A Murder of Crows


I have covered this before, as has Tuna. It's a contrived and somewhat flawed, but entertaining little thriller about a man who lies his way into big trouble.

The premise is fantastic! Cuba Gooding plays a disbarred lawyer who is so down on his luck that he takes an obscure unpublished novel written by a deceased man and publishes it as his own. It becomes a monster best seller, and Cuba is in the catbird seat - for a few weeks, until he is arrested for murder.

It seems that the story he plagiarized includes details of five murders which could only be known by the police and the killer, and which the police never made public.


The execution of the film is nowhere near as good as the concept. It has some irritatingly irrelevant sub-plots and ultimately turns into one of those "escaped criminal on the lam with only a short time to prove his own innocence because nobody else believes him" movies.

But I still got a kick out of it.

It was written and directed by Fun House hero Rowdy Herrington, the man who directed our all-time favorite lovably bad movie, Road House.

Here is a film clip of Ashley Laurence and Cuba getting it on. Ashley has almost no IMDb credits between 1999 and 2004, when she seems to resume her career. I don't know the explanation for that.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Les Femmes


Les Femmes is a romantic comedy which came near the end of Brigitte Bardot's career.

A famous author, who has written many popular books about his relationships with women, is stuck on his next project. That fact that he is engaged to two different women is probably adding to his stress level. His editor decides that what he needs is a road trip with a new woman, and hires Bardot to accompany him, to type as he dictates, and to do whatever else he might request of her -- "anything a woman can do for a man." They take the train to Rome. We get to meet several of his former flames while he is dictating the flashbacks, and he finds Bardot harder to handle than he imagined.

IMDb readers concede that this is not Brigitte's best film, but still have it at 5.8, but with only 59 votes. It is part of a newly released 5 film set cleverly called "Brigitte Bardot 5-Film Collection." The set also includes a Bardot retrospective with Hugh Hefner which I have yet to watch. The set is short of nudity, but long on Bardot. Some of us think lots of Bardot is a good thing. Les Femme is a C-. The boxed set is a C, mostly for Bardot fans.



Brigitte only shows buns in this one, but reminded me how much I miss mini-skirts.



Christina Holme ,,,


... and Anny Duperey show breasts and buns as the two women he is engaged to.



 Several unknowns also show breasts.








Return to Savage Beach

Today we take a look one of the many soft-core flicks made by the late Andy Sidaris.

This one could have been called "Bountiful Breasts" as it featured a quartet of very well endowed ladies in a film without much of a plot. But one thing you had to love about Andy's movies: the nudity was always done in good lighting.


Carrie Westcott is the only one with boobs that might be called normal.


Julie K. Smith bares her big tits.



The venerable Julie Strain a regular in Andy's flicks.



Last but not least more of the same from Shea Marks. In the final cap there is just a flash of bush, which is unusual in a Sidaris flick.







Notes and collages

Don't Torture a Duckling

Scoop's note: And they say films never accomplish anything! I was just about to put a duckling on the rack before this film persuaded me otherwise. Thank heaven. The little guy tasted much better without all that adrenalin shooting through him.

Rok's real notes: Another Bond girl, Ms. Bouchet played Miss Moneypenny's daughter in the 60's farce version of "Casino Royale."

Barbara Bouchet









Esposa y Amante


After their daughter's suicide attempt, a married couple in crisis starts remembering their past affairs.

This movie was very controversial in Spain and also very well publicized because of the nude scenes from Concha Velasco.


Maria Vico



Concha Velasco















The Last Seduction


Linda Fiorentino







Katherine Heigl's butt crack
Jennifer Garner's butt crack

Sonia Braga in Gabriela Cravo e Canela