The Boys

s1e2, 1080hd

Aniko Kaszas

El Marginal

season three, 1080hd

Cumelen Sanz in episode 3

Cumelen Sanz in episode 4


s1e2, 1080hd

Paloma Faith


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1983, 1920x1080hd

Jennifer Inch

Linda Shayne

Linda Speciale

Raven de la Croix

Terrea Foster

Astrid Brandt and unidentified

Continuing with the Italian movies.

Tale of Tales

2015, aka Il racconto dei racconti

Tale of Tales has plenty of boobs on show by:

Catrinel Marlon and Guenda Goria

Elizabeth Kinnear

Hayley Carmichael

Sabrina La Torre

Stacy Martin

Looking good are:

Bebe Cave

Salma Hayek

Lots not identified

Desolation Angels

1982, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Desolation Angels (also known as Fair Game, the laziest title ever and the title of a more well known 1986 Australian movie, so I'm going with the far better former) is a 1982 stalk and chase thriller where three teenage girls, Jilly, Joanne and Liz (Kim Trengrove, Kerry Mack and Marie O'Loughlin) finish their final year exams and decide to go to Joanne's family holiday house in Portsea to celebrate while lying to their parents about where they are going. Meanwhile, Pamela (Karen West) has just cashed a fake cheque for her dodgy bookie lover who she's trying to escape and she decides to hide out at her friend's house also in Portsea. On their way to Portsea, the girls come across a couple of black panel vans who start following them and then menacing them, forcing them off the road. They eventually escape with the help of the police and get to Portsea but that is where the men in the black panel vans are also going and they are menacing everyone they come across and it's only a matter of time they find the girls. Jilly meets Pamela and they bond over their secrets but someone has come for Pamela and the men have found the girls and it's a fight for survival as the men are a more than a bit murderous. Hateful and nasty thriller where every man is basically a violent psychopath and/or a rapey creep including one 'helpful' local played by Nick Lathouris who's first words to the girls is 'I s'pose a fuck's out of the question?'

There's two different plots going on that are linked in a rather flimsy way but are otherwise unrelated and it turns out there's two sets of killers and the murderous men have no use for Pamela apart from comically pointing a gun at her the only time they cross paths.

There's not much in the nudity department with only some brief stuff from Karen West, who's only cast because she was a centrefold model and she's a pretty poor actress but this surprisingly works in her favour as it makes her character more convincing as a distant woman who prefers to be alone. No nudity from Kerry Mack in her first movie but she would have plenty of nude scenes in the future including Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story and the mini-series The Lancaster Miller Affair (and possibly more I haven't gotten around to).

Very disappointing movie.

Karen West film clip (sample below)


Emily Meade in Trial by Fire (2018) in 1080hd

Kourtney Kardashian