Oh, it's good to be a Scoopy member. You lucky dogs!  As of today, all of Graphic Response's site is now incorporated within our site. When it comes to movie captures, GR was the first great internet imager, having started doing his movie collages in 1995. He has now retired permanently from imaging. His massive body of work consists of three basic elements: (1) movie clips, about 2100 of them, some of them from rare and out-of-print movies; (2) collages, more than 1000 dating back to 1995, now alphabetized and thumbnailed on our site; (3) "slideshows" - basically raw screen grabs from more than 800 films. Somewhere around 30,000 images, give or take.

Among internet imagers, only Tuna has done more .jpg files, and nobody (that I know of) has created more film clips. The GR collection also includes a small number of clips created by third parties (fewer than 100, I believe).

There are several ways to investigate the new content:

  • On the members page, go down to the bottom section, "historical sites," and you'll see a link that will guide you to his navigation page.

  • Also, if you use the regular "movie clip" search engine, the results will include his clips in the results (as well as all the others that were already indexed, of course).

  • Also, if you use the regular back issue search engine, his collage summary pages and slideshow summary page will show up in the results when they include appropriate content.

In other words, his work now forms another complete new section of our site, but is also fully integrated with all the site's other tools.

Talk about a bonus for you guys!



The film Joe is now a woefully dated relic from the culture wars of the late sixties and early seventies. (Movie House Review) I haven't watched it in some time (Tuna and I wrote those reviews some years ago), and I had forgotten the one truly strong element of the film: Susan Sarandon stark naked, in her early 20s, with an excellent figure. (Three .avis zipped together.)





This week's movies (3400 screens): Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - 100% positive reviews, but based on only five (presumably hand-picked) reviewers.
  • Summer movie-goers are always hungry for a comedy. If this one is truly good, it will rake in a bundle of dough! Last summer had two pretty good ones: Wedding Crashers and 40-Year-Old Virgin. The comedy pickin's this year have been lean. I love comedies and, for better or worse, I'll be in a theater watching this one.
This week's movies (1400 screens): The Night Listener - 83% positive reviews, but based on only six reviews.

This week's movies - 1800 theaters. The Descent - 90% positive reviews.
  • I haven't seen this, but the critics adore it.
  • "One of the best horror filsm of the past several years."
  • "It's too early in the year to coronate a movie with the title of 'Scariest Movie of 2006' but, when all the corpses have been counted on New Year's Eve, The Descent will at least be near the top. For horror fans and those who love things that go bump in the night, this is one not to miss.

The Weekend Warrior's predictions for the upcoming weekend
  • He thinks Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights will open big: #1, with about $38 million in 3,450 theaters.
  • Barnyard: #3, with $13.4m in 3,000 theaters.
  • The other two new-releases are not receiving the blockbuster treatment. The Descent will hit 1,800 theaters, while The Night Listener appears in 1,400.
  • Overall, he expects the weekend to be about 10% above last year.

Mel Gibson's Top Ten Signs the Cop Who Stopped You Is Jewish

Mel Gibson's Holocaust mini-series is cancelled; producer determines that slapstick comedy is the wrong approach

The trailer from Stranger Than Fiction, a Will Ferrell film about a man who suddenly finds out he is fictional.

Headline of the day: "Bus Hits Ditch As Riders Photograph Moose"'s Early Report for August 1, 2006

"Sheep In Germany Wear Boots" ... und Helmets, und those are the highest-stepping sheep you'll ever see.

"Why you shouldn't tow a trailer with a VW Rabbit"

The trailer and a clip from The Night Listener, the latest Robin Williams movie, a thriller based on an Armistead Maupin novel.

The trailer from Linklater's Fast Food Nation
  • "A fictionalized thriller inspired by Eric Schlosser's bestselling nonfiction expose of junk food companies... "

Artie Lange's Beer League

R-rated trailer:

Clip 1 :

Clip 2:

A second trailer for Employee of the Month ... "A total slacker will do anything to win the 'Employee of the Month' award in order to impress the hot new cashier (Jessica Simpson) at their warehouse store."

Stephen Colbert finds a Zionist plot on the weather page of USA Today

Colbert weighs in on Wikipedia - he advocates replacing reality with Wikiality.

Colbert points out that Mel just bought himself some box office magic in Tehran.

