Monday's Images.
Griffin Drew
  • Today is a big day in the Fun House. We have a big selection of celebs, from grade-a film to grade-z crap (sometimes referred to as Scoopy Jr. favorites). So lets begin with a buxom young blonde from a movie with some serious T&A, "Dinosaur Island".
  • I haven't seen this movie, but after seeing these vidcaps, I really feel that I should. You know, I need to verify the source. Plus, we try to be as accurate in our reporting as possible. Besides, "Dinosaur Island" has a cast chock full of barely dressed Cave Women! Now doesn't that automatically make it worth seeing?
  • Griffin Drew from "Dinosaur Island" #3. Is it me, or does the guy in these vidcaps look like Corey Feldman in "Stand By Me". Hardly the kind of guy who could be in the hot tub with this kind of girl. Well, not with out paying up front anyway.
  • You know, on a place called "Dinosaur Island", the last thing I would expect to see is a hot tub. Maybe the T-Rex uses it to ease his sore feet at the end of a long day.
  • Griffin Drew from "Dinosaur Island" #5. Thanks to Lescan for all of these vidcaps.
  • From Lescan
  • Lescan is a newer contributor, and lately he seems to be on a vidcapping spree. I think I've managed to gather up all of his latest stuff for today's issue, so let's begin. Since it's been on HBO about every 2 hours for the past month (alternating with "Batman and Uma"), I guess it was only a matter of time before some fresh vidcaps from "Doc Hollywood" came in. Here's Julie Warner from her skinny dipping scene.
  • Julie Warner from "Doc Hollywood" #2.
  • Julie Warner from "Doc Hollywood" #3. Personally, I think the best part of the movie was seeing The mayor of the town dressed up in a summer squash costume. I think that really authenticated the "country charm" of the movie. In fact, I used to live in a small, rural town in Kentucky, and I can remember lots of times when ma, pa, me and my brother/grandfather would all dress up in cute outfits representing our favorite farm crop, and head on down to the down to the old courthouse and have us a "big ol' time". The only part that was not too much fun was when we had to go to the out house. Trust me, when your dressed up as a tobacco leaf, it aint that easy to do your business.
  • Another movie I've seen at least 8 times in the past 3 weeks...It's the lovable tale of a group of young men as they pass into adulthood. Along the way encountering the trials and tribulations of growing up, but always having a place they can call home. Yes, it's the 80's classic "Porky's". Here's Kim Cattrall as the cheerleader who will sleep with anybody, including the coach. Just get her up into the equipment room.
  • One more of Kim Cattrall from "Porky's".
  • Elpidia Carrillo. Vidcaps from "Beyond the Limit". It's some early Richard Gere movie, which means, I haven't seen it. As a general rule, I've always tried to avoid Gere movies. A couple have been good, but especially after seeing "The Jackal", I've made it a personal pledge never to watch a Gere movie again. Seriously, what was with his accent? I kept waiting for him to tell the F.B.I. "You'll never get me Lucky Charms!"
  • One more of Elpidia Carrillo from "Beyond the Limit". For any fans of the movie "P.C.U."..."Beyond..." is Caine/Hackman theory compliant.
  • Next up from Lescan, Brigitte Fossey. Vidcaps from the movie "Enigma".
  • Brigitte Fossey from "Enigma" #2.
  • Here's a really obscure one, Karin Mani. Although Lescan is sort of a Fun House rookie, it looks like he may have his eyes on the coveted "Most Obscure Bimbo" award.
  • One more of Karin Man. Both of these collages come from the long forgotten, 1982 movie "Alley Cat".
  • Vidcaps of Kathleen Turner from a great 80's classic, "The Man With Two Brains". Most likely a stunt butt in these caps.
  • Shannon Lee Brown, vidcaps from "Ski School 2". You know if ever a movie needed a sequel, it was the first "Ski School". I often wonder how people convince studios to make movies like this. Seriously, if anyone knows some names, Scoop Sr. and I can come up with at least 100 better ideas for movies than "Ski School 2".
  • From Crow
  • Beautiful, German born actress, Eva Haberman. Vidcaps from "Tales From a Parallel Universe: I Worship His Shadow", a.k.a. "Lexx: The Dark Zone".
  • More of Eva Haberman. I have never heard of her or the movie, but I can tell you I was surprised to read the cast list. Whatever this movie was, it also starred Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry, Rutger Hauer, and Malcolm McDowell. This one may even join the Fun House's "Most Unusual Cast Ever Assembled" list.
  • One last vidcap of Eva.
  • One more for the Sara Jessica Parker from "Sex and The City" collection. Maybe one day she'll actually do some nude scenes.