Monday's Images.
Sex Symbols
  • For the past week or so, Boat Fan has led us on a journey through time, celebrating the women who have spawned countless fantasies, and who have helped shaped Hollywood since the 30's. Today our journey brings us into the decade of grunge, tattoos, political correctness, and the Internet...the 90's. Boat Fan's first Sex Symbol of this decade, Helena Bonham Carter.
  • From "Twin Peaks" and "Back Beat", here's Sheryl Lee.
  • Here's a Fun House favorite, Jane March.
  • Fun House Variety
  • First off in the Variety section, Harlee McBride. Vidcaps from "Young Lady Chatterley", by Don Bun.
  • One more of Harlee, by Don Bun.
  • Emmanuelle Seigner, vidcaps from "Bitter Moon", by Don Bun.
  • Brigitte Nielsen, circa her "Red Sonja" days...a.k.a.. pre-boob job. A Dragon Scan.
  • Shannah Laumeister, by Elliffen Graphix. I'm not sure of the movie.
  • Some new vidcaps of sexy Brit, Anna Friel, from "The Tribe".
  • Bringing up the rear of the Variety section today, Meg Tilly, often referred to as "the other Tilly". Vidcaps from "The Girl in a Swing", by Helcrom.