The Daily Show looks at the relationship between Bush and Blair

The Daily Show: Blair was greeted with calls of 'Yo, Blair' most vociferously in the House of Lords by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

This Week in God, Part 1

This Week in God, Part 2

Jon Stewart interviews Will Ferrell, Part 1

Jon Stewart interviews Will Ferrell, Part 2

The dramatic and unique topography of the Faroe Islands
  • If you imagine a triangle formed by connecting Scotland, Norway, and Iceland, the Faroes are just about in the dead center of it. They are way out there in the North Atlantic, but right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, so the weather never gets very cold. The harbors never freeze, and snow is rare. On the other hand, it never gets very warm either. Some 50,000 people live there, almost all employed in the fishing trade.

Waitress checks customer's ID, discovers self
  • " ... bar waitress checking to see if a customer was legally old enough to drink looked down to see a familiar photo. It was her own."

Vermont town denies inmate's request to sell liquor in the nearby state prison

The Smoking Gun finally has Mel Gibson's Mug Shot
  • Sorry to disappoint those of you hoping for schadenfreude, but he looks damned good. No Nolte moment here.

The world famous E3 show is now gone for good. Here is one last look at geek heaven ... a history of booth babes.

Woman scans her entire naked body

"Found written on bathroom walls across the US"

End Times Scheduled For Friday

LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly been fired by her UK record label

Gorgeous Clocks Made from Old Vacuum Tubes

Nostalgia Candy Store - Candy you ate as a kid

World's Smallest Man
  • His two year old son towers over him!

Ortiz gets yet another walk-off winner.
  • The Sox needed some good news after failing to acquire any help before the trade deadline while the rival Yankees picked up Abreu, one of the game's best players.

14 handicapper hits a hole-in-one on the same hole 2 straight days

The Straight Dope: What's the origin of the word "buck," meaning a dollar?

Interesting story ... "Roughly once a month, the NBA cuts 31 checks to NBA teams as revenue from its multibillion-dollar national television contract. There are only 30 NBA franchises, so who gets the extra check?"

20 minutes of Pablo Francisco stand-up

The Fifty Greatest Comedies of All Time

35 Greatest Moments of Movie Sex

Windows Vista demo goes awry

Batman Sequel Title & Casting Confirmed!



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Ask The Dust (2006)

Ask the Dust (2006) made it to a maximum of 11 screens before going quietly to DVD. Director Robert Towne, who discovered the original novel doing research for Chinatown, thinks it failed because it is a love story between two unsympathetic characters with an unhappy ending.


Or maybe because it also has very little action, and became very predictable.

Colin Farrell signed onto the project years before, but it wasn't until he became a name that it was greenlighted. Salma Hayek originally turned it down, as she didn't feel playing a stereotypical Mexican waitress would advance her US career. By the time the film was greenlighted, she had done Frida, and decided to do it after all. It is hard for me to imagine anyone else in the role.

Farell plays a wannabe be author from Colorado who has moved to LA to become a famous writer on the strength of one published short story. As the story opens, the writing career is stalled. He has some talent, but nothing to write about. Down to his last five cents, he meets Hayek in a neighborhood café, and is immediately smitten. The rest of the story is about how his relationship with her gives him the life experience he desperately needs in order to write effectively.

Salma Hayek does full frontal and rear nudity in a nighttime skinny dipping scene, and breasts in a rather hot sex scene.

The film was shot in South Africa, which looked more like 1930s LA than LA did, and they definitely invoked the look and feel of early 30s depression-era LA. The cinematography and production design are outstanding, and the visual effects are seamless. The Bunker Hill neighborhood, where most of the film takes place, was recreated on two football fields.

In the end, I don't think the film worked, but moments in the film did work, and well. In the end, I am not sorry I spent the time to watch it. C.

IMDb readers say 5.7.

Ebert and Berardinelli both awarded three stars.

Salma Hayek






Some more stuff from Strip and Run (1998).

The Roxana Zal clips (two .avis zipped together) are from the DVD extras ... they are raw footage from which the sport-humpin' scene was constructed. Same with the Sita Thompson clip (zipped .avi), only in her case it is her stripping scene that came from editing the footage in these clips.

The collages are from three clothing removal professionals. The first two look to be truly professional about the whole thing but the third (and best looking) appears to be doing it as a side job.  Really wish I knew who she was. She's the one on the far right - last collage.









