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Chesty Anderson, USN


I have seen worse movies than this. We all have. No budget DTV's with no production values, a cast full of one-timers, a screenwriter whose only other job in the movie industry was sweeping the studio floors and a director too embarrassed to use his real name. All of us have seen that sort of thing. But Chesty Anderson had some real talent scattered about in the creative areas and the craft professions and is still so miserably awful I would sooner schedule a colonoscopy than see it again.

The usual complaint with many a bad, R-rated movie is the very small amount of screen time occupied by some fair lass in a state of undress. We complain that a movie so bad AND R-rated could have used an acre of flesh to hide its many failings. In Chesty Anderson, however, that particular complaint is a major reason the movie was so bad. You have a gratuitous shower scene with a dozen gals and the most any of 'em gives up is the side of one hooter. You have a major babe like Shari Eubank in the starring role and, even though she gave up major goodies two years earlier in Supervixens, you ask her to show the shortest peek at one hooter before the scene dissolves to black. Those ARE the problems. Chesty Anderson never decided what it wanted to be, or at least the director had no clue. With the right ingredients to become a drive-in extravaganza of nekkid babes, Chesty Anderson wanted to be a comedy, no a mystery, or wait - a biting commentary on political
corruption. It didn't aim high and miss and it didn't even aim low and miss. Problem is it never took aim at all.

So far as I can tell this one has not been capped before, and I can see why. It exists only on videotape. so the clips and caps are not very attractive. In addition to Shari Eubank's brief hooter exposure, Joyce Mandel gives us a good luck at her bum and a glimpse of one hooter. Former Hefmate Rosanne Katon lets her own twins out to play as she fights a couple other gals. Total screen time for flesh is maybe 20 seconds. Also included is a clip of what I would nominate as the most disappointing shower scene starring more than one woman ever released.


Rosanne Katon film clip (sample right)
Shari Eubank film clip (sample right)
Joyce Mandel film clip (sample right)
shower scene film clip (no sample for this one)  










Today we have another "Babe in Bondage" film clip day. The lovely Racquel Merono is all tied up and dangling in these scenes  from "Dagon". Sample caps and five clips, but be warned they are a little bloody.

The whole set of caps can be seen back in the archives on October 1, 2007.






Notes and collages

Death and the Maiden


Sigourney Weaver











Part 1 of 2.

Bijou Phillips film clips. Samples below.








This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Alexandra Ansidei in 99F






Sealed with a Kiss

(1996) (TV)

Lisa Howard plays a brain surgeon by day and a femme fatale at night who hunts down criminals.

Lisa Howard: partial boob and buns

Lisa Howard body double (Liza Ashton) boobies and tighter buns in opening sex scene.


Ellen Dubin: sexy as hooker


Secrets of an Undercover Wife

(2007) (TV)

Silly title but fun movie. Shawnee Smith, Brenda Campbell, Jane Sowerby, Jennifer Copping  are all sexy.

Shawnee Smith

Brenda Campbell

Jane Sowerby

Jennifer Copping


A Friend of the Family

(2004) (TV)

Another movie based on the David Snow 'House Hermit' serial rapist case which got created in at least three other Canadian true crime television series. Laura Harris, Stacey Surburg and long time nudity holdout Sabrina Grdevich are all nude but show nothing.

Laura Harris

Stacey Surburg

Sabrina Grdevich


Tipping Point

(2007) (TV)

Katheryn Winnick: shows some partial boob.



Lesser Evil


Silly movie about Alison Eastwood going after an Al-Queda terrorist who raped her but is protected by the United States Witness Protection Program. Why didn't she just sic her dad on him?

Alison Eastwood


Love Notes

(2007) (TV)

Penikett twins make another sexy appearance together. Sarah is in the bikini, Stephanie in the tube top.

Penikett twins



Last Chance Cafe

(2006) (TV)

Dean Wormer's daughter Kate Vernon almost pulls a Britney Spears getting out of the back of a pickup truck in a short black dress.

Kate Vernon




(2007) (TV)

Silly movie starring Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling: brassiere

Anastasia Kimmett: double duty as Mrs. McDermott's stunt butt.

Mariah Inger: very sexy

Stephanie Bauder: cleavage



"Would Be Kings"

 (2008 mini-series)

Natasha Henstridge: partial boob

Clare Stone: mega cleavage

Dawne Furey: another challenging stripper role


Proof of Lies

(2006) (TV)

Amanda Detmer plays a geneticist but it's hard to take her seriously when she's shaking hands with a scientist and her boobs are jiggling (center frame). A scene straight out of Benny Hill.

Amanda Detmer: bare midrriff, sexy.



Mom, Dad, and Her

(2008) (TV)

Britney Wilson: cleavage and thunder thighs.

Sarah Deakins: bra-less pokies.




 (2006) (TV)

Alyssa Fraser: brassiere having sex with skirt on.


Widow on the Hill

(2005) (TV)

Natasha Henstridge: mega cleavage.


"Student Bodies"

episode: "A Pefect Mags"

Katie Emme: mega cleavage.



"The Border"

2008 episode: "Civil Disobedience"

Sarah Gadon: fuzzy nude in sex video.



pilot episode

Since this series was sold to the United States market, it is much more violent with a lot less sex than your typical Canadian series.

Janaya Stephens: thunder thighs.



You Belong to Me


Jennifer Hill: robo-hooter cleavage



"Ed the Sock"

final episode?

The 'open house' episode which aired last July 18 may be the last produced episode to air on CityTV in Toronto (it will stop airing altogether at the end of August). It's expected another network will soon pick it up. Meanwhile in this episode Ed and Red go backstage to the Toronto play 'Evil Dead The Musical'.

Liana Kerzner: playing with her beaver and the strapping on wood sodomizing Evil Dead actor

Anastasia: topless hotub girl

Tenja Hagenberg: Evil Dead actress down to brassiere in catfight.

Dena Chiarcossi: Evil Dead actress sucking on Ed's stogie.



Young People Fucking


The unrated DVD will be released in the United States under the title Y.P.F. in October. It's currently available in Western Europe but not for export. So if you're ever Denmark you may able to find it in a video store under the title "Jung Volks Focking" - next to the German sheister porn section.








Audrina Patridge - partial see-through



Film Clips

Ellen Burstyn in Tropic of Cancer. 1970. She had a helluva body. Check out Rip Torn when he was still in his 30s - he's 77 now. (Sample right.)
Amy Adams in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (now playing)