TV Round-Up

The August 3rd edition of Naked News had some unusual segments:

Four of the anchors did a "Versus" segment on a mechanical bull.

Whitney St John ran along a beach naked.

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"Orange is the New Black"

  (season two)


today: episode ten

Taylor Schilling

Ocho Apellidos Vascos


Ocho Apellidos Vascos is a comedy where Rafa (Dani Rovira) meets Amaia (Clara Lago) during a flamenco dance night where they argue, then later begin a one night stand before she falls asleep. The morning after, she disappears but leaves behind her bag. Rafa wants to give her bag back but she lives in Basque territory and he has never been out of Seville. And Andalusian and Basque people hate each other. But, Rafa is determined to give back her bag and takes the bus to her town, but she barely remembers him from the night before. Meanwhile, Amaia frequently absent father Koldo (Karra Elejalde) arrives back from his latest fishing trip and Amaia is desperate to impress him, saying that she is engaged to a man who just happens to be now an ex-boyfriend and her father wants to meet him. Amaia desperately convinces Rafa to be her ex-boyfriend, a Basque man, to which he agrees reluctantly, but of course he doesn't live in the town and in an attempt to convince her father that he lives in the town, he breaks into a house, which turns out to be the home of Merche (Carmen Machi), a woman he met on the bus into the town and who more than willingly agrees to go along with the ruse. Over time Rafa and Amaia get closer to one another and so do Koldo and Merche, but how long can they carry on this ruse before Koldo discovers the truth.

Ah, the old mistaken identity meets fish out of water plot, never gets old. Personally, I have no idea about the tensions between the Andalusian and Basque people, so that tension in the story I just didn't understand at all, but the rest is all pretty universal. The film is OK, but really is just going over old ground and is probably best watched if you are Spanish, just as The Castle is best watched if you are Australian.

Clara Lago film clip (collages below)

Film/TV Clips

Anna Mouglalis in Novo (2002). A nice scene, but approximately VHS quality.

Debora Cali in Ultimo Metro (1999). Another good scene in weak quality.


Lots more of Caitriona Balfe in the first episode of Outlander

Millie Mackintosh of "Made in Chelsea" goes topless in Ibiza