Annette Haven

Spirit of 76

Belinda Mayne

White Fire

Brigitte Lahaie

Electric Blue

Brinke Stevens

Private Collection

Brinke Stevens and Linnea Quigley

Private Collection

Britt Eckland

Electric Blue

Ginger Lynn

Backdoor Superstars

Jayne Mansfield

Electric Blue

Jennie Strachen

Electric Blue

Jewel Shepherd

Electric Blue

Jewel Shepherd


Julia Parton

Electric Blue


Electric Blue

Kitten Natividad

Electric Blue

Laura Albert

The Unnamable

Lois Ayers

Electric Blue

Marilyn Chambers

Electric Blue


Electric Blue

Michelle Bauer

Electric Blue

Michelle Bauer

Wild Man

Michelle Bauer and Lois Ayers

Electric Blue

Nastassia Kinski

Electric Blue

Suzannah Britton

Electric Blue

Sylvie Maires

Electric Blue

Traci Lords

Electric Blue










"Il Casanova di Federico Fellini" is a 1976 Italian film "based on" Giacomo Casanova's autobiography, which is available for download as an e-book from the Gutenberg project.

Casanova is famous for his sexual powers but unhappy that his other talents go unnoticed. That does not prevent him, however, from bedding any woman he meets, no matter if she's beautiful or ugly, fat or skinny, old or young. He has sex with, among others, a hunchback, an old lady, a mechanical doll, a nun, his brother's wife and some circus freaks. (Sandra Ellain Allen is "the world's tallest woman.") Trademark Fellini females populate the film: big, busty, and horny. In the end we see Casanova grey-haired and lonely, living in a seedy hotel, begging for money and being ridiculed.

The IMDb keywords give a good feel for the flavor of the film:

* Orgy

* Surrealism

* Pope

* Sex

* Dwarf

* Masturbation

* Homosexuality

* Bizarre

* Opera

* Mother Son Relationship

* Prison

* 18th Century

* Whale

* Voyeurism

* Surreal

* Casanova

* Sexuality

The first time I sat down to watch "Casanova," I ended up fast-forwarding to the end. After a week, and having done some Google-searching and reading in the meantime, I went back to it, paying close attention to the dialogues this time, and the experience was more satisfactory. There are also some impressive set-pieces and imaginative use of Nino Rota's repetitive music.  I liked the film but I'm a Fellini fan, so others might dismiss it.

The quality of the DVD image is mediocre, and the version I saw is 148 min long and probably cut because Chesty Morgan was listed in the credits but nowhere to be seen in the film.

Identification was difficult and for some of them I'm not entirely sure.

Angelika Hansen
Daniella Gatti
Lela Lojodice
Margareth Clementi
Sandra Elaine Allain
Tina Aumont

(No nudity)

Unknown 1
Unknown 2







Kyra Sedgwick in Loverboy

Marisa Tomei in Loverboy
Abbey Cornish in Candy
Pell James in The King


Pat's comments in yellow...

The New Straits Times reports that the Malaysian government has issued
a list of names that parents may no longer give to their children.  With its combination of Malays, Chinese and Indians, parents in Malaysia are picking
names they think are lucky, but that have embarrassing meanings to other groups.  Among the banned names are Zani (which means "male adulterer" in Malay), Woti (sexual intercourse), Karrupan (Indian for "black fellow"), Sivappi ("fair skin"), Ah Kow (Chinese for "dog"), Ah Gong ("unsound mind"), Sum Seng ("gangster"), Chow Tow ("smelly head") and any names taken from colors, animals, insects, fruits or vegetables.

*  Does this law apply to Gwyneth Paltrow?

*  Can Muslims name their kids "Mel?"

*  This is actually just a clever ploy to keep Brad and Angelina out of Malaysia.

*  Of course, "smelly head" will still be the most common childhood nickname.

The University of Pittsburgh discovered that men unconsciously communicate in the same way as dogs.  When a male dog is intimidated by a stronger dog, it whines and begs to show submission; but if it thinks it can beat the other dog, it lowers its voice to a growl.  In a study, male university students were asked to compete for a date with a pretty girl against a competitor on videotape, and to rate their own and the competitor's dominance.  If they thought they were stronger than the other guy, they lowered their voices, but if they thought the other guy was stronger, their voices got higher.

*  At last! Gilbert Gottfried explained!

The health drink company Lactofree commissioned a survey in Britain to determine the most annoying things in the world.  #1 was telemarketers, with other top 10 finishers including tailgaters, brown nosers, noisy neighbors and ex-smokers.  Sensitive singer/songwriter James Blunt, creator of the whiny omnipresent hits "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye, My Lover," came in #4 on the "most annoying" list, right behind "line jumpers," and
well ahead of "stepping in dog poo."

*  I think James could make it to #1 if he'd just cut a rap album with Michael Bolton.

* Just off the list - health drinks.