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Blood Relic


Today we have more "Damsels in Distress" film clips.

Caitlin Sabins shows off her huge melons as she is terrorized and groped. Sample cap and a clip.
Kelly Ray is a topless dangling and dead "Babe in Bondage" in a sample cap and clip.
Jennifer Lauren Grant is also a "Babe in Bondage", but darn she keeps her clothes on. Sample cap and a clip.

You can see the whole set of caps from 'Blood Relic" back in the archives on July 6, 2007.







Notes and collages

Can You Keep It Up For a Week


Jill Damas


Shadow Puppets


Jolene Blalock










Part 2 of 2.

Anne Hathaway film clips. Samples below.









This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Agnes Sourdillon in Voici Venir l'Orage






enter the DRAGONSCAN

Lysette Anthony in Save Me
Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary
Jessica Bohrs in Eurotrip
Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart
Tereza Brettschweiderova and Simova Kristyna in Eurotrip
Natasha Henstridge in Species 2
Jordan Ladd in Club Dread
Anne McDaniels in Death on Demand
Carla Romanelli in The Sensuous Nurse
Molly Shade in Eurotrip
Paz Vega in Carmen
Edwige Fenech in La Bella Antonia. This one comes with film clips, which is a rare treat because this film has been difficult to obtain in home media.
NOTE: DragonScan's compilation of ten Edwige Fenech film clips (linked above) breaks down as follows:
  • Clips 1 & 2: La Bella Antonia
  • Clips 3-9: La Pretora
  • Clip 10: Your Vice is a Closed Room







(TV series)







Trapped Ashes


It's an anthology of horror stories, and each of 'em is pretty good horror. Even the wrapper story, featuring Henry Gibson as the guide, is pretty interesting.

A group of strangers are on a tour of a Hollywood studio when they are trapped inside a horror house set that is reputed to contain the ghost of a legendary horror director who used it for evil purposes. Unable to leave the house, the guide suggests that rumors were that the house would not allow anyone to leave until they had told their most terrifying story, and what follows are four pretty good horror stories, two with a lot of nudity.

The stories were good, the wrapper story a lot of fun thanks to Henry Gibson, and the nudity was decent. Horror fans should like this one.

Lara Harris Rachel Veltri







Jo Champa - partial see-through
Kaylee DeFer - one breast almost fully exposed
Caroline Dhavernas spices up her image with a sexy photoshoot.



Film Clips

Natalia Verbeke in Guantanamero (samples right)
Jocelyn Binder and Deon Stein in Never Back Down (sample right)
Laurence Masliah in Oh, Woe is Me (samples right)
Beverly D'Angelo in Pacific Heights

Bree Turner in Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo

Natalia Villaveces in Latin Lover. A curiosity item. A sexy Peruvian soap opera which is broadcast in Europe - seen here in Spanish with Dutch subtitles.