop visitors groping Elle MacPherson waxwork
    A security guard is keeping watch over Madame Tussaud's dummy of Elle MacPherson to stop visitors groping it.

    Officials say men can't keep their hands off the supermodel's waxwork double.

    It has taken over from Naomi Campbell as the most groped exhibit. Staff say they constantly have to straighten her blouse and skirt.

    The waxwork dummy of the 37-year-old Australian took seven months and 40,000 to make. It only arrived at the museum last week.

    A Tussaud's spokesman told The Sun: "Men simply can't keep their hands off Elle. I suppose this is the closest thing they will ever get to touching her."

    According to the museum, the most groped male figure is TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh.

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