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Return to Savage Beach



Return to Savage Beach (1998) is Andy Sidaris' sequel to his earlier film ... (wait for it) ... Savage Beach.

The girls and guys of L.E.T.H.A.L are out to grab the Philippine national treasure, which is hidden on an uncharted island, and return it to the Philippines before the bad guys can get it. Armed only with lethal-sized breasts, all the fire power in the world, satellites, highly trained agents, and maps to the treasure location, they are off to Savage Beach.

Shockingly and surprisingly, it features large breasted former Pets and Playmates topless, in a more or less action thriller with lots of gun fights, explosions, and more characters than you can keep track of. This is somewhere near the middle of the Sidaris films in terms of plot quality, but it does include some uncharacteristic full-frontal nudity.

Again, this is not great movie making, but is wonderful brainless enjoyment when that is all you are looking for.


Julie K Smith 20


Julie Strain 18


Carrie Westcott 23


Shae Marks 25









The Halfway House


Today is "Babes in Bondage" film clip bonanza day. Four different cuties get all tied up in this lame horror film.  There is one sample cap for each girl and you can see the whole set back in the archives on Nov. 25, 2007.

Ashley Fires has the boobs exposed before she becomes lunch for the creature. Film clip.

More tits from Monica Shere for the creature to gobble up. Film clip.

Still more breasts from Athena Demos at lunch time. Film clip.

More boobage from Stephanie Leighs, she survives. Two film clips.






Notes and collages

Four Rooms


Ione Skye








Afraid of the Dark


Claire Holman film clips 







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Agnes Blanchot in Les 5 Dernieres Minutes






Murder Set Pieces


Billed as the ultimate serial killer movie, this 2004 gory slasher piece is actually the ultimate sucker movie, because they suck you in with the names of Cerina Vincent, Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, and Ed Neal. Problem is, those known stars did only very brief cameos, leaving you with a really poorly written, badly acted slasher flick that is less than mediocre, except for the copious amounts of nudity and pretty women.

Set in Las Vegas, a fashion photographer does glamour photography on the side, but his subjects have a nasty habit of turning up dead, after being sadistically tortured. Our shutterbug friend also frequents hookers and strippers, who also wind up tortured and killed. Clearly, he has misogynistic tendencies, but at least he likes 'em pretty and well endowed.

There's nothing positive to say about this dreck other than the nudity, so that's your one and only reason to watch. And my only excuse is that I capped it on request.

Andrea Mitchell Christina Holsinger Jenna Velanni and Crissy Moran Le Anne Clinton
various Valerie Baber Renee Sloan and Lauren Palac  







Two new collages from Short Cuts. First, Julianne Moore
Madeleine Stowe in Short Cuts
A few more of Rebecca Gayheart from her topless boat adventure



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