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Schizo (1976) stars Lynne Frederick as a young figure skater about to be married. A very seedy looking man, Jack Watson, sees her wedding announcement and hops on a train. We discover that Lynne was orphaned when her mother was stabbed, and eventually that Jack Watson had been mother's lover, and was jailed for the crime. Jack starts menacing Lynne, and people around her are dying.

We are, of course, supposed to believe that Jack is criminally insane, and that she is in danger of being murdered.


If the above isn't enough for you to guess the remainder of the plot, the fact that she was the only other one with opportunity in the death of her mother should make you very suspicious. Then, of course, there is the title of the film, and the fact that she will not talk about her mother, and seems to remember nothing about her death.

End Spoilers

It seems like a British attempt at a Giallo, but not a good one. I found it tedious, predictable, and boring. (IMDb readers say 4.7, with only 146 votes.)

Lynne Frederick



Wendy Gilmore










Criminal Woman: Killing Melody


The Time Machine goes back 35 years to the seventies for this Japanese action flick. Reiko Ike stars and becomes a bound "Babe in Bondage" at the hands of some nasty brutes and a sadistic female who tortures her naked tits with a cigarette. Caps and six clips.






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Young People Fucking


Diora Baird

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Alison Hannigan looks really different. (Not even close to nudity, just an FYI pic.)
Jodhi May in The Other Boleyn Girl
Molly Griffith - a pic within the movie in Chapter 27
RokWatch collage of Jennifer Aniston paparazzi pics (clothed)
RokWatch collage of Jessica Alba paparazzi pics (clothed)



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