In Friday's edition, the Femme Fatales pictures identified as Christine Donlo (I'm assuming the "n" went missing since actress is Christine Donlon) is actually Jasmine Waltz. Christine was in the episode, but she's from a previous episode and was in the crowd like Catherine Anette.

Thanks for the help. I don't know anything about this show, so you guys have to keep me honest!



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




Normal Life


Ashley Judd in 1080p (See below).



Hobby Farm


Hobby Farm (renamed Chained in the US) is an Australian thriller (meaning it hasn't been released in Australia yet) about Julian (Paul Murphy) who has just gotten out of jail after a 5 year stretch and has been rewarded for his loyalty by being allowed to run 'the farm', an illegal brothel populated with Eastern European sex slaves. The place is a playpen of the select friends of the Senti family (Gerard Kennedy plays the father, Vince Sorrenti plays the son) and they have let Louie (Travis McMahon) in. Except he's an undercover cop who wants to shut it down. The arrival of a new girl Tatiana (Jessica Turner) sparks something in Julian and he's had enough of the place. The arrival of the thugish Lou further pushes Julian and when Julian takes a complete prick Fedi to the farm, all hell breaks loose as Fedi bashes one of the girls and Julian takes Fedi, a made man and slits his throat. This is not going to end well for Julian, but he's taking everyone with him. There's an interesting enough story going on here, but the film has the usual limitations of a low budget film. The direction is all over the place and some of the actors are pretty bad, but the story holds up well enough. Not great, but watchable if you want a violent crime film.


Jessica Turner film clip. The collages are below:



Film Clips

These French actresses never stop doing nude scenes, do they? We all know that Emmanuelle Beart is still at it, and she turns 48 in two weeks, but she's three and a half years younger than Anne Parillaud, who got topless this year for La fille de l'autre. See below.

Jessica Dercks in Growth (2010). See below.

Maja Schoene in Zarte Parasiten (2010). See below.

Rachel Ward in After Dark My Sweet (1990) Minimal nudity. See below.

When I first started writing this page, my trusty sidekick and occasional guest host was a guy who called himself The Realist. He lived a few blocks from me in Austin, and we had many spirited discussions about a director named Radley Metzger. Did Metzger make arthouse movies which just happened to be dripping with sex and nudity, or was he a pornographer who just happened to have a lot of intelligence and an artistic sensibility? We never resolved that, but the nature of the discussion tells you all you need to know about Radley. He made softcore films, but sprinkled them with allusions to and conceits from the great masters of European literature, film, and theater.

Flash back 25 years.

When I had just finished my undergraduate work in 1970, my ex and I got daring and went to a softcore porn film together. We felt comfortable doing so because this particular film played neither in a downtown grindhouse theater nor one of the usual arthouse locations, but in a suburban shopping center! To my knowledge, that was the first time such a thing had been permitted in Rochester, New York. The film was Radley Metzger's The Lickerish Quartet.

Below you will find 1080p clips and caps from that very 1970 film, as my story comes full circle. I think my ex-wife and I liked the film 41 years ago, but truth be told, when I looked at these clips I remembered almost nothing from that experience so long ago.

Erika Remberg. See below.

Silvana Venturelli. See below.



For some people this thumbnail and pic of Miren Ibarguren and Olaya Martin in Estas ahi (2011) did not work yesterday, thanks to some foreign characters which I forgot to anglicize, so here it is again. The matching clip is in yesterday's page.

Kate Moss gets topless on a yacht.

Louise Redknapp, a presenter and singer in the UK, gets captured topless by the paps.


Rihanna wanders around the Caribbean in skimpy clothing

Romina Ricci self-posted pics


New collages from Magicman

Janina Gavankar on True Blood, s4e6

Tammy Felice on Femme Fatales, s1e11

Stacy Stas on Femme Fatales, s1e12

Christina Ferraro and Rachel Germaine on Weeds, s7e5

Elizabeth Berridge in The Funhouse

Jane Asher in Deep End

Lisa Catara in Holy Water

Isela Vega in Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia