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Season One

This is the European series, not the one with Jeremy Irons. This one is much sexier.


Episode Three

Isolda Dychauk

Martina Gastini


The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2


Winnie Leung


Forgive Me for Raping You


Bill Zebub videonasty with explicit rape, bonadage and nudity.

Angelina Martin

Jordana Leigh

Taylor Trash


Kathy Rice




Another Bill Zebub videonasty.

Jordana Leigh

Kathy Rice

BONUS: Many of Bill Zebub's regulars are nudie models on the side.


Kathy Rice

Jordana Leigh

Taylor Trash

Pinup Dolls on Ice


The follow-up to "Bikini Girls on Ice" premiered at the Fanatasia Film Festial in Montreal last week but no word on a DVD release date. But here's one of the stars Ashley Almon who bare all in the previous short Sisters in a hi-def upgrade.

Ashley Almon

Reel Zombies

(2008; trailer)

The third and final installment in the Zombie Night trilogy only aired on small Canadian cable network but is finally getting a DVD release.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "The Face of the Giant Panda" (s2e05)

unknowns: patients in plastic surgeon's waiting room with one who looks to be past her warranty date.

episode "All Things Must Pass" (s2e06)

Erin Karpluk: brassiere only.



Combustión is a Spanish car racing crime thriller influenced by the Fast and Furious series. We follow a crew of car-obsessed robbers whose modus operandi is for Ari (Adriana Ugarte) to woo rich playboys, find out what they have to steal and where to steal it from. Then her best friend Navas (Alberto Ammann) and his brother rob the playboy at gunpoint. Looking for one final big score to get out on, Ari finds Mikel (Álex González), a former elite driver who is about to marry rich girl Julio (María Castro). Both become enamoured with each other, so much so that Ari calls off the planned heist of Mikel. Navas finds out more about Mikel and seems to think he's found a simpatico and becomes friends with Mikel, which sets off a jealousy between friends Ari and Navas for the affections of Mikel. Mikel seems to be interested in the life that they lead, much more interesting than what he is marrying into, particularly the high speed car driving. Then Navas gets in to trouble when he loses a high stakes street race against a dangerous criminal and now they need money fast and there's only one way to get that money, robbing Mikel's now ex-fiance.

 Far more believable than the new Fast and Furious film, Combustión is a solid entry to the growing car racing heist genre and the central relationships in this film are pretty interesting, although they do seem to mirror the relationships in Fast and Furious. So, worth a look if you're into that thing, plus the bonus of some pretty decent nudity from Adriana Ugarte.

Adriana Ugarte film clip (collages below)

TV/Film clips

Gemma Arterton, sexy but not very naked, in Byzantium (2012) in 1080p

Pascale Rocard in Le combat des reines (1996)


The women of Private, a Tinto Brass film

Maruska Albertazzi

Virginia Barrett

Sara Cosmi

Angela Ferlaino

Grazia Morelli

Federica Palmer

Raffaella Ponzo

Silvia Rossi

Federica Tommasi