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Big Brother 11

Lots of nudity this year. Jordan Lloyd film clips









Hard Ticket to Hawaii


Today we wrap up Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

Cynthia Brimhall topless changing her clothes. Caps and a clip.

Patty Duffek showing off her Pattycakes. Caps and a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Cheryl Hines puts on a nice leg & thigh show visiting Conan on the new "Tonight" Show. Caps an a HD clip







Notes and collages

Lonely Street


Part 1

Nikki Cox









The women of Torso: Patrizia Adiutori

The women of Torso: Carla Brait

The women of Torso: Angela Covello

The women of Torso: Conchita Airoldi


JLH plays tennis in a bikini and high heels (As I also do, coincidentally. I own a pair of size 15 high heels just for this purpose.)

Helena Christensen in her prime (!!!)

an upgrade of this classic Carrie Fisher see-through

Vera Zimmerman in Pages of a Girl

an upgrade of this lovely Dushku pic

Carla Gallo in Californication last year

 (same collage with two different lighting schemes)

Film Clips