TV Round-Up

Tasya Tales in Rogue (s2e9).

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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"Orange is the New Black"

  (season two)


today: episode five

Claire Dominguez and an uncredited actress

Closing out the romance languages, more from France this week ...


2 Days in Paris

No nudity in 2 Days in Paris (2007) but Julie Delpy looks good.

Anna M.

Isabelle Carré is topless in Anna M. (2007).


Rinko Kikuchi shows everything in Babel (2006)

and an unidentified woman is in her underwear.


No nudity in Flanders aka Flandres (2006) but there is an upskirt by Adelaide Leroux.

Four Stars

Isabelle Carré is briefly topless in Four Stars aka Quatre étoiles (2006).

The Girl Cut in Two

No nudity in The Girl Cut in Two aka La fille coupée en deux (2007) but there is some cleavage by Ludivine Sagnier

and Mathilda May.

Hunting and Gathering

Francoise Bertin is topless in Hunting and gathering aka Ensemble, c'est tout (2007) but it’s not a pretty sight.

Audrey Tautou,

Juliette Arnaud

and Magalie Madison look good.

Melody's Smile

Melanie Laurent shows her breasts in Melody's Smile aka La chambre des morts (2007),

and Celine Sallette

and some unidentified women show a lot of cleavage.

Michou d'Auber

Some side-boob and builder’s crack by Nathalie Baye in Michou d'Auber (2007).

An Old Mistress

Asia Argento

and Roxane Mesquida almost show the lot in An Old Mistress aka Une vieille maîtresse (2007).


 Charlotte Vanden Eynde and Els Dottermans in Meisje (2002)

  Christina Aguilera Poses Pregnant In A See-Through Dress For V Magazine

Sophie Simmons In A Wet Tee Shirt For A Photo Shoot By Aleks Kocev