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  • Tuna is here just about every day now! Here's Assumpta Serna in Wild Orchid. I'm one of the few that liked that movie. I know it isn't Casablanca, but I like shows that establish their own special look and feel - stake out their own territory. Miami Vice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Wild Orchid are examples of instantly identifiable styles.
  • Carre Otis in Wild Orchid
  • a classic! Dyan Cannon in her underwear in Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and the Restless and the Ugly
  • Natalie Wood in her underwear, same movie. Warning. These scenes contain Eliot Gould and may be harmful to pregnant women and people wearing pacemakers. What is the deal on the pacemaker sign in convenience stores with microwaves? Can you really kill a pacemaker wearer by warming up a burrito? I think some day I'm going to hold up a Florida bank with a portable microwave. "OK, nobody move, or I broil". Will I instantly turn all those old people into a scenario from The Night of the Living Dead? Or, better yet, maybe I have an elderly rich uncle. Hey, Uncle Joe, what about a nice breakfast burrito? If the microwave doesn't finish him, the convenience store food should do it.
  • Snowblind
  • Linnea Quigley, Return of The Living Dead. Smooth segue, eh?
  • More of Linnea Quigley, Return of The Living Dead
  • More of Linnea Quigley, Return of The Living Dead
  • More of Linnea Quigley, Return of The Living Dead
  • Heidi Thomas, Tales from the Crypt, Split Personality. I believe this is the left half of her personality, but I'm not sure.
  • Vanity in Tales from the Crypt- Dead Wait. Never seen this before.
  • Crow
  • Great variety material from Crow. he went through the entire Jerry Springer: Too Hot DVD, and capped all the best stuff!
  • Springer
  • Springer
  • Springer
  • Springer
  • More
  • A correction from FR. This scene is Maxim Roy, not Melissa Galianos.
  • More of Naddel. No nudity, but an especially good vidcap collage from FR
  • from Slarti. Alexandra Maria Lara in "Die Probe"
  • from Slarti. Alexandra Maria Lara in "Tatort"
  • from Slarti. Karlin Weiser in Ibiza. Bikini only.
  • from Graphic Response. Carey Lowell in The Guardian
  • from Graphic Response. Jenny Seagrove in The Guardian