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Il Vizio Preferito di Mia Moglie


My Wife Prefers Vice would be just another Italian hard core film except for the leading lady, who is none other than mainstream star Lilli Carati. She made a handful of hard core films near the end of her career. Some guess that she needed the cash to support a drug habit. This is not just a cameo appearance -- she is shown having hard core sex with men and women in all but one scene - the lovely Tracey Adams takes care of that one.

The story seems to have something to do with either getting Tracy Adams to participate in orgies, or getting her husband to go along with it. At any rate, mission accomplished.

I do miss the time when women had public hair rather then looking like infant girls below the waist.

This rare film is available from RLDVDs.com in an all-region PAL. Unfortunately, it is in Italian with no subtitles, but it's a hardcore sex film so you probably won't miss any profound insights or Wildean wit. Click on the image below for further information.

Actress Goes Explicit DVD: Lilli Carati (Adults Only)

Lilli Carati

Tracy Adams


Group Activity 8








Tomb of the Werewolf


Today we have more "Babes in Bondage" film clips. Be warned these are a little bloody.

The legendary Michelle Bauer torments and kills a topless Jacy Andrews. Sample cap and a clip.
Michelle is still at is as she cuts up Jenna West and her exposed boobs. Sample cap and a clip.

You can see the whole set of caps back in the archives on July 26, 2007.







Notes and collages

The Machinist



Jennifer Jason Leigh








Carlito's Way


Penelope Ann Miller film clips in HD (1280 screen width). Collages below.









This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Albane Duterc in La Lecon Particuliere






enter the DRAGONSCAN

DragonScan's Edwige Fenech tribute continues with these scenes from Il Vizio Di Famiglia







Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace


Easy to predict that anything made a decade ago with the word "cyberspace" in it will have the look and feel of Stone Age cave paintings. And so it is. The plot, as such, involves an online video with Danni Ashe, Glori-Anne Gilbert and Lorissa McComas stripping down to their birthday suits. Hard to recall clearly but I think the idea of nekkid babes on the web was something of a novelty back in them there days. Something embedded in the video is evil, however, and it seems to be wreaking havoc on those who watch it. Or something very much like that. So you got your intrepid reporter, your silly cops and your religious fanatics running around without clear purpose other than to chew up screen time. The movie has Jerry Springer and Larry Flynt in cameos, but its main appeal comes from Danni, Glori-Anne and Lorissa getting nekkid. To that purpose the producers of Killer Sex Queens used footage already shot for a series of videos, Hot Movies 2000, which was marketed by the same company that put KSQFC on the shelves. The only exposure shot specifically for this particular film comes from Michelle Monroe, who appears to have been a very active pornstar back in the 1990's.

The folks at IMDb give this one a 1.5 with twelve votes cast. I am inclined to be much more generous. It is self-consciously quirky, in the same way that the original Attack of the Killer Tomatoes had been, and it is no more ineptly put together than that notoriously horrible movie had been. Yet IMDb rates Killer Tomatoes a 4.1. With the extensive T & A tacked on, Killer Sex Queens probably belongs up there in that same range.

Michelle Monroe

Glori-Anne Gilbert

Danni Ashe

Lorissa McComas







Natasja Vermeer

She's the latest Emmanuelle. Here is a clip from the film (sample right)

And the following scans show her in magazine layouts


Paz Vega

Another double dip of film and other. This time the subject is Paz Vega. Here are clips from Carmen (samples right)

And here she shows off her booty on a public beach.


Judy Reyes of Scrubs, showing all the goodies in Jack and His Friends. The quality of these caps is poor, but the film has never been released on DVD, so video tape is the top of the line.


Film Clips

Christine Horne in The Stone Angel (samples right)
Alanis Morrissette shows the booty in two candid moments: playing volleyball and taking a whizz.