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Lela Loren in the latest episode of Power (s2e8)

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Season Three



Tanya Clarke


"Ghost Whisperer"

Continuing my dedication to Jennifer Love Hewitt and, in particular, her cleavage. In Ghost Whisperer JLH plays a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts who hadn’t yet ‘passed over’. Invariably, the dead are trying to send messages to the living, which is where JLH comes in. Personally, I felt the basis of the show was shite but the eye candy provided by JLH and a few others made it worth the watch. These caps were from the fourth and fifth seasons and were made in 2008 and 2009.

CONCLUDE SEASON FOUR ... Episode 9 Pieces of You (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 10 Ball & Chain (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 11 Life on the Line (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 13 Body of Water (2009)

Emma Bell

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 14 Slow Burn (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 15 Greek Tragedy (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sarah Ramos


Episode 17 Delusions of Grandview (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 20 Stage Fright (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 22 Endless Love (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

START SEASON FIVE ...  Episode 2 See No Evil (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 3 Till Death Do Us Start (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 4 Do Over (2009)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

TV/Film clips

Oxana Shachko, Sasha Schevchenko and Inna Shevchenko in I Am Femen (2014) in 720p




Lena Headey, evil queen Cersei herself, so young you can't tell it is she. (Waterland; 1992; 720p)

Kasi Lemmons topless in Vampire's Kiss (1989; 1080hd) - with Jennifer Beals not nude

Pia Zadora in The Lonely Lady (1983). The clip is VHS quality, which is the best available for this atrocious and laughably bad film. I've never been among those who vilified Pia without mercy. She did a decent job in Butterfly and that is actually a sexy movie in which she looked great. The Lonely Lady is another matter. She was miscast and she delivered some embarrassing readings, but no actress could have redeemed this script, not Helen Mirren nor Emma Thompson nor Julianne Moore nor Meryl Streep. The dialogue is so awful and the scenes so absurd that there are times when you wonder if the film was supposed to be a satire. Then something horrifying and brutal happens, and you realize that the author was just tone deaf. Here is my full-length review.

I read the comments that OZ made yesterday about the censored version of Scorchy (1976), so I tracked down the uncut version. The quality is poor, of course, but it's fun to see Connie Stevens naked. What's even more fun is to watch her playing a tough undercover agent trying to bust a heroin syndicate. There has been plenty of miscasting over the years, like John Wayne as Genghis Khan, Denise Richards as a genius (they did this twice!), and Mickey Rourke as St Francis of Assisi, but unless somebody casts Paris Hilton to play Socrates, this one might take the cake.