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Season Three



Tanya Clarke

Drea Garcia + unidentified

Continuing the movies from the 70s this week:


Score (1974) shows Claire Wilbur

and Lynn Lowry in all their glory,

as well as an unidentified model.

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard (1976) has lots more breasts on show and the women are:

Candice Rialson

Mary Woronov

Rita George

Sue Veneer

Tara Strohmeier

La Ignorancia de la Sangre


Paz Vega film clip (collages below)

Pilar Mayo film clip (sample below)

TV/Film clips

Sasha Grey in Open Windows (2014) in 1080hd

Daniela Schulz in Totes Land (2014)

Anaclara Ferreyra Palfy in Tres (3) from 2012

A young and beautiful Juliette Binoche, plus Caroline Faro in Rendezvous (1985) in 720p



Murdered playmate Dorothy Stratten in the rarely seen Autumn Born (1979). This never came out on DVD or Blu-Ray and the VHS is now selling for ninety bucks, but if you actually want to watch the entire crappy thing, it's on YouTube


Whitney Cummings and her shoes

This is supposed to be Miley Cyrus while filming a video. Sure, why not? It's not like she's shy.