s5, e9 (Monday night)

Very entertaining 720p topless scene from Mary-Louise Parker. (Samples below)




Mailbox, re: Big Brother 11


Sat. night, about 1:05 into the Sho2 9-midnight show, while oiling herself up under her shirt after a bikinied bath, shirt went up, boob went down, and we got a quick flash of her lower (rght to her) 1/2 breast with nipple. HD would help. I think this is the only nudity outside of Lydia's thonged butt early on.

BTW, any idea which season that 'sex party' BB commercial Showtime's been using is from? I doubt its even a US one. Talk about false advertising

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I don't know this material at all. Do any of you have the answers (or clips) this reader is seeking?



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Blue Velvet


Part 1 of 3

Isabella Rossellini film clip. 1920x1080. Spectacular quality.

The collages below do not all match this clip. (There are two more clips to come.)








Cold Eyes of Fear


The Time Machine goes way back to see Karin Schubert looking sexy in what appears to be a rape scene, but it's not - just a little role play. Lingerie and boobs from Karin in these caps and a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Anne Heche gives Jimmy Kimmel a leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.







Notes and collages

Lonely Street


Part 2

Nikki Cox








Miss March


In this 2009 mildly amusing comedy, absence really doesn't make the heart grow fonder. It just makes it go away and get naked. About to graduate high school, Eugene and Cindi (Raquel Alessi) are still virgins, and committed to staying that way. They even preach abstinence to middle-schoolers. Then, during an after-prom party, as Eugene and Cindi decide it's time to end their virginity, Eugene falls down the basement stairs and winds up in a four-year coma. When he finally awakes, all Eugene can think about is Cindi, until best-friend Trevor gives him the bad news by showing him the center spread of the country's most popular men's magazine, containing .... good ole' not-a-virgin-anymore Cindy. Devastated, he decides he must go to the magazine's California mansion to see and talk to her, so he and Trevor take off on a cross-country trip filled with misadventures.

This movie had a cute premise, and in fact some totally hilarious scenes, but it was uneven and slow moving in parts, and overall kind of silly. It was easy to lose interest during the slow parts. Close but no cigar, guys. If I were rating it, I'd give it a 5 out of 10. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Alexis Rabin and Eve Mauro Molly Stanton Raquel Alessi
Tanjareen Martin   various







Agyness Deyn

Ana Beatriz Barros

Angela Lindvall

Bettie Page

J-Lo's monstrous butt

The girl on Sunday's entourage was Emily Paul

France's first lady takes her August holiday


Film Clips

Jilena Cori in What Goes Up (2009), one of approximately 6000 movies that Brit comic Steve Coogan has made recently. I read recently that he will next play the legendary British ski jumper Eddie the Eagle. That has some potential.

Yelizaveta Lotova in Platon (2008, Russia)

Lorraine Dye in Kicking the Dog (2009)

Lynne Frederick in A Long Return (1976). The tiny actress has just about been forgotten now, but she was quite a headline-grabber in her day. At the tender age of 25 she was Peter Sellers' very young widow. Six months later she was married to David Frost. Another marriage and lots of booze later, she never lived to see her 40th birthday.

Here is a better clip of Natalie Zea on Sunday's Hung. Below are some captures.